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  1. Tow truck drivers FTW! I never miss an opportunity to show mine off XD
  2. Wow, Ive been gone a while! But I'm back and hoping to get back into the forum again like I used to be. Anyways, to the point of this thread. I am in need of some,,,,,, 'Hybrid Truck' help... Please forgive me, but for the life of me I can not remember how the 'spoilers' for images work. If someone can fix that for me, I'd much appreciate it! Ok, anyways, Ive made this 625hp beast for the MP side and have succeeded with everything by going through the dealer files EXCEPT for that darn wing on the top. I can achieve this while the mod I created is active, however once the mod is removed, the wing just turns back into the stock cab deflector. I could overcome this if I could modify the files in my ATS folder, but they seem to be uneffected by anything I change in there. I am essentially doing the same thing The Leeds Lad and have done with their Hybrids, changing the direction of where the truck dealer grabs its accessories from, but what I am running into is that an item from 1 accessory location (kenworth.w900/wing) cannot be directed to a different accessory location (peterbilt.579/cabdefl) Are there parameters I am missing? Or can my ATS folder be 'unlocked' so that I can change the path manually? Any help or input is much appreciated, thank you!
  3. ^^^Very in depth, my hat goes off to you sir! So all this being said, it's safe to say that all trailers in the game are visible by non-DLC players (aside from the actual cargo on the step-deck trailers, helicopter yacht windmill parts etc...)
  4. Great work folks, thanks for the links all in one place!
  5. Just what I was thinking Mike, something like the Curtain trailer showing up. Phil and Firestarter, I noticed that before DLC was available, the Volvo/Scania truck trailer was in the About>>Trailerbrowser, but the livestock trailer was not put in there until the the DLC was downloaded.
  6. So I'm very egotistical and Bull Haulers are the best drivers we have in here in the States. That being said, I'm using the Cattlerack only mod from Metaltiger - http://metaltigersa.co.za/live.html I'm just curious, Will players who don't own the new Scandinavia DLC see the livestock trailer? Or will it show up as one of the old trailers on their screens? I know with the 'HighPowered Cargo' DLC, the cargo showed up as an empty trailer to others who didn't have it.
  7. Congrats! And thanks for the work yall put in, you folks have done a great job!
  8. Nice disclaimer in little print. We Americans have too much land to keep coming up with new names! all nations are fair game though lol. Paris, Texas/Tennessee/Missouri - Athens Georgia/Texas/Ohio/Alabama Europeans aint the only ones, Shawnee, Kiowa, Comanchee, Wichita, and Pottawattomie are just a few names in one state taken from the Natives.
  9. This one? Its from SCS, but it is rare to find. Just keep looking.
  10. Thanks for the info, it makes sense. So the far back axle does not steer?
  11. DFS_TV, What does Illinois require to be an officer? I trained for 2 years right out of high school before going to Butler County Sheriff's department. All they required though was a high school diploma to work at the jail but must be 21 to be a road deputy. Best of luck to you, it's a scary line of work. Currently I'm a no good dirty filthy rotten tow truck operator, Or as some call us, scum of the earth lol.
  12. lol sarcasm? Honestly it handles like all the other 'lorries', just quicker.
  13. So today I was cruising in my trusty Ford Raptor when I realized, 'I can't wait 30 more days for the DLC to come out!' So I opened my handy dandy console commands and went there! Here's some shots for ya. This is the end of the line, I'm north of Kiel and on the world map it shows me in Denmark, and notice that the game is looking for the files for Denmark lol On my way to the docks. Too bad they weren't finished...
  14. Video 1: 'You Renault driving piece of ....' lololololol Always nice to see another person's perspective of MP. You said you want feedback so here it is - Keep a friend in your vids to banter back in forth with, until other people create the humor, or funny opportunities present themselves like at 5:40 on the vid you went from Brussels to Luxembourg. Don't try too hard when chatting and let other people do stupid stuff like humans tend to do. I'm no professional, nor have I ever mad a YouTube video, but you said ya wanted feedback! Good luck on the channel bud.
  15. Found this earlier today. Website - http://www.mascus.com/transportation/used-tractor-units/mercedes-benz-actros-4-2551-ls-6x2-3250/images/glgg7o9m.html Looks like maybe a swedish site? hopefully this helps your research. btw they call it a 6x2 on the website, not sure if it is correct though. Would you happen to know what the purpose of that chassis is?
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