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  1. You don't need to drive trough them! You just can drive avoid them to be more realistic!
  2. I think may be only one server with AI for players who like that and one for player who like to drive alone on the road so they can speeding like they want. I just like to play more realistic simulation game like in real life. I know for this moment it's hard to implement this, but I think in the future you will find a way to add AI.
  3. I know at this moment is not possible to ad AI traffic in the next update, but I think there is more players who don't like to drive alone on highway cause sometime is so borring to not see any other truck on the road. So if in the next future of this game mod I wish to find a way to add some Ai traffic cars to make this simulation game more realistic.
  4. Why don't you keep a copy of this file you have translated, and just edit the changes that was made? In that case you don't need to retranslate the whole file!
  5. I just hope this will reduce crashes and increase the safety on the roads. We all need more good drivers on the roads, and more respect. So we can focus on the increasing the company value, not spending our money to repair crashed trucks.
  6. I think like it say is "AFK on road" not in to a parking place where is no collision zone. Please ask an admin for that.
  7. You should post this on my topic Tips and Rules for SAFE DRIVING.
  8. Sorry about that, I dont know how it's called, if I'm wrong please correct me! I say you should drive on the first running lane from right hand, not the midle lane, not on the center lane nearest to the oposite way. I don't know how it's called. I just want to say, always keep driving on the most right hand running lane of the road in EU and on left hand driving lane of the road in UK (not emergency lane). And remember to keep driving right on the lane, do not skip betwen lanes without warning other drivers about your intention! For those are blinkers!
  9. Yeah! I hope so. I think obeing in game rulles is respecting other drivers!
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