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  1. Regarding my last status update about the whole insulting thing. Im sorry, i was just really really frustrated. Happy monday to you all. :)

    1. Noxxian


      I know, i know. But still. Sometimes that can be harder to do than slicing a bread. Haha

  2. I think its funny how quicly you get banned because of faul language. But bad drivers, and rammers etc, doesnt get a ban. 

  3. Thank you! That was it! Haha, totally forgot.
  4. Hello, i started the game after a week off, and now i cant seem to change the skins of a trailer. You know, like the cogwheel that is in the left corner of each trailer. I only have this now. Could someone with the knowledge explain to me how i fix this? In advance, thanks!
  5. Whats that new annoying beeping sound that turns on when you drive over 125 km/h? :o Kappa

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    2. Noxxian


      I found the cause. It was the default settings for Trucksbook Client.

    3. LordBenji


      Interesting, and sorry that I forgot about this post. I also found out there's a beeping sound that comes from the truck when you're in the cab view and it has low air pressure. (If you have it enabled.)

    4. Noxxian


      No i dont, but it was the "Warning sound when exceeding 125 kph" setting in Trucksbook Client.



  6. Yes i understand, thank you. But this havent happend before. So i just find it wierd that it happend now. But thanks m8
  7. Strange, because for me before the new patch and the downgrade. We had excactly the same jobs, because we shared the same profile. Thanks for your answer
  8. Hello people out there, i could use some of your guidance. There might be some problems with the latest patch or downgrading, but im asking after all. Before the current update on ETS2 me and my friends had the excactly the same jobs, because we shared the same in-game profile. But now, after we were forced to downgrade to be able to play multiplayer, we all of a sudden don't have the same jobs at all, even though we still share the same profile. What could be the cause, and or could it be fixed? We'd really like to keep doing the same jobs and drive together whilst doing jobs. All answers are welcome. Thank you! )
  9. Eating a fantastic meal before i head off onto the road with the Scania :) Happy saturday trucking everyone!

  10. My name is Raymond, I'm 22 years old and live in Norway. Been playing since early june.
  11. It can be locked into the drive axle for extra traction. It can be lifted or lowered manually. The benefit of having a tag axle to the rear of the rear drive axle, is when it is lifted it gives the unit a smaller wheel base and a tighter turning circle.
  12. How do you write @ on the login screen in the client? We type ALT Gr+2 to write it in norway. But when i press ALT-Gr i can't write anything at all.
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