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Alternating vehicles - announcing new feature


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This is my feedback as a staff; It is always great to see the great changes, improvements and the new features such as new vehicles which is already implemented and will be used after polls as Smoky also explained. This kind of a new feature was being commonly waited for a pretty long time with countless suggestions from our lovely members of this community within our forum. As a staff member of this community, I always appreciated the work that our developers have done so far, and the amazing features they have brought, which are also being often suggested by our lovely community, to make our community satisfied.


Special thanks to our lovely community for their countless and precious support, and our developers mwl4 and ShawnCZek for bringing out such amazing features; Thanks to our Project Manager Smoky, Project Coordinators and all staff overall for their hard work to make the community better and bring it to the further future.

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