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  1. That chart above has zero information value, because servers were changed and swapped several times, different severs hosted highest population in different times. You have to look at total population to get in the picture, you can also see that total population in the past often does not match the sum of individual servers, simply because there are servers misssing in that chart (only current servers are shown).
  2. Could be your tag, I often get attacked by butthurt Zeds for my tag and paintjob.
  3. Sorry, but the game, or at least TMP, used to be way more popular, and the trolls had always been just as proportionally abundant.
  4. Are you sure about that? Check the history better to see TMP have never recovered from that, despite getting rid of road to simulation and meaningful rules and punishments (no perma bans is troll's paradise). There were many people who preferred playing with just a few friends and TMP used to be the only option. They have better option now. Yeah, those are the kind of players that inhabit the servers today, cause they are being taken care of above all else, everybody who disagrees gets middle finger in one way or another. Not even war?
  5. Here we go again. How about you see oncoming player literally named something like "simulation enthusiast" or simulation player" and as soon as you are almost about to pass, they steer to headbutt you into oblivion.
  6. If you haven't heard there is an option to set up a dedicated servers. If you are in a big VTC and don't mind spending some donation money to rent one, instead of supporting TMP, so yeah, it's a possibilty.
  7. That's actually not how it looks before, that contains extensive TMP map edit. Anyway, good 1/3 of the old C-D road gone in one update.
  8. Watched for 10 seconds, first truck coming towards the camera was all over the multi-lane road and went on two wheels as it passed off-screen. TruckersMP in a nutshell, well done, great advertisement, I am totally sold.
  9. Kinda intrigued where did you find out that new truck is coming out on TMP, which did not add any truck in its entire existence.
  10. I promise I won't type "rec" when I smash into you cause you made a "mistake" while having fun in a very unlikely event of us ever meeting one another. I bet they will change the names in the next update to Euro Truck 2 and American Truck, and if they add drivable vehicle that ain't a truck, it will just be called Euro 2 and American.
  11. Pressing the brake pedal activates both truck and trailer brakes always, irl and in the game, so in that sense, everyone is using trailer brakes. Standalone trailer brake control (usually a lever by the seat or on the steering column) irl is only intended for tug tests or sliding tandems, extending trailers etc., or if you want to save tractor brakes, jacknife, set the trailer wheels on fire and get fired, In the game it has nor real purpose. Modern trailers have all the automatic electronic systems like ABS and EBS that help prevent loss of control. If you really want to save tractor and trailer brakes in that matter as well, you use exhaust brake and retarder irl, and you can simulate that in the game too, typically, you don't see trucks slam braking, do you?
  12. No, you are not out of luck. I could use my fingers to count semi-normal car drivers I have seen in my time in TMP over the years (that would be thousands of encounters) and still have spare fingers left. Although same could be said about trucks, normal driving is super rare sight as well in TMP, if you take into account constant speedy maxi grip racing practically everyone is doing. Common argument you will hear is that if you take the car away, trolls would use trucks, without mentioning that the car is actually a modded truck with mass on par or exceeding that of a standard truck (the car weighs 9 tons), power to weight ratio much better, small size (and thus a hitbox) paired with lower center of gravity, all making it superior choice of a weapon. Also, it doesn't have crisp handling of a race car these GTA players expect, but it's too twitchy for keyboard controls, so why the heck not give it to everyone and call it a simulation? Guess what, that's what the community wanted. This will probably never happen and it has not been worked on by TMP for many years, first time mentioned more than 5 years ago, but put on hold indefinitely.
  13. It sounds exactly like this, but with some "vocals" added to it, probably by couple of drunk individuals: https://www.fesliyanstudios.com/royalty-free-music/download/goofy-prank/295
  14. It's not part of the US highway system anymore for almost 40 years. Nowadays, isolated sections of this road are tourist attractions known under the name "Historic Route 66". That are just sitting there, doing nothing. Leave city and all there's only you and tumbleweeds again.
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