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  1. I have found Kansas easter egg, can you guess the refference?



    1. TimeTimes


      The Wizard of Oz in ATS confirmed

  2. That exactly, since there are no driveable cars programmed in the game, the real car physics are maybe not even possible to simulate within the game engine's limits, which is made for trucks solely. The way all these car mods work is maybe just workaround that is only possible method of bringing cars in the game at the moment. Until SCS does bring drivable vehicles other than trucks in the game (which there have been hints in their streams and blogs a number of times), there is probably nothing modders can do about it, until they are given tools by SCS. And for anyone thinking, no AI cars don't have physics, they are props on rails.
  3. First, you have server with 150km/h already, all you people need to just switch. Second, the "default" server is limited to 110km/h, which is already mayhem.
  4. Auto headlights are based on ambient light, not on set time. Ambient light differs based on the location on and the weather. Mods, like winter mod also affect it by changing daylight/night cycle. Your suggestion will therefore not work.
  5. What about Duisburg? Will TMP scrap their version of the city once SCS reworks it?
  6. They attempted to bring AI traffic from singleplayer to TMP years ago. It can work in SCS convoy with maximum of 8 players that are typically close together, but in TMP, I don't see how without serious problems, since it is player centered, spawning and despawning based on distance from the player. Nevertheless, I still support addition of AI traffic to TMP, but I'm afraid that without developing something completely from scratch, we will never see it, and I'm inclined to believe it has been put in the drawer indefinitely, because it's either beyond their abilities or there are problems that can't be solved at the time. It has nothing to do with C-D road or whatnot, which could be solved with traffic-less server anyway.
  7. C-D road is overflowing with stupidity, you would have to change people, not vehicles to fix that.
  8. Stay exactly in the middle and proceed at a speed of a glacier, that tractor sits a bit lower on low loader, but I assure you it fits, although very narrowly (tested myself). You can also try to raise your suspension, both front and rear, all the way up, it will lift the trailer a bit off the ground too, works better if the trailer is not extended version.
  9. In many EU countries it's not required and not a habit to use left signal in a roundabout, unless you are changing lanes, if you are not indicating, it means you are not taking an exit, only right signal before exiting is required by law. Is it really required by law in France or it's only a habit? Certainly not in Poland, where the video takes place. They way I see this, it can be confusing when there are two or more lanes, and in smaller roundabouts, others will not even be able to see your left indicator very well, or even at all anyway, and it's just simple - you don't see right turn signal, stop.
  10. Notice the guy cut straight into the inner lane behind OP, while outer lane was free, hitting rear of their truck. That pretty much equals to rear-ending someone while they are turning, so it's totally that guy's fault, no matter if they could see turn signal or not - they were just way too close and fast. That's TMP though, 90% people treat roundabouts like chicane.
  11. Some people here claim you having right of way in that situation, while in fact you did not have right of way, or at least it's debatable. It would be true if the roundabout did not have two lanes. You were in the inside lane, cutting through the outiside lane, if that was occupied, when exiting the roundabout, you would have to be very careful. It all depends on the size of roundabout, and with truck and trailer, you would want to stay on the outside as much as possible, when exiting from inside lane, always watch your right (left in UK), when side by side, you would probably want to yield, when vehicle in the outside lane is behind you, you are allowed to exit in front of them legally. (If you do this in singleplayer, AI in outside lane will smash youy, in reversed roles, they will wait in the inside lane for you to pass). In real life, it's not as straightforward however, the truck entering roundabout would typically stop or creep slowly when approaching roundabout when there is traffic already inside. However it was not case here, the player that rammed you should have stopped before entering, he was also cutting straight to the inside lane as well, so they are 100% at fault here. Remember this is TMP, where people don't look and don't slow down or brake. To prevent this, always exit roundabout from outside lane, and when entering, always yield to both lanes, you will always be on the safe side that way. It is also false claim that vehicles entering roundabout always has to yield. Roundabout is treated as any other intersection, same rules apply, if there was no signage you would have to yield to vehicles on your right (left in UK), however 100% of the time there is signage, and 99% of the time, yield sign is in front of the roundabout and typically, there are no signs inside the roundabout, but there may be road markings that need to be followed. Handful of roundabouts exist in ETS2 where it's different and vehicles entering have right of way, these are found in Russia and Türkiye. Some roundabout may have bypass lanes where you are typically free to enter, but have to yield when exiting (yield sign), you can also find roundabouts with traffic lights, in Spain mostly.
  12. "Warp" is among console commands that do not work with TMP, and for good reason. This command basically alters how "fast" the game runs, value less than 1 is slow motion, above 1 is fast forward, which would equal to speed hacking. Default warp at 1 is very accurate representation of real speed, what affect perception of speed the most is FOV, the higher the FOV, the faster everything seems to move. For the correct perception of speed you would have to use FOV around 40, but a single screen simply can't contain the field of view of human eyes, so it would limit your view so much that it's not the default value.
  13. Since 1.45, you don't need to download every mod to join convoy session, provided the server has the option for that enabled. Optional mods are either not displayed at all, or there is placeholder system similar to what TMP used to have for DLC trailers, in case of modded vehicles. I don't have anything against if TMP also used something like this and supported optional mods, just so it would remain optional, Grimes mods are optional after all, so maybe support for certain type of optional mods, like UI, sound or mere texture replacer mods could be possible, but you surely don't want to see some colored boxes instead of trucks and trailers at every corner. But it all boils down to author permissions and support, TMP does not steal other people's mods.
  14. You know that would involve every user downloading every single mod in use on the server. No thanks, not only is that technically impossible, because people join and disconnect all the time (imagine server restarting every time someone with new mod joins and you are prompted to download it before rejoining), but I don't want all that, considering most of it is junk eye sore.
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