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  1. I use it all the time when engine braking is not enough. Friction brakea are a last resort. Sounds like you have a geneal lack of control. Are you going too fast? Are you using max retarder all the time?
  2. When they say "rec" they're just missing the "w" & "k" off :D.
  3. For the best vibrations I would increase road bumpiness & reduce cab stability.
  4. Think it brings variety, but I suspect some players may be disappointed to see an engine range that doesn't extend past 500hp. But for the more serious/seasoned driver it should bring an extra challenge. I have bought an XD 300 in SP so after 1.49 drops I will be testing this extensively.
  5. I was joking of course. I meant unicycles. Bikes are illegal on the *pavement*, not the road (although obviously illegal on major routes e.g motorways). See rule 64 of the Highway Code.
  6. Pull over to the side safely & alt-F4 for a few mins
  7. I am trying those stability settings from the Steam post on my single player profile. It is insane. I have been playing ETS for over 10 years & I had to recover twice before even left the departure town. Shows how tight the 'normal' corners are at ETS's scale. A normal curve you did at 70 you now have to do at 40. Sometimes 20 is too fast. Gamechanger.
  8. I have things in the mist 'unstable' therefore realistic settings, forcing realistic speeds during cornering. Road to simulation & all that.
  9. Add bicycles. Then you can bike from Faro to St Petersburg.
  10. You are going far far too fast. If a graphics glitch occured to me, what I would do is slow down + pull over to where I think is safe, even if I can't exactly see where I am.
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