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  1. Because they are on a deathwish. If they did that in the real world they'd either be in jail or dead.
  2. That was a nice event thank you, the usual selection of overtakers etc but generally settled down to a better pace. I tend to go a slower & more consistent speed, so later on big big gaps in front of me meant there were opportunites to open the taps & blow off some cobwebs. Also generally a nice little community. Wasn't too long a journey as well, including some minor roads I've never been along.
  3. Absolute bunch of abombinations. I want a wiccle donkey one on the right.
  4. Iveco S-Way & anything hybrid or even full-BEV. Not heard anything about S-Way for a long time.
  5. Nothing wrong with speed. It's the sudden rapid deceleration that's the problem.
  6. The same as it was for the old year.
  7. If you didn't drive so bloody fast, you wouldn't need to brake (at least not as much). In fact if you went slower, you'd go faster.
  8. Thank you for a successful convoy. 4178km. Each route seemed quicker than previous years, with more time to arrive & break. Very enjoyable once you get a flow going, be it at 80km/h or 8. I don't enjoy the pressuring to go "faster" much, along with having someone 5cm from my tail, so this needs to stop. Eventually I just ignored all the overtakers, otherwise I'd probably have got myself into trouble. Good to see the majority of them got kicked in the process.
  9. You too Angela x enjoy the convoy.
  10. @Miss Mona Sorry dup post due to phone & unreliable connection. Admins please delete as I cannot.
  11. @Miss Mona What's happened in the past is a dedicated Xmas Convoy server ls opened a few hours before the event.
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