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  1. A couple pictures of me and my VTC at TQD's New Year convoy!



    Thanks TQD and @Anas trucker.for the convoy, and I hope you guys have a good year 🙂 

  2. Thank you for the follow!

  3. I think the rules are fine and all, but they can be worded a bit better or simplified for those who don't want to read them. You can probably even group them into some very basic ones, but that would probably make it too vague. I think a simplification would work though
  4. A couple pictures I got yesterday at the Winter-Konvoi der NRL




  5. There's a few routes that go in the general area I drive through a lot, but I want to say my favorite route I go on often is one from Kirkenes, down through Finland, and then it goes East to St. Petersburg. I also like going on the roads near Kandalaskha in Russia that go to Finland.
  6. Dirt road in Latvia 🇱🇻


    1. [ConSecGroup] Arcticwolf

      [ConSecGroup] Arcticwolf

      Nice photo i love dirt roads too with force feedback on.

  7. Tried it once, and I love it so far. You don't have to exit the game or load a save, which is nice if you're a ProMods player like I am, because now you don't have to wait and hope you didn't get kicked from the server.
  8. Thanks for the follow! :bigfan:

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