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  1. Yarkoon

    What would you do

    You need to look at the priority signs, if there are none, then apply the rule " interference on the right"
  2. Report moderator or game moderator. I plan to apply in the future
  3. If you make such a wide overpass at this intersection, it will not look quite natural in this place. I think we need to do something less ambitious, but if our goal is to increase cross-country traffic, then your option is very good, provided that you need to embroider the adjacent roads.
  4. Hi, I live in Moscow and to get from one end of the city to another you need to spend about two hours by public transport, but if you go by car during rush hour, then this time can be safely multiplied by two. We consider it the norm if your work is located about an hour's drive from your home. And yes, although I have not been to Paris, but I have been to many countries in Europe and nowhere have I seen more traffic jams than in my own city. When the rush hour starts, I'll attach a screenshot of the traffic situation.
  5. Hi, I was wondering who uses which CD radio channel in TMP. I know that the standard wave in the game is channel 19 and you can often hear spam on it, does anyone know what waves people from the same country often sit on to communicate? I can safely say that Channel 15 is used by Russian-speaking people.
  6. Я считаю, что если разработчики уберут эту дорогу, то вскоре игроки найдут новую дорогу, где будет такой же поток, как сейчас на C-D. В этом нет ничего плохого, просто нынешняя дорога войдет в историю, а новая может привлечь много потенциальных новых пользователей.
  7. I don't dare take that risk
  8. I like the Iveco hi way, but I've been driving it lately. Indeed, the brand in the game is undervalued and you can rarely meet them on the road. I like the interior and exterior, but I don't like the onboard coputer. Also, I do not care at all whether the truck has a big opportunity or not, if I like the truck, then I will drive it.
  9. A speed bump can really help with accidents, but I don't think that the number of speed bumps is normal, because I have to pass them for a long time, although if I go from Rotterdam to Calais, there are no speed bumps and I can safely go on the road without any problems. My suggestion is either to keep the minimum number of speed bumps, or to remove them, taking into account that all players will comply with the traffic rules and will pass players moving on the main road.
  10. most of the time I play ETS, but I also often play cities skylines, battlefield 1. If you are interested, you can go to my steam account and learn more.
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