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  1. SCS's convoy mode has many limitations and I don't believe that at the moment its focus is to invest in that. TruckersMP is already well established here, it's been 10 years. But if one day SCS decides to launch dedicated servers with capacity for multiple players, I don't think it will be an easy task for TruckersMP to compete. But again, I don't think that's their focus. The game doesn't even have the ability to handle multiple players well at the same time, you see this in the poor performance in areas highly populated by players like Calais.
  2. I don't believe it makes much difference, any truck you buy will be well served. It depends on your taste in design. But anyway, I would recommend the new Man TG3 TGX, it is a very beautiful truck, with a beautiful dashboard, the engine sound in my opinion is the most beautiful in the game. (I really liked the sound of the Scania Next Gen V8, but in my opinion, after the update that brought FMOD, it was horrible)
  3. It is very rare to find a driver who drives correctly, I would say 90% of Skoda players are trolls. And the most annoying thing is the physics of these cars, that sometimes they literally pass you and throw you into the air. And the cars too, as they weren't originally made for Euro Truck, are pretty bad at controlling, especially in curves. In Promods it is practically impossible to drive on that Kirkenes road where it goes to MS Stein, it is very slippery.
  4. I think it's funny when a player passes you by breaking several rules and hitting everyone, and 5 minutes later someone hits him and he says: ''REC BAN'' This is so hilarious
  5. Hahaha very creative! Let's go hunting!
  6. Thank you for the follow! :HaulieLove:

    1. Dias2001_BR


      Thank you too!😁

  7. That's really excellent! I believe it's a very ambitious goal, but it would be equally fantastic if there were an in-game translation feature that could automatically convert languages into players' native language. I think that would greatly facilitate communication within the game, especially considering the diversity of people from different regions who speak different languages. Who knows, maybe in the future!
  8. It would be highly beneficial if the intelligent systems of trucks could operate within TruckersMP. For instance, implementing adaptive cruise control, which would allow trucks to automatically adjust their speed according to the vehicle ahead, and automatic activation of high beams, which currently do not work with other players. Furthermore, I recognize that this may pose a significant challenge, but it would be extremely advantageous if the route between Calais and Duisburg were expanded, as it was on April 1, 2023. This expansion was incredibly effective in reducing congestion on this critical route. While I understand that this expansion may have been nothing more than an April Fools' joke, I firmly believe that such a measure would significantly improve traffic flow and the overall player experience.
  9. Well, unless they have a crystal ball to guess who made the mistake, in my opinion there is no point if the person responsible is not identified. These are my final considerations.
  10. In the case of bans, I understand that it's possible to link a report to feedback in situations of unjust punishment. However, within the game, the name of the employee who kicked you from the server is no longer displayed as it used to be. Consequently, it's not possible to file a complaint in this manner unless you have the name of the employee responsible for the action.
  11. The decision to hide employees' names, with the purpose of safeguarding their privacy, presents clear advantages but also raises concerns about the potential for abuse of authority. Recently, I experienced an incident in which I received an unjust punishment, and the lack of identification of the responsible party made it difficult for me to seek a proper resolution. It is essential to find a balance between protecting privacy and ensuring transparency and accountability in-game environment to ensure fair treatment for all parties involved.
  12. Thanks!!! Greatly improved the experience of interacting with the chat!
  13. Thank you for the event, I hope we have more soon
  14. Hello ROMANISTA [ITA], In my opinion, it would be important to establish a clearer rule regarding road blocking. For instance, if a player blocks a road for 5 minutes, they should be banned. Prior to that, a kick would be sufficient. I have experienced multiple instances where I was insulted by players while still loading into the game, which is frustrating.
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