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  1. If anyone could get to 110mph + with a trailer I'd be impressed.
  2. Amen. I had to turn my rain off because it annoyed me too much or I just got rid of the display and had a normal sat-nav altogether.
  3. Not a terrible idea but barely anyone will actually follow said rules, as people have stated above, no one follows any traffic rules/signs now anyways.
  4. I do really wish we could have cabin lights you could toggle on/off. Especially at night it would be amazing.
  5. I'm pretty sure I saw the beta go out for the 1.47 update for players to take part in and give feedback. So I assume a few months yet.
  6. Sir Jack Junior

    Road Events

    It would be awesome and make it much more realism to have diversions and stuff but then we have to consider the mayhem it could cause with huge traffic jams or people being silly.
  7. I think its a nice idea to have more customisable options but if it affects fps or ping then I wouldn't recommend it.
  8. I would just check your settings when you open up the player menu [TAB]. Checks your audio settings maybe to see if that works.
  9. I think fresh content and especially new trucks is always something everyone wants to see and get their hands on. I'd love to see at least one of these trucks added in the future.
  10. I like that bus and don't think it's a terrible idea, but then we have to remember this is a trucking simulator experience and if they start adding in too many buses and cars what's the point of buying a truck? That's just my thoughts on the topic.
  11. I actually really love this entrance just because it can be a challenge. To answer your question, to get in I always recommend going as far over away from the entrance as you can then swinging the truck in. OR, a good way to get in is to actually reverse in off the road if your up for a challenge. I personally find it sometimes easier to reverse in if the area is quiet. Some companies like this IRL are the same that have small entrances that aren't really made for trucks but a truck will get through.
  12. I very much like the camera mirrors just because it makes trucks feel so modern and up to date which is something I really like. With that being said trucks without regular mirrors do look weird but am sure it will be a thing of the future soon with every trucking having cameras.
  13. For the budget you have definitely buying it second hand will have to be a must. You've got popular online sites like eBay, or for example I have a cheap shop near me selling gaming stuff for cheap prices. Maybe you could find a second hand shop near you that's selling them cheap. Other good advice is to listen to DShooot and save up. Happy Hunting!
  14. I am a real life HGV driver in the UK, and I drive multiple different trucks as every day can be a different vehicle. The company I work for use MAN's & Mercedes mostly.
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