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  1. Yes, and it looks like there are more players in North Scandinavia now, Promods server is getting more players, although I don't believe it's the 150kph speed limit release, but it's true that maps are better than SCS. If it were me, as a player with all the map DLC, I would not hesitate to consider the Promods server over the Simulation server Yes, because 110kph makes it impossible for the player to overtake, while 150kph gives the player unlimited possibilities
  2. But you can still run 110kph on a server with a 150kph speed limit, just as you can run 90kph on a 110kph server, as for me, I like to follow the speed limit on the road sign and drive. Btw, I'm running 90 on a 150kph server
  3. After experiencing the new TMP rules for some time, I think the TMP Staff really learned the lesson of the 2019 update. Transparency is very important, which is the key step to cater to the users. We saw a completely different comment section from the rule update in 2019, no longer filled with condemnations. Of course, there are a lot of things that need to be done better, but I believe you can do it now. Keep it.
  4. I don't know but maybe you can find the answer here. Maybe they thought it was more suitable for generating the trucking environment. https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/86147-road-to-simulation/ Also there are many replies about this changes, you can reasons here.
  5. >----------------------------------< 🎞Released Time 1 June 2023🎞 GÖKBÖRÜ 4th Anniversary Teaser >----------------------------------< Congratulations! GÖKBÖRÜ VTC's 4th anniversary is coming! And we'd like to show you the teaser about the coming anniversary convoy. Wish you like it We will share the video link here, after updating the video
  6. >----------------------------------< 🖼Designed August 24, 2022🖼 // Summer Holiday // >----------------------------------<
  7. >----------------------------------< 🖼Designed August 22, 2022🖼 // FreightLiner // >----------------------------------<
  8. >----------------------------------< 🖼Designed August 15, 2022🖼 // Aurora // >----------------------------------<
  9. >-----------------------------------------< 🖼WELCOME TO MY GALLERY🖼 //This Topic Will Adjust The Content Again// >-----------------------------------------< // Intro // Hello Welcome to my Gallery of my🖼 pictures 🖼and 🎞videos🎞. These works are deeply influenced by the tutorial of Mingran7 and inspire me to explore the image beautification of ETS2 and ATS in the early days. Also, I like to edit Videos and Explore more so don't forget to Visit my VIDEO Gallery. // Which is included // This topic include my designed picture and video. I'm afraid that create more pictures again will be illegal so I uploaded both here. Which means you can find our new videos released information faster here. // Notice // I would like to share my pictures with you. But be careful, Image's URL were from discord. Which means not all people can see these pictures. I will find more platforms to add these picture. Due to the warning, only one post related to Gallery can be posted on this section of show your works, so it needs to be adjusted. I will complete the adjustment as soon as possible, I hope you can understand Our works in this topic will upload daily normally , After processed images updated, I look for legacy images (unprocessed, relatively good images) and new pictures for processing. Most of time once or twice a week until no more images and stop update. // Outro // And now here we go! Welcome to my Gallery, and wish you a nice Journey.
  10. I didn't understand anything, but I was shocked, you know, cheer
  11. Thank you for watching this video. I am also very honored to be able to participate in the 9th anniversary of truckersmp . As a Media member of 666 Logistics, I love creating ETS2 videos. I am very willing to share the video of this event with you. Let us review it together TMP9 event on the evening of April 28th. I also saw the excitement of this event. More than 950 or even thousands of people participated in the TMP9 event, experiencing various items in the event, and later the Convoy of ATS and ETS2 . Welcome everyone to share your unforgettable experience in TMP in the comment area, and look forward to the arrival of TruckersMP’s 10th anniversary, and wish Truckersmp a happy 9th birthday. Video Link:
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