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Alternating vehicles - announcing new feature


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21 hours ago, FernandoCR [ESP] said:

The only place where everyone would have a chance to vote would be the website, since all MP players need to be registered there, any other options, Discord, Forums, Facebook, Twitter, etc. will leave a great amount of users out of the poll.

They really should just do it there then on the website!

21 hours ago, THE ROCK - PT said:


Just for you know the Braco aka Iveco is winning by huge number @ScaniaFan89

Captura de ecrã 2021-03-04 201914.jpg

Thank god, thats what i want to see more of....

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The community has been asking for extra vehicles, and it's good that you're interested in adding some...but I'm failing to see the point of your execution of it. If you can just add vehicles to the servers, why don't you just do it? What's the point in going through all the effort of making polls every two weeks if you're able to just add them all instantly and call it a day?

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I like the idea and the variety it will bring, I just don't totally understand the point of then removing the vehicles after the time period is up, wouldn't we get more variety overall & over time by keeping the vehicles selected from each poll?

Or maybe even vote to keep a car or get rid of it, based also on a poll


It just doesn't make sense to remove it after the work was put into getting it onto the servers and completely ready for players, at least that's how I view it.

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Great news, looking forward to drive the van 




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30 minutes ago, AWEN-CHINANO.1 said:

I can't find new truck,where is?

It will be available on March 8th. Currently, it is not available due to staff not being awake. Within a few hours, it will be available. 








Appeal your ban - Report a player - Create a feedback ticket

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I can't wait to drive this van...? I will feel like a typical polish van driver, going from Poland to Spain within 24 hours without a break?

I just hope, the staff chose right interiors for these vans. I hope not to see a MAN interior inside of Braco-van (Iveco Interior would be a lot better) and I also hope, that the car sounds don't sound as fake as in Skoda (Scout).


Nevertheless I'm happy that you're trying to give all of us something new. Something SCS hasn't done yet (and we don't know if they will do in the future).


Actually, I would also be happy if these vans could stay on TMP, if they get accepted positively by the community. I think, vans are something the community was missing a lot!


13 minutes ago, rs_italy said:

Do you already know how soon they will be possible to use? I'm excited ?


And regard this new vehicle, it's possible to buy it from any dealer?


Thanks in advance


16/17 UTC


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