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  1. International 9900i was already discontinued for almost 5 years when they added it to ATS and another out of pruduction truck (5700XE) is rumored to appear. T-cab is discontinued for almost 20 years, it's still an iconic legend and we know SCS has very good relations with Scania, so we can never guess what they are cooking, although there are most likely higher priorities for truck models at the moment.
  2. When somebody says they are reporting you, doesn't mean you will be banned if you haven't done anything against the rules. You should have probably reported that player yourself, if they hit you intentionally. However, you shouldn't rely on in-game reports, but record your own evidence and report them on TMP website.
  3. Can't help you if we don't know what was there before. There is just simple "Welcome" now.
  4. The model is ported to ETS2 as free mod from OMSI2 (see the licenced DLC) with permission. 99,9% mods (including RJL mods) do not have any kind of permission, they are in legally grey area, it is not really a problem for personal use, however this may cause problems for TMP, cause of the public nature of the mod, and certainly any monetization (patreon) of such mods would be illegal. That I think, is one of the reasons why TMP is relluctant to do something like this.
  5. TruckersMP doesn't have any traffic, so this should be adressed to SCS Software on SCS Forum. However, knowing the situation regarding state of the AI traffic in the game, the developers have neglected improving AI traffic for many years, which led to many more complex problems with each added map expansion. There is also a reported bug since version 1.46, which causes AI to spawn too close to the player, most notably off-screen when player is not looking their way (you will notice this when turning at intersection and checking left and right periodically), sometimes even in plain view in front of the player while driving on the highway. This bug makes the so called "Truman Show" effect (when everything revolves around the player) of AI spawning even worse than ever before, often causing a lot of congestion when player stays in one area for longer period of time. You can turn right instead and circle the streets around, or if AI gives you headache in any particular spot, use console command g_traffic x , where you replace x with number between 0 to 1, with 1 being default and 0 disables AI completely. Anything between reduces spawn rates, you can use values higher than 1, but it lowers performance by a lot.
  6. ETS2 was part of a Humble Jumbo Bundle 3 that I purchased on November 23, 2014. Thought nothing of it (yeah the trailer had this catchy song), but tried it out. A month later got some goodies from the very first WoT event. Eight months later, I discovered a suspicios mod called ETS2 Multiplayer. Now owning every DLC for ET2 and ATS to date.
  7. Never take that into cosideration. When someone is following you touching your bumper, that will be their own problem should you need to brake. You should always maintain safe following distance, even if you want to overtake. The only excuse for crashing into someone in front of you is, if that was a result of someone bumping you from behind, which wasn't the case here and you can't use this as evidence because it would result in your own ban.
  8. Looked like a lag/desync related, but you are 100% at fault here for being so close to the bus you couldn't even see their tail lights - there's no evidence of the bus braking. A tiniest lag will cause this and the player in front of you will not notice anything or suffer any damage. Same applies to the tailgating player behind you.
  9. Hello, Some console commands, "'goto" being one of them, are disabled on TMP servers to prevent abuse. The only way to teleport is to use quick travel function, either to service station or your owned garages.
  10. Clearly you don't understand that's what I will never do, but you are the one who stated how greatly slowing down or braking for anyone annoys you, and that is none of my bussiness, something you have to deal with, so don't try to draw me into your game. Wrong, wrong and again, wrong, try harder. Most likely I am recovering after somebody like you just "safely passed me, forcing me to jump on brakes or hitting me.
  11. No you can't, your kind has nothing on me. Besides, it was just hypothetical, you are reading too fast to notice sarcasm, I can't be bothered making countless reports afterwards. And? What do you do "there", once you get there? Do you hold a ceremony and winner get a wreath or something? For me, this is about the road, about driving a heavy truck, not about getting somewhere and doing whatever your kind do there. Anyway your suggestion is ridiculous, simulation players do not intentionally drive extremely slow without good reason, something you casuals fail to understand.
  12. You don't tell me where I can or can't drive and how I will drive, it's not your personal playground. If I want to go there and annoy the likes of you, I will, and there's nothing you can do about it. Sorry but not sorry, deal with it or go anywhere else on the map. Happy simulation driving.
  13. I have no idea how people in Chicago drive like, but what you are describing has plagued TMP since its inception, more or less. Over time it has been attracting more and more people with no interest in truck simulation while simultanously driving off simulation players because of woderful experience they get. Today, only the most stubborn simulation players remain active on TMP and are an incredibly rare encounter, the bulk of the community consist of racers, with some trolls here and there. And ATS is no different, there's just way less players to notice, when you meet 2 people in 1500 miles. I myself mostly return during WoT events, cause I'm probably masochist.
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