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  1. Yes, you will still run into the problem with empty jobs list. When you don't own a truck, your only option will be reseting economy through config or console commands, which requires restarting of the game in both cases. If you own a truck, you can use other methods, like fast traveling. You can try my method of starting up from scratch: Start a game in multiplayer and create new profile - the very first job (tutorial) will be guaranteed late, but cant' be avoided. You should have plenty of quick jobs available, so start working, till you have at least 50500 €, or you can take loan to get to that amount, after 3 or 4 jobs. Buy a Scout car - it costs little over 50k, less than half of the cheapest truck, and it is available at every truck dealership. The car will be automatically assigned as your current vehicle, because you have only single garage slot, but don't worry, you won't be driving it much. When the quick jobs start disappearing from the list, or you just want to reset the quick jobs list, hit that big "Drive" button and drive your car a little distance away from your garage, just few hundred meters will be enough, park it in a safe place (preferably some non-collision zone), open garage manager and fast travel back to your garage. Quck job list should now be refreshed with new offers and you can continue doing this for as long as you want, you can wait with buying a truck, until you level up to get access to every component locked behing level requirements, you can trade in the car for new truck if you don't want to keep it.
  2. There isn't a way to do it. It can only be turned on/off by changing "uset g_developer" parameter between 0 and 1 in the config.cfg file located in Euro Truck Simulator 2 folder. This config file is global and it will affect all profiles. Even if you copy the line into any of the local config files located in you profile folder (config_local.cfg), it will be erased from there, and parameter in the global config will be changed instead, again affecting every profile. However, there is no harm in using free flying camera in multiplayer, you can still use it to look around, you can also use "goto" command, but you can't teleport anywhere, because that function is disabled in multiplayer.
  3. Granite

    Promods 2.5

    @TeamSquad TM //Yt If you have previously loaded that profile in singleplayer, with promods 2.50 active, then I think you are talking about warning message about missing mod files, when loading up your profile in multiplayer. You can ignore the warning, and proceed by clicking "continue", it will load the savegame, but it may take a couple of minutes, you will see yellow text above the loading progress bar, something along the lines "game changes detected, recalibrating navigation data", can't remember exact phrase. It would seem that the game hangs, but be patient. In fact, you don't have to actually activate the mod files in the mod manager, because TruckersMP uses it's own internal mod manager, that only devs can access. Just dropping the files in the correct folder is enough, so be careful not to load wrong profile, because it will load any profile you choose.
  4. Granite

    Promods 2.5

    You need 7 files located in the correct directory, by default something like this: "C:\Users\User\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod" Make sure their names match exactly: promods-def-st-v250.scs promods-assets-v250.scs promods-map-v250.scs promods-media-v250.scs promods-model1-v250.scs promods-model2-v250.scs promods-model3-v250.scs These files are only optional, if you want Middle East add-on: promods-me-defmap-v250.scs promods-me-assets-v250.scs
  5. While HCT trailers are not normally allowed on public roads in Switzerland, or anywhere outside Finland, there are no areas of restriction on any TruckerMP servers anymore. You will not be punished just for having long trailer, but I wouldn't recommend going to those places, unless you are looking for trouble.
  6. Hired drivers only "work", when you fast forward game time by sleeping, fast traveling, using a ferry or loading/unloading cargo, because everything is frozen, appart from day/night cycle. Having a large number of hired drivers can cause severe lag during auto saving, I don't recommend it. If you need some cash really fast, you will only need a couple of drivers, 2 or 3 works just fine. When you are in a city, near owned garage, fast travel to any other owned garage, preferably one that is furthest away, then back, repeat several times and you will get money and you drivers wil also level up/rank up. You can do this trick anytime you are not on a job.
  7. Nah, they suck both equally, I mean pull both equally.
  8. Was that on Promods server? As far as I know, Promods restores some old trailer models and adds a few of their own, trailer with forklift in the back si one of those. However, they can't be purchased, you can only select them in the freight market.
  9. @Dylan R, that's some minor clipping there, yeah, still not against rules now.
  10. Stop, record and report them on the website, they won't get away with it. I would highly discourage against trying to ram them out of the way (in pause mode they are solid wall anyway), or exploit ghost mode to get through them and any other players that may have stopped there, it would only lead to getting yourself banned as well, even permanently, for the latter offense. If there is no way around them, or it's not safe to get past due to oncoming traffic, you can't be blamed for blocking, because you are supposed to slow down and stop, when necessary. It doesn't entitle you to endanger other players by reckless overtaking, especially when there is already a waiting line, and you don't have to drive on the side of the road, if you don't want to get damaged and stuck. Not an option, if you are on an external contract.
  11. They already did, they are Arcade servers now.
  12. 1%er, sure, chances are, they are just as bad drivers as the majority of this community. Why care about them, it doesn't really mean they are asociated with motorcycle club, maybe they just like bikes, maybe they watch Mayans M.C. and thought it was cool. There is whole bunch of VTS's with names fit for outlaw motorcycle gangs, but are they really outlaws or would their company be succesful in real trucking bussiness while named like that?
  13. Hello, Make sure you have verified your World of Trucks account, after registering, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Non-verified accounts are deleted within 24 hours. TruckersMP is not asociated with SCS Software and their World of Trucks platform, if you have any problems connecting your game with your World of Trucks account, contact support via this e-mail: [email protected]
  14. That's probably why there's mod support and modders, it's unlikely that SCS will ever add trucks that went out of production 2 or 3 decades ago, although some are still being operated, I think it's just not really priority, they want to keep it as recent as possible, while cooperating with manufactures, when licencing new truck models. We already have plenty of models, actually, most of them, in the game, that are either outdated, or completely out of production. I would like to see new trucks and updated models in the game, including: Iveco Stralis XP (maybe NP too) Iveco S-way DAF CF Mercedes-Benz New Actros (updated 2018-present version) MAN TGS MAN TGX EfficientLine 3 Volvo FM Volvo FH/FH16 (updated version with Euro 6 engines) Scania G-series
  15. That will never happen, because it is product of a Brazilian heavy truck and bus manufacturer, Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus, a subsidiary of MAN SE, which in turn is owned by Volkswagen AG group. You will only find them in Brazil and other countries of South America, East Asia, some Middle East and African countries, they are not sold in Europe, where they would be direct competition to MAN. By the way, Volkswagen AG group also owns 100% share of Scania AB, so when you are driving MAN or Scania, you are basically driving Volkswagen
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