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  1. This topic is proof that you should think of proper title before starting a thread, and that people do not read posts longer than 3 words (one of which is an emote). Please, again, stop posting off-topic suggestions about incresing server speed limit, and I appeal to OP @jimmy mack if he would consider to have it locked, because it probably won't stop.
  2. This road only exist because Belgium and Netherlands are not yet revamped and removing it while rebuilding Germany would make an empty spot on the map. Once they do that, it will change completely, just look at Promods. Besides, base game France has only been retextured mostly, with couple of cities rebuild, but road network between them is still the same and I expect some changes to that too, after what happened with Austria, pretty much delete old / insert new, my hopes are high.
  3. Yeah, there is a thing called SCS Forums. The won't hear you if you post on a wrong forum, so I won't post my wishlist here. There are tons of stuff like this on SCS forums, they keep a very long wishlist, but remember there are also game engine limitation and licence limitation, which prevents some of the things mentioned here to ever appear in the game.
  4. Maybe, if you are Need for Speed enthusiast playing with maxed out stability, brakes sensitivity and stiffest suspension. If you are trying to simulate real thing you need that extra axle, preferably drive axle. With 6x4 you can pull anything, you have much more stability, because some of those loads have higher center of gravity despite being on low bed trailers, also braking with retarder or engine brake which only work drive axles makes a huge difference when you have 100% more axles, 8x4 is not really neccessary for anything else than "special transport" level of heavy. It's really a shame that SCS does try to follow legal limits for trailer axle loads, but not for truck axles, I hope one day we will have truck axle requitrements for heavier loads.
  5. Please stop! You are trying to turn this topic into another "increase speed limit" argument war. You are going off-topic, please read OP carefully before posting, this is about bug in TruckersMP which causes lower than posted speed limits on highways inside city zone. This bug doesn't appear everywhere, but it still exist, or may return after being already fixed in some places. One example I can think of that has not been fixed and still exist is city of Odense where you are forced to 60 km/h on the highway instead of 80km/h. Do you know more specific places? List them here.
  6. @Foobrother I am still waiting for 2016 facelift for 3rd gen Stralis (XP) while S-Way already received a facelift in 2021.
  7. Unrealistic? I don't think so, wet road surface has huge impact on braking distance, even moreso when your weight is 40t. However, tyres make a huge difference, choose those with best wet grip (braking) rating if you are playing ETS2. If you don't own eiter Michelin or Goodyear DLC which both offer excellent choices, you can pick "Elemental" tyres which are the best in the base game. In ATS all the tyres seem equal, they don't have this label system in USA, but they all seem to perform better than basic "Trailmaster" tyres in ETS2. Speeding and late braking should be avoided. With gradual and early braking you can even use retarder or egine brake without problems. As far as I know you can't alter rain physics without modding the game, but you can always put rain probability slider all the way left in game options - no more rain.
  8. All other truck brands that are not Volvo or Scania each offer 16-speed transmission - that's even two extra gears. These are what you want and are equal to those 12+2 transmisions, with the similar gear ratios and high enough differential ratio perfect for heavy transports. You can try tapping the keys, to maintain optimal RPM - 1000 to 1500 where the torque is at maximum. You also want to switch to manual/sequential becasue automatic transmission will usually screw you over in these conditions. Just maintain the gear and RPM don't try to shift up, if it just crawls it's all good it won't go any faster in higher gear anyway. Sometimes though, you will get stuck inevitably no matter what, there are several causes: stopping on an incline, especailly on dirt roads, try not to stop when climbing, this may be impossible in Kirkenes because everyone will ignore your right of way - did you know that uphill traffic has right of way and downhill traffic should even pull off to let them pass. wet surface, if it rains it's much more slippery, even worse on dirt roads - mud is worse than ice. I would advice to turn the rain off while driving on Kirkenes road. vehicle physics, specifically, long trailers, especially 4+1 trailers with axle at the front and when extended, are prone to get stuck when the incline changes too abruptly, even with 8x4 tractor. Avoid long trailers with more than 3 axles, avoid extended trailers on Kirkenes road altogether. certain company prefabs are just not friendly and poorly designed - look no further than Kirkenes quarry when you get to park on the highest level which is accessed by ridiculosly steep and short ramps, guaranteed to make you stuck with above mentioend trailers, this is even worse in ATS which recycles this prefab - I invite you to park 53 ft trailer with something that has a wheelbase like W900 over there. I don't know what could work in the 2nd scenario, when wheels are turning but only skidding in place while on Kirkenes road, with angry mob behind you, constant threat from the front and no room to maneveur from side to side, which could help, because going zig-zag across the available width of the road lessens the incline slightly and could be just enough to get traction to stop wheels from skidding. One thing that helps me, specifically on icy roads of Iceland, is to move the right side off of the road onto what seems like a slightly deeper layer of uncompacted snow, reverse if required, this will give you enough traction to get moving but you must keep the right side on the snow until you climb the incline. Another thing that might help is to try playing with the newly added adjustable suspension height, if you are going below 50km/h it won't reset to default level height. This might allow you to shift more weight on drive axles and get traction, real trucks with multiple axles can transfer weight between axles to some extent to get grip when needed, lifting axles will not help you beacuse the game won't let you lift them when your load is above certain threshold.
  9. What do you mean? TruckersMP enforces posted speed limits If the highway is within "city zone", this has been the case for couple of years. This is most often as high as speed limit for trucks within said country in ETS2, I don't see any problem with that. Of course there are bugs, if you know about any specific places, you can report them through feedback system.
  10. It's a facelift for both current R and S series, not completely new truck, but with a twist. It's not only the outside but on the inside. The main part is the new powertrain - 13 litre engines coupled with updated and new transmissions and rear axles, which can save up to 8% more fuel than previous one and according to tests it's about 4% ahead of competition. Haha, no V8, as @FernandoCR [ESP]mentioned this won't be popular with TMP. The new modular chassis is the most visible part of this update, but we will also finally get digital rear view mirrors along with new interiors. Because this isn't first update since introduction of this truck in 2016 (2017 in-game) and we have not seen those in the game yet (along with all other brands - looking at you Volvo), I am afraid that we will not see this before Euro VII emission standard will take effect in 2025 and end all current internal combustion engines.
  11. TruckersMP account is activated when you click on the link in the activation email, it doesn't mean anything, only that user has not received an activation email, or didn't bother with activating their account. It's also unrelated to ban evading, which can't be reported anymore but is handled internally, and I assure they do catch them. You can still report them, I have reported countless people with non-activated accounts. Keep in mind that if you report a user, they have no way of knowing that until they receive a ban. If they actually do delete their account before you submit a report, you can still send feedback to game moderation management with evidence and all required info, such as TMPID and SteamID. When they create new account after 14 days cooldown period with the same steam account, they will be surprised, beacuse ban history carries over with that SteamID. No, they are not smarter. I recommend to record and report, that's the only solution apparently. I also recommend to stay far away from popular hot spots, they are just cesspools of the worst kind of behaviour you can find on TMP, frequented by obvious trolls who now won't get banned permanently as easily, after the rules changed back in may and are therefore singnificantly bolder.
  12. "Rewards for team members" They have at least one full-time developer, not sure if there are more, probably not. This ensures that mod gets updated faster and they can bring new content and improvements. All other staff members are volunteers.
  13. Suggestion Name: Show Driving Lights/High Beams on Other Vehicles Suggestion Description: We can disable "Additional lights" on other vehicles in the TAB/Graphics menu, but these only includes beacons and strobes. Many players add unecessarry ammount of roofbar and/or bullbar mounted driving lights, despite their truck is already equiped with two sets of built-in driving lights (2016 Scania). Add option, similar to beacons/strobes, which would disable high beams and all aditional driving lights (including built-in) on other players vehicles. If possible, add second option, which would disable all aditional driving lights (including built-in), but would not affect main beams. Any example images: Why should it be added?: Beacuse too many people just ignore everything and drive around like in the picture above all the time, even cities or in a daylight. It may not be as blinding as in real life, but it's still quite annoying, you can be distracted by them or they may obscure what's behind them, espacially when it's raining. Even worse when they want to greet you and flash this mostrosity few meters ahead as they are passing by.
  14. TruckersMP supports the latest game version, choose "None" in Steam betas (topmost option) to opt out of all beta branches.
  15. You have most likely seen either DLC or Steam inventory paint job. There are few DLC which add some paint jobs for SCS trailers, or set of licenced trailers with their own unique paint jobs: ETS2 - Pink Ribbon Charity Pack, Goodyear Tyres Pack, Super Stripes Paint Jobs Pack, Lunar New Year Pack, Krone Trailer Pack, Schwarzmüller Trailer Pack ATS - Pink Ribbon Charity Pack, Goodyear Tyres Pack, Classic Stripes Paint Jobs Pack, Halloween Paint Jobs Pack, Retrowave Paint Jobs Pack, Lode King & Prestige Trailers Pack Handful of matching paint jobs for both trucks and trailers are available as Steam inventory items. These were awarded for completing World of Trucks events for free, but since those events are over, the only way to obtain these is to purchase them from Steam Community Market.
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