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  1. I think it may be problem in the the road surface, and you have actually hit the road surface in front of you with your bumper, or some bump caused you to jump enough to hit something in the ceiling. It depends on your suspension settings, old part of the map is lower quality and often contains annoying bumps, like this road. Try driving slower here and see what happens, usually sticking to road speed limit is safe, you are not meant to drive 110km/h. It is also possible, some invisible collision hitbox partially clips through somewhere, possibly ceiling. Depending on your suspension setting and your height and speed, you may hit it or not. I remember similar bug in much older promods version, when I would drive on the overpass, and hit a roadsign gantry, that was below, but it's collision box was much larger than the model, and would stick through the bridge.
  2. I've got few simple issues with the official events : 1. Constantly being overtaken, occasionally rammed off the road or brake checked in the process. During one of the Xmas convoys, there was admin driving right behind me for a short time, I lost count how many people he had to kick in just couple of minutes. 2. Frequent complete stops, then racing to close the gaps, just to pile up again and slow down to pace of a creeping glacier or complete stop again. If I can't take the bend at over 120km/h because my truck is already on "two wheels" at 80km/h, then I simply can't go faster, or if I don't have over 9000 hp and negative weight, I simply can't climb that incline that fast. This of course leads to even more overtaking. Not sure If I will show up this time, and sorry for my rant.
  3. Hi,


    I have noticed your suggestion about speed limit, but it's not possible to post in that topic, so I write here.

    In the video, you were not using cruise control, so I suppose you were holding gas to the floor all the time.

    I think you have enabled "adaptive automatic transmission", because when this is enabled, pressing throttle will usually cause the transmission to shift down, because it thinks you need more power/rpm. Normally, I am driving on final gear at 72 to 85km/m, depending on the transmission.

    Disable "adaptive automatic transmission", you can find it in controls menu. Seriuosly, it's poorly implemented mechanics, I don't recommend to turn it on, it causes erratic shifting, whenever you press gas pedal a bit too much.  

    1. Aborjin


      Thank you for your information. 🙂

  4. Ahoj, neviem presne čo myslíš pod pojmom "nejnovější, nejdražší tahač ve hře", ale asi viem v čom je problém. Ja sám vlastním všetky DLC (vrátane všetkých paintjobs DLC) a všimol som si jednu vec. Každé DLC typu "National Paintjob Pack" obsahuje 4 farebné schémy, pričom jedna z nich je základná, a pozostáva z jednej voliteľnej farby pre celu kabínu s malou národnou vlajkou na oboch stranách. Len táto jedna schéma je k dispozícii pre kabíny typu 8x4, takže asi používaš kabínu pre 8x4 podvozok. Kabíny pre 8x4 všeobecne vôbec nepodporujú veľkú časť DLC farebných schém, alebo len čiastočne, ako v tomto prípade. Ak zmeníš podvozok na 8x4, automaticky sa zmení aj kabína, ktorá je kompatibilná len s týmto podvozkom.
  5. While in game, press tab, right click to enable cursor, and left click on the yellow gear icon in bottom left corner of the tab menu. Look for "Season Effects" on General tab - uncheck it, press Ok and restart the game. You can also edit config.txt in your ATSMP folder, look for "season_effects" and change "true" to "false", save the changes and run the game.
  6. It's the same in ETS2, 90% players don't follow traffic rules, they either don't have a clue, or more likely, don't give a damn. What are the chances of them to read some guide and wise up? Most don't even learn from punishments, I don't know what else we can do, but get the worst of them banned enough times, so they get eventually banned permannetly. I am waiting for TMP's next step in the "road to simulation" project. On that Winnemucca problem, it's bady designed by SCS in the first place, hopefully it will get some revamp. In the meantime, take that alternate route through the town while going north to Oregon, all that left turning traffic will have to give way.
  7. @ShadowWolf2k7No, turnpike double trailers are only 45 feet long, total lenght is maybe about 94 feet with single axle dolly and 96 feet with tandem dolly. You can check this in trailer browser by comparing it to triple trailer (3x28 feet + two gaps), which is visibly only tiny bit shorter. Or add excluive marker lights on the side and count them, 53 feet trailer has 2 more marker lights.
  8. @Lukavsky TMP Isn't Middle East add-on optional, you should only need 7 files? The 2 files with "me" in the name are optional add-on. @NARA SRBYou need to put the files in the correct folder, something like this: C:\Users\User\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod
  9. @TheCreepyTruckr Sorry, but that is just not explicitly mentioned in the rules, exact wording actually allows, what I have suggested: The exact trailers and cargoes used do not matter in this rule and can be mixed freely. The maximum length of any trailer combination must not exceed the length of the longest default combination ("HCT" for ETS2 and "Turnpike Double" for ATS, see images below) - using a longer trailer on any combination is permitted if it is within this length. No matter how many times I read it, according to this, you should be allowed to change trailer sizes freely, you only can't exceed 2x45 feet + gap, whatever that is, maybe 4 feet ? Tripple trailer is exception, because it is only about 2 feet shorter than turnpike, so you can't change individual trailer sizes at all. That's how I , and certainly many others, understand it, so I think this rule needs some work.
  10. I think rules are not clear enough in the this statement: "Allowed combinations for ATS (styles and sizes will vary)" Unlike ETS2, there are multiple trailer sizes available, but does that mean you can't actually modify them in combinations, only swap for different trailer type of the same size? Default RM double has 45 feet front tailer and 28 feet rear trailer, can you, for example, change rear trailer to 32 feet? This rule needs more clarification
  11. Can't see the first clip anymore, but there are some slippery roads in promod's Iceland. Add frosty winter physics addon on top of that and you may have a problem. I'm not using the physics addon anymore, because it was only causing me to be even more vulnerable to brainless drivers. Last year it took me quite some time to adjust back to regular conditions after the winter mod has been disabled. Personally, I've never had this happened to me on it's own, only if someone hit me. I think the problem with this physics addon is, that every surface has the same level of slipperiness, not just road, there is absence of any deeper snow where you would get stopped and possibly stuck, even hitting safety barriers at an angle is not going to stop you, becauce collisions are not simulated - nothing is destructible , so you bounce of off them like pinball, with no enrgy loss. One more thing - tampering with trailer weight, like making it zero, and driving empty, you are just asking for this.
  12. Lifting the axle would increase the load on driven axle, gaining more traction, however I would't recommend trying to accelerate with tag axle lifted while hauling anything above maybe 8 tons. Because of the position of fifth wheel, front axle can lose contact with ground, morever you will not be able to lift tag axle above certain loads, you will just get message, that the trailer is too heavy. I have better fix, delete the file "frosty_physics_7_3.scs" from mod folder, just enjoy the snow, trying to make out the road markings is enough of a challenge for me. Epecially ATS version is weird, I could't stop the damn truck from 20Mph at reasonable distance, the wheels keep spinning, not slipping, it's like artificially decreasing braking power, I kept overshooting every trraffic light, quickly uninstalled.
  13. I recommed to read this before you suggest anything.
  14. It isn't as bad in ATS compared to ETS2, because certain trailer types can accept more varied loads. Any of the box type trailers, including sliding tarp trailers can accept almost identical and widest selection of loads of any ownable trailers, while obviously, some will have access to loads exclusive for that type (reefer, insulated). Flatbed trailers and container carriers are decent too. I would recommend one of these, reefer trailer is probably the most profitable, allows you to transport frozen goods and some hazardous cargo too, but it is heavier, so it can't load as much as for example, a dry van. All the other trailer types are much more limiting - logger trailer, bulk feed trailer, grain hopper trailer and chip van trailers, you may not find jobs with them, if you end up in some small town. Don't forget that all trailer combinations are not allowed in some states, only STAA doubles are allowed everywhere, also 53 feet trailer is only allowed in California with certain axle configuration - must be shifted to the front, tandem axles can be adjusted, use F7 menu to slide it to the rear or front.
  15. Beside Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden), you can also get double trailers in Finland, Germany and Netherlands. Double trailer jobs start and end within these countries. Purchasing double trailer will still limit you to these countries, if you want to do jobs, but you can go anywhere if you want.
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