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  1. Why should I be on the defensive all the time, constantly alert of my surroundings, dodging trolls intentionally steering into me along the way among all the other nonsense, if I choose to play on "simulation" servers? No joke, simulation is still way too arcadish, mostly because there is practically no incentive to even look where you or others are going, the small fraction of rule breakers who get caught are quickly replaced by new members. Imagine if TMP managed to add AI traffic into the current simulation servers, that would be pure chaos. Frankly, I couldn't care less abou
  2. It's useless to blow money on low performance trucks, as you can sell them back for only 35% of the original value. It's better to give each employee same truck - now the configurations of all purchased trucks are stored, so you can keep buying identical trucks with a single click. Of course low rating employees with few or no skills will earn less initially, but they also take smaller wages, but they will eventually level up and become all equal, so take "set up and forget" approach when hiring them.
  3. I guess nobody else will reply... Too bad this has never been listed as a bug, and then not mentioned in the updates changelogs when fixed - I have chacked changelogs back to 2018 and nothing. Thanks for digging up the info @FernandoCR [ESP], I guess people will keep asking about this.
  4. Overall quality of the assigned truck does matter for the profit your employees can generate. My recommendation - give them better engine/transmission combo, biggest cabin and 6x2 or 6x4 chassis, but you don't have to bother with accessories or paintjobs unless you want to. Don't put any trailers in garages with hired drivers, if you do not set them for private use, employees will start to utilize them automatically. They will pick random trailer, you can't directly assign trailers for them. But you also don't want them using your own trailers, because the way hired drivers work
  5. I don't think so there is. Anyway, it sounds like a helicopter turbine, nothing realistic about it, and by the way, open pipes are banned in EU and many non-EU countries.
  6. That area is edited by Truckers MP, including that road sign, some stone walls, fences, guard rails and those billboards on the overpass. Nothing of that will appear in singleplayer, because it's part of the mod. They have probably intended to add traffic lights as well, but changed their mind since they would be ignored by just about everyone, and forgot to remove the sign. I would make it a toll road and add toll gates at both ends and at the two exits in between.
  7. For a long time, traffic lights at road construction sites (where both directions are reduced to a single lane) didn't work properly - they changed to the same color on both ends. But now, they seem to work as intended, at least at construction site between Prague and Wroclaw - can someone confirm this? In the update notes for version, synchronization of various objects like toll gates and garage doors is mentioned, but not these traffic lights. I think it's very important change, yet I can't find any mention of it in any of the recent updates notes (I believe
  8. When joing ETS2 SIM1 : Will it be 5 minutes or less, before I get rammed? When joining ATS (US) SIM: Will I see more than 5 people today or less?
  9. But, there is main road sign, not on the island but after the side road (your lane) - just check 3rd pic in my first post. Anyway it doesn't matter, since there is yield sign in front of you, and you can't just ignore it.
  10. @ASIR [CZE] Yes, in both real life example and in-game situation, red color goes first if they are already turning left and not just approaching and slowing for the turn or waiting for oncoming traffic that may be aproaching behind orange color, because road signage, but this picture is too simplified to only single lane. If the yield sign wasn't there it would be other way around, and of course red will give way if orange goes straight.
  11. I don't know what's not clear. If you were going straight, then they would need to give way, but as you are truning right, they see you in the right turn lane and your turn signal, they can turn left and you need to give way to them, because that's what the signage indicates - the priority sign is there, check the third picture, it's not on the island but shifted back between the yield sign telling you to give way and the speed limit sign further behind the intersection - it's not visible on your original picture because but it's just off the right edge of the screenshot. Placing priority sign
  12. Legal limit for HGV in EU is 40 tonnes gross weight, that is truck, trailer and cargo combined, most typical setup is 4x2 truck and triple axle (tridem) trailer. Of course there are some exception which allows max weight up to 44 tonnes, some countries, namely Sweden, Norway and Finland allow even more, and also longer combinations which are over 60 tonnes, but they are are usually rigids with full size semi trailer attached via drawbar & dolly. As for the UK prefference of 6x2 midlifts, as far as I know, this is mostly for lower taxes, while 6x2 taglifts or 6x4 in scandinavia a
  13. No, this is perfectly fine and sensible design, the yield sign is for right turn lane only, the red truck still need to give way for traffing passing straight, but of course hardly anyone around these parts gives a flying damn. This is meant to aid left turning or traffic crossing the priority road. I know similar intersection from real life: https://goo.gl/maps/dW3jTohPhGMMEMPr6 You have also probably overlooked couple of road signs (maybe they are covered with snow?), which make perfectly clear, which direction has priority: Priority to through-traffic at the next inter
  14. Automatic braking is caused by simple automatic transmission setting, seriously, don't use that and switch to real automatic option, if you prefer automatic transmisson. On a side note, name and motto of your VTC full of profanity doesn't help with your image as a serious player.
  15. Z obrázku je evidentné, že ide o Promods server - logo Bauhaus na budove na druhej strane ulice, a predpokladám, že ide o vakcíny z World of Trucks. Problém je v tom, že World of Trucks je oficiálna online platforma od SCS Software a nepodporuje Promods, ani iné podobné modifikácie tretích strán. Externé kontrakty fungujú spolahlivo iba na nemodifikovanej mape, stačí malá zmena kdekolvek v trase a nastane tento problém, ak chceš doručovat externé kontrakty, musíš použit iný ako Promods server.
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