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  1. Maybe, if you have used in-game sliders to turn them off, you were not precise enough, it can happen if you release mouse button a milisecond too early? Also, those sliders are unusable, if you need any specific values. Thats why you should check any crucial setting in the config file, you can also check them in-game, by typing those same commands in the console without any numbers, press enter and it will return value it is set to.
  2. It's definitely form random event, but they appear extremely weird in multiplayer - most stuff is deleted, that's one of the reasons to turn them off. I searched SCS forums, but haven't found any mentions of random events appearing when they are turned off. No idea what could cause this, better wait for that ticket, in the meantime, you could check file integrity.
  3. Nope, nothing there for me. Make absolutely sure both random events and detours are set to zero probability, check your profile config: uset g_road_events "0" uset g_detours "0"
  4. No, I see this the other way, people who use 750 hp to pull virtually nothing, don't give enough respect to these extremely heavy vehicles easily reaching over 60 and up to 80 tonnes. Stop tailgating them, stop cutting them off, stop running red lights in front of them, becasue they can't bloody stop as fast as you can. Give them enough room when they have right of way, don't attemp to overtake them in a roundabout. And for the best for all, don't force them to slow down and stop on an incline, they will be crawling up even slower. That's what I am experiencing while pulling these he
  5. I've tried Rusmap, Souther Regions, both work together with Promods. You can look at Promods forum, there is topic about compatible map mods and load order guides to make them work, there is only couple of larger map mods and few small add-ons you can use with Promods, though there are other maps listed there which can be used alone. https://promods.net/viewforum.php?f=42 Other than that, SCS forums is the best place to look for mods.
  6. Not crashing in singleplayer for me, even when loading my multiplayer profile. Strobes works just fine on lowboys in singleplayer, so I don't know where the problem is, not synced in multiplayer? Not sure if it's only multiplayer related, but if you are called for detailed inspection (that one where you are required to stop and turn the engine off) at border checks, the cutscene doesn't seem to end on its own and I have to mash escape key to get out of it, though there's no on-screen prompt to do so.
  7. This is the longest one I have been in, only two other World of Trucks events for ETS2 were close, but not nearly as severe as this.
  8. @antrax737 I don't think that was an issue, trailer weight was always accounted for, as far as I know, the weights you see in the market are only for cargo though. They fiddled with weight distribution between versions, also changes in trucks physics and engine/rpm stats probably play some role. Some of those original heavy cargo trailer, especially 4 axle low loaders used to cause extreme understeer with 6x4 chassis, to the point it felt like driving on ice, so you had to be extra careful and slow down much earlier, funny part was, this wasn't an issue with 4x2, but using that was just unre
  9. Nah, it'll be fine, I've pulled all those heavy cargoes and special transports with 6x4 510hp DAF E6 (or 500hp KW T610 in ATS), no problem, not much reason for that extra power if you use the right transmission and know what you are doing, unless pulling something extremely heavy over steep inclines. I don't care if it takes 20 or 30s to get to cruising speed, I am not racing, I am doing only WoT, and I wouldn't give a damn about racers around me, and if I had to creep up a steep hill, it won't make much difference if I do so at 20km/h or 30km/h. Besides those trailers are unstable as it is wh
  10. #OneTruckFamily Event was even more intense, if you like congested areas.
  11. With the ability to purchase our own low bed and low loader trailers, this guide should provide help for anyone who likes to haul heavy machinery, but finds configuring the trailer for specific task a bit confusing. This table lists all possible configurations of ownable low bed and low loader trailers by "Chassis" only, as this is the only factor which affects number of axles and overall length of the trailer, and thus, which cargo will be available for any given chassis configuration. Any other configurable options are just cosmetic and have no effect on utilization of the trailer.
  12. With the ability to purchase our own lowboy trailers at last, this guide should provide help for anyone who likes to haul heavy machinery, but is baffled by an overwhelming number of options when configuring their new trailer. This table lists all possible configuration of ownable lowboy trailers by "Chain Type" and "Chassis" only, with an emphasis on applicability of each configuration for any given cargo type available. Any other configurable options are just cosmetic and have no effect on utilization of the trailer. Explanations: Axle configura
  13. This person just won't stop twisting your arguments and picking whatever fits his view of the problem out of context. It's kind of funny but seriously, arguing with this person is just futile.
  14. Would you kindly stop responding to me with your nonsense? You force me to be rude, so I will write very slowly and use bold huge letters: "WE" DO NOT HAVE OUR OWN SERVER to populate, both "SIM" servers are identical, and it so happens BOTH "SIM" SERVERS HAVE SPEED LIMITER . WHY DON'T "YOU" POPULATE YOUR OWN SERVER, WHITHOUT ANY SPEED LIMITER, THAT IS AVAILABLE FOR YOU, IF THERE IS SO FRIGGIN MANY OF YOU. And before you argue, yes I have tried SIM2 server, there's just as many idiots at every corner, it makes no difference. Why do I see so many people on SIM1 driving on
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