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  1. Granite

    Bright Headlights

    When using only standard lights, it is not much of a problem (including DAF and 2016 Scania built in roof lights, I always uninstall additional lights under the windshield of 2016 Scania). But there absolutely should be rule about stupidly large number of additional lights, because some people slap one in every possible slot just to annoy others, when they drive like that with high beams even in broad daylight, or in areas with street lights, and they appear as bright blinding smudge of light when they come at you at night. Same goes for constantly enabled beacons and strobe lights, while not pulling anything slowly or oversized, or even just bobtailing around. I consider everyone behaving like that being just arrogant. There is setting in the tab menu about additional lights, but I don't see any difference between it being checked or unchecked.
  2. Granite

    Next Truck to ATS

    I am afraid, that is another unlikely addition, although it is still in production, it's only with right hand drive for export to Australia, NZ and RSA, while it is only available as glider kit in Northern America. While I would really like to see some cabovers, but since they fell out of favor and are gone from the NA market completely (Argosy was the last one), let's be realistic - you can only expect current production trucks form SCS.
  3. Granite

    Screenshots with F12

    Both F10 and F12 keys to take screenshots only work while your vehicle is completely stationary, I am not sure about severity of the lag it could cause while moving. Using shadowplay to save just last 3 min of gameplay is much more hazardous, I always make sure nobody is following me, cause the momentary stuttering is quite strong.
  4. I am already waiting in front of the dealership to buy my brand new Renault Trucks T High 1894 Edition.
  5. Granite

    Easter Eggs

    Found these 3 weird signs at Mount St. Helens, next to Johnston Ridge Observatory, irl these are some info displays. Looks like a reference to Nevada State Route 375 that is officially designated the Extraterrestrial Highway since 1996, which is present in the game and where another easter egg - the UFO, can be spotted.
  6. I haven't seen F-Max in real life yet, since it has been introduced on the local market about 1,5 year ago, when they opened first authorized dealership in my country. I think have seen about two Ford trucks, but they were both cheaper, smaller 1848T models. Personally, I have nothing against addition of this truck into the game, but it is unlikely SCS will do that any time soon, considering Ford trucks are still only trying to break into the european market, how successfully, only time will tell. Ford F-max can be an interesting choice for it's great price versus value you get for your money. For the time being, we can only rely on modders to do this, nice to see they are already working on it.
  7. Granite

    Real Operations - 28 July 2019

    And SCS releases mini update with new paintjob DLC right on time.
  8. Granite

    "Best" Trucks in ATS

    I so much like GTM T610 , even thouh it's australian truck - that thing has massive! fuel tanks and very short wheelbase. GTM's other trucks are also great.
  9. Granite

    Next Truck to ATS

    That looks late 1970s / early 1980s Mack Super-Liner, the production ceased almost 30 years ago. It's unlikely SCS will add any historic vehicles. *Edit: Looks like updated version is still being produced by Mack Trucks Australia, but that's for australian market.
  10. Really, you are right, I have looked up some vids, but they are only showing pair of air bags at the back, how about front end, is it suspended too, and is air suspension common for day cabs? In the game, there are actually air bags modeled on some trucks, seems they don't work yet. You can see them at the back of all cabs on T680, and sleeper cabs of Pete 389.
  11. Made this crude picture real quick to show the range of values for each setting you should only ever use with console commands: (default values are on the right side, except for braking intensity, which is 1.0, same as in the picture) (picture showing my preffered settings - brakes 1.0, stability 0.0 and suspension 0.3) Note that some values ranges and defaults have changed since 1.34 and are different in 1.35 (namely the top three), so they can be changed in the future game updates. What I have said in earlier post is no longer true, now I am also affected by this visual bug, but only for trailer stability setting. I can drag the slider to the left, return back to main menu, but going back into the gameplay settings would show the slider back to the right, this does not occur in singleplayer. When typing in the console g_trailer_stability (without specifying value) it will return current value "g_trailer_stability" is: "0" default: "0.5" . You can check all the settings this way. Oh, and cabin suspension is only for ETS2, American trucks, presumably, don't have independent cabin suspensions, at least not any currently available in the game.
  12. Granite

    Are you ready?

    Destructible cars? Will we be finally able to rip them appart with our big trucks? (that car with missing rear part a 0:20)
  13. Granite

    Bug with the load of trucks.

    The mod will just let you buy modified trailer from trailer dealer in singleplayer and place it in your garage, you can then load the game in multiplayer and take it for a ride. "Real" version from freight market or external contracts will still get you kicked from the server.
  14. I don't know about profits, you are probably right, but with external contracts you get to pick from largest selection of jobs (often 5 or more pages), including trailers that are not yet ownable, and most of these can be highly profitable (low loaders and heavy cargo). While it is very nice we can finally use our own trailer for WoT contracts, doing that will also greatly limit your choices, sometimes you may be unable to find any cargo nearby, if you deliver to some remote and isolated destination.
  15. Granite

    What to do in Duisburg?

    Because there is service station and loads of players around, everybody using F7 will end up there. Avoid this junction, unless you are going to turn right, instead, use the backstreet that goes around the city and passes over the highway exit if you need to go to any of the two company yards in the city or the garage. Don't even try to use the service station.