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  1. According to my WoT stats, it's "empty pallets" in both games, because this cargo is usually pretty much the most common WoT option if you are going for specific destination, pretty sure "used packagings" is the second. When I'm done exploring new expansion, I just take random contract with best price to distance ratio for my current trailer (only using own trailer for WoT nowadays, unless there's an event), but all those pallet jobs really stack up.
  2. Route advisor can be buggy regardless if you use vanilla or promods map, ETS2 is not bug free game. I didn't say 70km/h speed limit on motorways is common, it's not, not even in ETS2, can you name one other place than Stockholm where speed limit on motorway through the city (yes it's through the city, not next to city, because there are no drivable streets, most of the cities are made up of a scenery if you look carefuly) is lower than 80km/h? I did say speed limits are commonly lowered on motorways in the cities, but it doesn't affect trucks at all, because they are still the same or higher than maximum allowed for trucks. Take your video as an example, speed limits for motorways in Sweden is 110km/h, but for trucks with a trailer only 80km/h, without trailer 90km/h. That would not affect you if you were staying within speed limit, just that short stretch would slow you down by 10km/h, which is rarely seen in ETS2 anyway. Because you are speeding up to 110km/h, you will notice these speed limits much more. These limits are not pointless, they are for the safety, as in reality urban areas have higher density of traffic, including public transportation, same in TMP, these areas are usually more populated, so it's not bad idea to have them as respect among people is very low on TMP servers. Still, you have lot of leeway on TMP servers, in real life you need to be very careful, especially on motorways, and the 10% rule is not universal, where I live you will get fined 6km/h over (less than 4Mph), but there are countries with even lower tolerance.
  3. Really, as @MarkON said these places used to be limited to 60km/h (looking at you, Istanbul). They have correct speed limits now, but you want to increase it further. I can hardly notice the speed limits now, and can only remember very few places where speed limits is lower than 80km/h on motorways. They should stay, it's safer that way. Until people learn to respect each other, there's arcade servers if you don't want to be held back by the speed limits.
  4. It's a very common occurence that the motorway speed limits are reduced around urban areas. You also forget trucks in EU are limited to 80 or 90Km/h, not 110km/h, which is "uncotrollably fast" in most places. This isn't even enforced in TMP most of the time, as shown in the video, there is 80km/h limit like everywhere in Sweden, but there's short section near Stockholm, where 70km/h is enforced, but only near the "city". Anyway there are very few places where the enforced speed limits on motorway is lower than 80km/h. As in real life, I really slow down a bit when someone in front of me merges, very very rarely I would move over if the speed difference is significant, because 99.9% of the time they would speed up and won't let me merge back in front of them, then another speed demon or two pile up behind and start forcing their way through, and I don't like to be in that situation, not a tiny bit. That's what I get if I try to be nice, but why shoudl I be nice, when nobody has any patience or respect for me? It's a tough life in TMP for anyone following speed limits. The speed limits ares mostly accurate, but sometimes, the route advisor shows incorrect speed limit, like it shows speed limit for exit lane while you are not in that lane, but close to the line - a very common bug around Iberia. This incorrect speed limit can be forced if this happens in the "city". If it was up to me, I would also force braking when entering cities, everyone just coasts deep into the city strrets still keeping a lot of excess speed.
  5. Caravan was designed only for the Scout car originally. I don't think any other weekly vehicles other than passenger cars and SUVs can use it, actually it surprises me you are not auto kicked when trying to use it with a bus, must bee an oversight by the devs.
  6. Posting here just to see if that will earn me some badges retrospectively. Edit: Yes, it did.
  7. Like those two overtaking were respecting anything or anyone. Everyone here is jumping to conclusions, without knowing full context. Maybe the guy wanted to get back to his cruisng racing speed after being slowed blocked by another member of this pack in front of him and just returned a favor? All in all, I don't care about any of these types and their whines when something goes wrong because driving like this inevitably leads to this, especially on "that" road.
  8. Right lol. Vienna convention on traffic rules used as argument for a racing incident? I am dead.
  9. Wait what? Do you ask TMP to officially stream on some chinese platform, because your own totalitarian regime effectively blocked off all foreign competition, even hacked all VPN services within the country to watch over all information flow? Or am I reading it wrong? If not, then you should probably question someone else.
  10. As far as I know, this isn't official modding tool, because sii files in the game archives are not normally encrypted, only those in the profile folder are, which were not meant to be modified. There is no "official" download. Like @P h o e n i x said, that virtual speditor is your best bet and closest to "official" download, because the original author of the decrypt tool has abandoned it some time ago - notice the link to the decrypt tool will only lead to login page, becasue it is inaccessible to public as per request by the author.
  11. Is's becasue the cabin is narrower than the sleeper and the trailer, unlike european trucks which have cabins either less narrower as the trailer or of about the same width. This result in seat position closer to the centre and mirrors being mounted a bit further from the cab compared to european trucks. Lonestar and Anthem are the worst at this, I made Lonestar work by incraesing FOV to 80° and moving the seat and turning the head slightly to the left. With Anthem, it is totally impossible, the mirrors are mounted too far back, even moving the seat all the way back you would need to increase the FOV too high to be usable, just use virtual mirror with this one. All other trucks are either ok, or require only little fiddling with FOV/seat position.
  12. Yes, but the AI in ETS2 and even more so in ATS can be very annoying at times, often beating the multiplayer trolls, sorry that's just my opinion, because I think SCS has neglected AI ttaffic for very long time and it is in dire need of fixing. I am not saying it should be robot like precise, but there are some serious issues that put me off, and make me enjoy empty roads in multiplayer again very soon. My main issues with the AI: AI vehicles are extremely hesistant to overtake on motorways, even passenger cars will keep following slow vehicles forever, creating very long "convoys" costantly tapping on brakes with practically no rooom to merge in, should you decide to start overtaking them, you will be stuck in the fast lane until you pass the leading slow vehicle. AI has trouble "seeing" the player, instead I think they function on proximity detection or some kind of distance threshold, without taking player's speed into consideration too much, which very often leads to AI failing to give way, if there is higher speed limit at the intersection. AI has trouble with changing lanes or merging, causing them to slow down unnecessarily, when they should be speeding up, like when overtaking or entering motorways, the latter is actually prefab problem. Motorway exits also cause AI to slow down even when they are not exiting, again this is likely prefab problem. After entering motorways, AI often immediately changes to the next lane, sometimes repeatedly switching lanes multiple times. AI often stops at motorway entrances at the end of slip roads/ramps merging lanes, becasue AI on the motorway never changes lanes and let them merge, and after they are past some threshold, which causes them to move regardless if there is anything right besides them, be it player or other AI vehicle, which leads to collisions - very common in Iberia DLC on motorways and also main flaw in ATS. This is yet again a prefab issue. If you have your left blinker on, the AI is too annoyingly curteous, letting you go, but most of the time stopping in such manner that there is no way you can turn without hitting them with your trailer. If you pull too close into the intersection to actually see to both sides, AI which has the priority will often stop, usually right in front of you, causing traffic jam. On a lighter note, AI often honks at me from behind while I am refueling at gas stations or waiting at traffic lights. Don't get me started on roundabouts ... Because of this, I decided to reduce the default AI traffic density by changing g_traffic from default 1.0 to 0.5. This at least reduces interactions between AI vehicles, from which most of these issue stem, while keeping the roads populated enough, and doesn't hurt my fuel economy. I know it's not ideal, but until SCS starts doing something, it will have to do, because I have not found any AI mods which would improve things, mostly they do quite the opposite, mainly becasue they can't fix prefab related issues. If you know of any mods that actually do work, please let me know. Sincerely, I would be worried about adding AI in multiplayer, when someone like me, who keeps to the speed limits and traffic rules, have problems with it. How would the average speeding TMP player handle the situation, would everyone magically starts following the rules?
  13. You will find it in the "config_local.cfg" file located inside your profile folder (each profile uses it's own file). Either search for this line in that file, or type this in the console (without entering value, it will return currently set value): "uset g_brake_intensity" The value ranges from 0.333333 (slider all the way left) to 3.0 (slider all the way right), default value is 1.0 (slider is exactly in the centre position), which is already somewhat strong, most simulation oriented players would decrease the value. I just use default value, can't recommend increasing it, it's best to set it where you feel comfortable and get used to it, working with braking pedal depending on other conditions affecting braking distance, like total weight, tyres and weather, among these, weight is the dominant factor. Maintaining safe distance from vehicle in front of you or slowing down, even just releasing gas pedal, when in doubt, helps a lot. Also keep checking good distance in front of you, don't stay focused just on the vehicle in front of you, I never have any problem unless someone brake checks me on purpose. Utilizing other braking system, which are at your disposal, namely exhaust brake and retarder, is extremely advantageous, be it in automatic or manual operation. Just be careful with retarder in rainy conditions with low rating tyres.
  14. Thats's what I meant in my post, although essential parts of the truck really do have weight, it's so simplified that only changing of the chassis really does make any difference in overall weight. Most of them share same weight, no matter the size, I guess that includes engines and transmissions too, they all use same weight value probably. Back in a day, when there were only 5 trucks in ATS, I did some tests in-game, using weight stations, The results was that each of the 5 trucks with the same fuel tank size - 150, 200, 220 or 300 gal - had the same weight, no matter the differences in cabins and wheelbases - for example W900 and 389 have considerably longer wheelbase, and VNL is the shortest of them all. I don't know about 2016 Scanias, maybe SCS configured different weights for R and S chassis to compensate for the cabin size difference , although they visibly share same model for the frame and axles, so they should be identical, and in reality they really can use identical chassis, along with different Scania series, like G or P. I have no idea really but from my observation, standard overdrive 12-speed runs on lower RPM at a given speed than any other transmission, an is capable of reaching higher top speed than the rest. In case of 2016 Scania that would be GRSO 905 - note that "O" in the name always denotes it's overdrive transmission. 12+2 and 16-speed are overdrive too, but with shorter gears (those +2 are extra very low crawler gears), they may seem to accelerate faster unloaded thanks to that, but they are really designed for heavy loads or driving through hills and reach lowest top speed of all. 6-speed willl have highest acceleration on flat roads unloaded, becasue they are clutch-less true automatic transmissions and change gears without loss of power input, but they will suffer with heavier loads, especially on hills, definitelly not a transmission for 40t truck. Different truck brands may differ slighly with gear ratios and differential ratios, so there may be slight differencies, but not that much with comparable power output.
  15. I think, fuel consumtion is quite accurate, provided that you use "realistic fuel consumption" settiing in the game options. On the other hand, most of the truck and trailer part weights are very simplified, only chassis affects overall weight, cabins are coupled with the chassis, if there are more option for one chassis type, they are all the same, any accesorries have no effect, but the amount of fuel left in the tanks adds weight (again, fuel tank size is coupled with the chassis). For trailers, body type also affects weight, in case of most common box trailers, refrigerated/reefer body is a bit heavier than curtainsider and dry freighter. What matters much more is the way you drive. Given that just about everyone in ETS2 drives 730 or 750 HP 110km/h (usually coupled with the wrong transmission choices for the job) they are out of the optimal RPM range most of the time, because ETS2 transmissions are geared for 80-90 km/h. Frankly 57L or 48L per 100km is very bad for normal cargo, I get around 50L/100km average with 730HP Scania and 18t 5-axle lowbed hauling overweight loads that makes the whole rig go up between 50 to 80 t of gross weight. All the other trucks I have driven (and they are all the brands and models) are mostly around 500hp with 12-speed transmissions and 4x2 chassis, and they will average around 30L/100km, provided that drive within speed limits. My current truck is 4x2 Scania R500 with 12-speed overdrive, it has 19671 km, most of that is on job and with the load, using KRONE BoxLiner, the average consumption is 27,4L/100km. Can't say too much about ATS, but for the standard cargo, the consumption is generally higher, because of higher speed limits, even though american trucks are permitted about 4t less than european trucks (40t vs 80000 lbs limit). I've got only limited experience, my 3 trucks are 600hp, biggest 6x4 chassis/tanks/cabin combination, 18-speed eaton except one has 12-speed transmission, all with more than 100000km, they average around 40L/100km, and I stay within speed limits.
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