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  1. Are we talking about city streets and highways too, or just 2-lane roads? In case of ETS2 highways, I don't have a feeling, they are too unrealistic, standard highway lane width should be at least 3,5m, european trucks are about 2,5m wide, minus the mirrors. Of course, 2-lane roads could use more variety, instead of uniformly wide lanes, we have now, still I don't have the feeling, they are so wide you coud fit 2 trucks in one lane, unless you utilize hard shoulder, which I think is too generous for most roads. We could get more roads with very narrow, or completely absent hard shoulder, like you can find in promods. Btw, that picture in the survey is not the best representative sample, there could be hard shoulder, while the lines are missing, you should choose something more typical, than road without markings. Last 2 questions, you can mark all answers. Oh, completerly forgot about AI, remember, this is singleplayer game. Have you tried driving up to Honningsvåg / Nordkapp in promods singleplayer with AI traffic. Better turn off fines, because rocks are smarter than AI traffic, at least rocks are completely still, and can be avoided. Or the simple thing that pisses me off in ATS - you are trying to make left turn on some 2-lane city street, but AI cars coming from your left and turning right are going so freaking wide, it is impossible not to smash into them with your trailer.
  2. Pretty sure SCS are well aware of many similar small quality of life improvements, that's been demanded by community for many years, but unfortunatelly, these never made it too far up the wishlist. Cab mounted airhorns in ETS2 - imagine that, that was suggested 5 years ago, still not implemented. Regarding the plates on trucks, I would suggest, if corresponding plates were added automatically, when taking a job, just like it works with trailers now (even owned trailers), ADR plates appear on the back of trailers, when taking ADR jobs. In case of stickers, like emmission class stickers, only those that your truck actually approves for, could be placed. Problem solved - no inappropriate usage.
  3. Can he get up to road speed limit or trailer speed limit on straight flat sections? If the load is heavy, 60km/h is acceptable, but so is abiding any road speed limits that are lower than that. If he needs to slow down to 50/40/30km/h for a corner, becasue his stability is low, that si fine. If he crawls up an incline, because the load is heavy, that is fine. If he brakes while driving down the hill, maybe he don't want to gain too much extra speed with heavy load, and crash. Failing at this, it can be troll, but it can be new player, who picked unsuitable job for his truck, it would be hard to prove, unless he would turn around at the end of the road and drive back. All of these 110km/h locomotive trailers are save edited anyway, they don't have matching weight, it's just a visual appearance of the actual load, so you can't really say, if the trailer is heavy, and you can't see other player truck's power output either, it would be cool, if we had the ability to inspect certain stats of player's vehicles.
  4. Hey @poland.ball and @TheCanadianTrucker, I wouldn't move to the left lane either, in this case, because he was well in front of the ramming guy, before he was allowed to merge in, so it was his resposibility, to adjust speed and merge behind. And because I stick to speed limits, he would be matching and most likely exceeding my speed before I would safely pass him, and I would end up "stuck" in the left lane, which is even worse when there are more need for speed players behind me. Easily, politeness can result in your own recklesness, so I check the radar before every highway entry, and rather reduce speed a little and allow merging traffic in front of me, only switching lanes, if they are moving slowly, so I can safely pass and merge back .
  5. Truck Engine Volume Truck engine sound and engine braking sound (exhaust or jake brakes) Truck Exhaust Volume Noise from the exhaust, when truck is accelerating. Cuts off while shifting or when gas pedal is released. Truck Effects Volume Sounds of air brakes , parking brake, air shifting transmission, air cut-off, lift axle, gear grinding, retarder, trailer coupling, horns, reverse beeper Truck Noise Volume Wind flow noise while moving, suspension noises, tyres and rain sound for cabin interior view and some other external cabin mounted camera views Trailer Noise Volume Only sound affected at the moment, is sound of raising / lowering trailer legs, maybe there will be something more in the future. Traffic Volume AI vehicles sounds, doesn't affect other player's truck noise in multiplayer, as far as I know. World Sounds Volume Sounds of animated objest in the game, like garage doors, trains, airplanes, helicopters and boats, wind turbines, also railway crossing bells and gas station pump sounds Sounds around the various prefabs, like gas stations, companies, workshops etc., for example: external air conditioner units and fans, air compressors, and the "working noises" form inside the buldings - these get quiet at night. Rain and thunder sound in exterior view Ambient Sounds Volume Background noises without an apparent source, like distant traffic noise in cities, birds sounds, cricket sounds at night, etc. Interior Sounds Volume Sounds of flipping switches, pushing buttons and moving levers on the dashboard, blinkers, wipers, windows opening / closing, seat noises Radio Volume In-game radio / music player (not the CB radio) Voice Navigation Volume Pretty self-explanatory - volume of voice navigation, if enabled. Music Volume "Late music" volume. Game Sounds Volume Menu button clicks, Route Advisor sounds, notification sounds, yawn sounds and similar. UI Music Volume Music in menu. Intro Logos Startup logos volume.
  6. Real Xenon and LED headlights that may appear blue, are actually bright white. Standard headlights emit white/yellow-ish light, and that's why compared to them, xenon and LED headlights appear blueish. Those save edited green headlights would be highly illegal irl, just like any other colored headlights. What really bothers me about headights, is unrealistic range of both low beams and high beams.
  7. You should include german version and have someone else translate it to english, because I have no idea what you are trying to say.
  8. Looking at your picture, this is vehicle browser / trailer listing, where you can view any trailers available in the game in their default configurations, as they can be picked up in freight market or seen in traffic Not all of these may be available for the player, but any trailers added by mods will also appear in this listing, and I can tell your trailer is definitely added by some mod. If you want to use this trailer in multiplayer, than I am sorry, but you can't, cause this type of mods is not supported in multiplayer. However, very similar looking trailer, a food tank trailler, has been added in the latest 1.37 update, but you have to wait for TruckersMP to support it. If you want it only for singleplayer, trailers are not purchased from trailer listing, but only through "trailer purchase" button located in the top right corner of main screen, right under your profile portrait. In case your can't find your trailer mod there, than I would check the mod's description, if it really is ownable trailer.
  9. When I forget to check the damn Route Advisor ...oh , here we go again....
  10. Maybe reconsider your choice of a friend?
  11. When people stop suggesting addition of whatever truck or car they like, or removing speed limits over and over again, I'm sure it will look different.
  12. An example line you can find in spawning log file: [16:51:29] Spawning GameTruck (Playername(838) - TMPID: 9999999 - SteamID64: 99999999999999999 - Tag: VTCname) Additional data: [16:51:29] Spawning GameTrailer (Playername(838) - TMPID: 9999999 - SteamID64: 99999999999999999 - Tag: VTCname) Additional data: Number highlighted in yellow is what you need for the report - a unique ID of the player. Other highlighted text will help you locate the player in the log file, because that is what you can see on your screen while in-game.
  13. You are not limited in any way, if you play on arcade servers.
  14. I wouldn't worry about hired drivers generating loss, because this aspect of the game is purely simulated and works with standard game time, which don't flow while you are logged into TMP server, instead, server time is forced upon you that overrides standard game time. Because of that, your hired drivers will appear idle or frozen in time, but their activities get sort of queued, and once the standard game time moves forward again, all these queued activities will be instantly completed, which may result in them completing multiple deliveries at once, generating large amounts of income and gaining multiple levels. You can move standard time forward in several ways: using ferry or other form of fast travel - such as teleporting between owned garages, you can also rest at designated resting areas, use tow service or emergency refueling. Few more tips that works for me: When starting up fresh, take jobs that require ferry transport as much as possible, after you have hired your first employee. Equip employees with something better than basic, cheapest truck, better truck reduces chances of generating loss, especially when they are low level. Assigning them trailer is undesirable, it will only increase chance that they will return empty. Hire employees with some skill points in long distance, set the training policy to "long distance", check up on them untill it's maxed, after that leave it at "balanced". It is not recommended to hire many emloyees, because autosaving takes longer, possibly making you lag too much, 3-4 hired emmloyees works for me, later, when you no longer need them beecause you are swimming in cash, you can fire them or keep only one. If you really need lots of money fast, you can abuse fast travelling between 2 garages, juts buy one that is good distance from your starting garage and teleport back and forth and your bank account will be overflowing in matter of minutes.
  15. Don't forget VR is not fully supported either, only on beta version, which would prevent VR users from playing with anryone else, but other VR users on special server, which would probably be pretty empty.
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