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  1. @Callum Johnson Yeah, it does, but this troll was prepared to hit ALT+F4 or cut off his connection any other way right after the impact, his vehicle was still moving when he disappeared. I've had few incidents where rammer would glitch and fly off far away, into the de-spawn distance. Sometimes you can get disoriented, when your truck tips over or flips, and your cab may start wobbling violenty, so your view is all over the place and it takes couple of seconds for me to recover and react, giving precious time for prepetrator to get away with it.
  2. @[ST-LH] The Englishman Yeah sorry, I see, but you can also see that your statement could be misinterpreted. I just wanted to provide accurate answer based on my extensive experience with Wot contracts.
  3. It doesn't matter if your trailer has 70/kmh or 80km/h sticker in the back, trailer speed limitations are not implemented in the game, it's up to you to follow them, you can't get ticket. And you can still get tickets for speeding from speed cameras, and if you run some red lights (in ATS there are some invisible stationary cop cars), unless you turn off traffic offences.
  4. @ZakYeen Thanks, I have already downloaded promods 2.4.2 base files, while preparing new profile in singleplayer with promods 2.4.1 (Set up my base in Bratislava, cause my hometown don't have a garage) However, I have noticed that Middle-East add-on is still only available in version 2.4.1. I think they said in the reveal stream it's going to be supported, but is this the right version for mp? Definitely yes, promods already contains Romania and small part of Bulgaria. Also, version 1.36 update for the game will come first (there is already open beta), while promods 2.4.2 is only compatible with ETS2 1.35 version. I am afraid it can take weeks before promods will be compatible with the dlc.
  5. Nope, WoT contracts (with or without your own trailer) works differently. When you search for WoT contract, there is a scanning radius visible on the map , centered on your current position, that usually fits only around one city, you are currently in. It is not possible to click on another discovered city outside of this radius and see available jobs there. Sometimes you can see available jobs from other nearby city, if they are very close to one another (e.g. Duisburg and Dusseldorf), then you can click on individual city to filter jobs from only one them. Certain cities are so widely spread out, that some companies may be outside of the search radius, if you are on the edge of the city, e.g. Paris, Oslo, Göteborg or Sankt-Peterburg.
  6. @MrSirViking Border between Europe and Asia can be arbitrary from various points of view, but most commonly the geographic borders are considerd Ural and Caucasus mountains, Ural river, Black and Caspian seas, and the straits of Bosphorus and Dardanelles, and does not follow political borders between counries. Because of that, these countries are partially located in both Europe and Asia - Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey. European part of Russia is possibly larger area than current ETS2 map with all it's expansions, european part of Turkey will be fully covered by Road to the Black Sea expansion. And surely Denmark can be improved without making it cramped, I mean, there is this motorway going from Germany all the way north and there is nothing along the way, except for one city in the south and one in the north, tumbleweeds in between. Just look what promods does with Denmark.
  7. Although it's fun and more challenging driving with doubles, because I don't do save editing, I prefer singles that I can take everywhere. Biggest let down for me is the way you get turned 180° after unloading, in the worst case, when you pick up the next job from the same place, the pick up point is exactly the same spot where you have just finished the previous delivery, but now you are facing in the wrong direction and must figure out how to turn around with limited space around you. I know you can allow skilled parking for doubles in the config, but it makes many places just impossible, and if the second trailer has dolly, it's also impossible for me, since doubles are treated as one trailer, and can't be separated to individual trailers.
  8. Croatia will not be part of the upcoming DLC, just Romania, Bulgaria and tiny part of Turkey, so there will be a gap between Italy and the new countries, that is large enough for two more DLCs, with all the controversy associated with that area, I am very curious how SCS will handle it. Like you and others have said, much more is still missing, I can easily see 10 or more expansions coming to ETS2, not to mention complete rebuild of the base map and oldest DLCs - Going East and Scandinavia, for example, Denmark is a complete disgrace imo. Just look at this map and compare it with the game, how much of it is covered, maybe 1/3? With 5 more states (including Utah) the map will be matching the size of ETS2 map with all it's expansions (see above), but I agree, it will not change much.
  9. It is not necessary to uninstall special transport dlc to play on TMP, you can just keep it installed, but avoid taking special transport jobs, because you will get auto kicked the moment you pick one. Special transport jobs are marked by red & white striped ribbon in the list of available jobs, so you can easily identify them. They only appear in quick jobs and freight market. @KrhtikosV8, yeah, I totally forgot about beacons and strobes that come with the dlc
  10. Many people, including me, prefer to gather where it is more lively. There are now two simulation servers with 4500 slots, but SIM1 was first, so it is naturally the first choice for most players, even if they don't fully identify with the new setting. Before the Road to Simulation changes, I would go to EU#2 for the same reason, even though I would only drive 90km/h max. EU#1 was not limited to 90km/h, but 110/km/h since I can remember. If there was enforced 90km/h limit on any server, it was very long time ago, possibly before I joined (august 2015), but memory is not my merit, so feel free to corect me.
  11. I must have missed something, last time I checked, speed limit on simulation server was 110 km/h for ETS2 and 80Mph (129 km/h) for ATS. And the arcade server for ETS2 has absolutely no speed limit and it's 2300 slots never fill up because, you know...collisions. If you think you are limited to 90km/h in ETS2, then either your speed limiter in the game settings is enabled, or you are doing external jobs that are limited to 90km/h and TMP has nothing to do with that. On a side note, 8x4 trucks are not made for speed, part of the weight of the trailer rests on the tractor and that is very important to provide increased traction for rear axles, that happens to be driven axles. These trucks are designed for the heaviest loads and that 2nd steering axle is there for better weight distribution and also to provide better cornering grip and counter understeer under heavy loads. 4x2 or 6x2 trucks with lift axle are much more practical and economical for standard purposes. Of course people choose 8x4, because they think it looks cool, but imo it just looks silly when they pull that short single axle trailer.
  12. Just looking at steam stats, you can see that player base of ATS is very small compared to ETS2 - that's the obvious reason for less players in ATSMP servers. And the reason for that? Later release date and delayed development caused by bad decisions early on resulting in less content than there could be. ATS is less known title than ETS2, especially among it's target player base (in the US), and even if every ETS2 player is aware of it's existence, the style of american trucks and overall setting just don't appeal to most players form european countries. I like both games, but since I am from Europe, I still prefer ETS2 while waiting for new content, simply just because the ATS servers are so empty. I think I still have one copy of ATS (just base game, no DLCs) if anyone is interested.
  13. Since those are truck parts, the answer is NO. §3.1 - Mixing vehicle parts It is not permitted to mix parts between truck, trailers and cars. Any truck parts can be used on any truck, any trailer parts can be used on any trailer - but you are not permitted to use any truck parts on trailers or viceversa.
  14. Looks like there is more to Ireland, than just Wexford, but I don't know which cities have garages. Take a look at this map if you have never tried, or don't have promods installed at a moment, it can provide some preview of what to expect: Promods Europe If I will start from scratch, certainly it will not be anywhere in UK, becuase I just can't properly drive with right hand drive trucks, I would get forced to for few innitial quick jobs. It looks like my home city is on the map - Trnava, Slovakia
  15. This latest update for ETS2 only fixes some issues with Renault T and Actros tunning pack DLC. Looks like it is some mod related glitch, but is reported to appear appear in vanilla game (both ETS2 and ATS), possibly related to DX11? Try looking for some info here - https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=264&t=273154
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