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  1. Has ETS2 SIM1 been secretely moved to Hong Kong, I get like 200 ping there?

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    2. Granite


      Yeah, I have noticed that too, but it's fine now on SIM2 server, guess SIM1 is getting all the load again and is going to crash again soon.

    3. Jbu1337


      Yeah xD. There are too much players, because of that event and because of the quarantine, I think.

    4. Granite


      Oops, spoke too soon...even on SIM2 it jumps to 200-300 for few seconds, but no lag issues like SIM1.

  2. Granite

    Supported DLC

    Only DLCs that aren't supported by TMP are special transports dlc for either game, except the tunning parts added by them (beacons and strobe lights), which are supported. Anyone who don't own dlc, that paintjob / tunning part / trailer comes from will only see some kind replacement, or nothing at all.
  3. It's weird, steam used to display something like "available later this year" for unreleased content, but now this information is missing. Yeah, this is not available yet, expected release date - late november / early december. Same goes for Idaho and Colorado for ATS, except Idaho is expected sooner, maybe may/june.
  4. Anybody remembers this from 2 years ago, that was way better, though it wasn't supported in TMP.
  5. Yes, I had to do this, cause I couldn't stand it ... hopefully it will turn back to normal tomorrow.
  6. Constant animal sounds made me mute horn sounds temporarily (yes, it affects bovine sounds too).
  7. Check the latest blog, it's a hint only, but it can mean we get Mack Trucks in ATS this year.
  8. This is clearly levitation, followed by ascension to heavens, what else? Be stuck in Dusiburg long enough, anything becomes possible
  9. Experiencing advanced physics of the game.


    1. Spig_Xiao Zhu

      Spig_Xiao Zhu

      :kappa:It's interesting!:LUL:

  10. Slow, careful ... and damage, but not becasue of my fault.
  11. How about ultra realism mode, where you would spend 6 months in the hospital if you crash into someone head on, and if you survive, you would not be allowed to drive a truck or anything else anymore for that profile, because you end up on a wheelchair anyway. In the event that you would die, you would have to start another profile from scratch, no savegames.
  12. You are mistaking it for "light horn" - a quick flash of high beams, which is used as a way of communication with oncomming traffic or between overtaking vehicles. IRL, you don't flash your high beams at everyone you pass, only if you want to signal something, but in the game people often choose it as a way to say Hi, so it's mostly pointless to try warning oncoming traffic about accident that you have passed, cause they just "say" Hi back to you and think nothing of it. Daylight and night periods differ, depending on your postion on the map, because of geografically correct sun position, also time zones exist in the game. You are only required to turn on headlights (low beams) between 21:00 and 5:00 in-game time, though I don't know which time zone this rule reffers to, there are 3 time zones in the game, if I am not mistaken. This rule is modified while winter mod is supported, because daylight time is shorter and nighs are longer, if you install the mod, so it gets extended from 17:00 to 7:00, or something like that. You need to press lights button twice to enable headights, first tick only enables parking lights, which are not sufficient while driving, and do not function as DRL. Keep in mind, some people may be driving in different weather conditions with severely limited visibility, so it helps keeping your headlights on at all times, not just DRL (some old trucks still don't have DRL) This is perfectly fine in my opinion, and don't cause any significant FPS drops. However, problems can be caused by people who install ridiculous amount of extra lights an people who don't know what is the difference between low beams and high beams, and have constatly enabled high beams everywhere they go. If both of these are combined, it's even worse, and if you want to be top dumbass, you throw in some beacons and strobes all over your truck and never turn them off. I can't wait for 1.38 update, which will bring graphical changes, including rework of lighting, if that will change something, including high beams becoming even worse factor.
  13. I like rolling through there at 50-80 km/h, watching the madness in my rearview mirrors, while avoiding getting hit from both sides or head on by oncomming traffic on the wrong side of the road. But seriously, no, I avoid it 99,9% of times my route advisor tries to send me there, it's not good for my blood pressure, and even though this route provides shortcut, I rather take the longer route by autobahn, plenty of reckless drivers to dodge there too.
  14. My setting is: g_brake_intensity "1.0" , which, I believe, is default. It's quite strong, but not too much to lock the wheels. Visually it's exactly in the middle of the bar, but it can be increased up to 3.0. Anyway, air brakes only comes 3rd, after retarder and exhaust brake, under normal cicumstances. Rarely ever I find myself on the infamous C-D road, usually cause I haven't checked my route, but when I do, I end up rear ended. If you are already pressing the brake pedal, trailer brakes are engaged in conjuction with truck air brakes. Pressing the trailer brake button (active only while the button is pressed) in that situation won't add any extra braking power, because trailer brakes are already active. Pressing trailer button without using brake pedal will only engage trailer brakes independently of the truck air brakes, which has only limited use in real life, but more importantly it doesn't even exist in eu trucks, it's an american thing. Only real use for it in the game is when you want to slow down just a bit, or you can try prevent jacknifing your trailer with winter mod physics active, provided you have sharp reflexes. The only independent trailer brake that european trucks have, is the trailer parking brake, manually operated on the actual trailer. Don't be delusional.
  15. Anybody having trouble logging in ETS2, it takes unusually long time authenticating on the log in screen. Update: Problem seems to be gone, must have been too many people logging in at the same time.
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