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  1. Renault Magnum is a Legend, whether you like it or not is a matter of taste. It's not a common sight on the roads anymore, almost 8 years after the discontinuation, but it remains one of the most populars trucks in Europe (proven by 23 years of uninterrupted production), which far outclassed every other truck in both comfort and power when it was launched 30 years ago. Magnum leaves it's mark in history forever, but for me it's time to move on, cause I like new trucks over anything old anyday.
  2. Why add traffic lights that almost nobody would respect, why not replace the whole crappy prefab with someething that doesn't involve left turns / crossing opposing traffic.
  3. I take it that @Xindopff is asking about non-customizable paintjobs, which don't allow you this, such as any of the standard factory paintjobs, for example Scania's "Amber Orange" or "Scandinavian Blue Metallic" paintjobs. You can only attempt to recreate these paintjobs in-game by trial and error. Most likely, the color codes need to be looked up in the game files, your saved custom colors are in the save file, though there's no need to look for them there anymore.
  4. The next step is to make it 3 lanes both ways and make those tiny gas station to a huge truck stops with 10 gas pumps and 100 parking spots, you would be surprised how smooth it would get.
  5. I have reported one or two people driving in a wrong direction, ramming intetionally like in the op's video, and they were permanently banned on the first ban. What happened probably, they were simultanously reported for exact same offence on more different occasions by other people too, and the moderator decided it was rigth to remove them from the community for good, as their only purpose was to troll. You can get permanently banned without any previous punishments even now, check §2.9 - Bans issued by the Game Moderation Management, which allows moderators to bypass §2.8 i ncases like
  6. You can't prevent hackers using external tools. I suspect that some of these guys download "trainer" (hacks) and use options that gives them more power and super stability (u-turn at +50km/h). If they use these with some brain and don't exceed speed limit when they can be seen, they are virtually undetectable.
  7. Maybe they are more realistic now when it comes to brightness, but the light distribution pattern is over the top and wrong. I am driving only left hand drive (driving on the right side), left headlight should be turned much more to the left to light up beyond the left edge of the left lane just slightly, not up to the middle of the left lane only, also slightly more upwards. With this it is very hard to see into the left hand corners, even if you trun high beams on. And when it rains it gets even worse as it gets much darker. The glare of the headlights is also something like p
  8. If you are driving 80km/h and are overtaken by hacker going let's say 150km/h (and I have enough experience to tell how 110km/h looks like), you may have your report declined because you are not driving 110/kmh and maybe the video will end up capped at much slower frame rate than what you have witnessed in-game, then the admin may see it differently. So, because I am not speeding, I don't bother unless it's very obvious. Besides, those types who need to put 750hp engine in any truck and hack their trailer to practically no weight, can very easily look like speed hackers. They are hac
  9. Only advice I can offer is to save your game right after each succesful delivery. You may consider saving also just before accepting your next job. Save often, pay less, if bugs don't drag you down, there are other dangers out on the roads.
  10. Check if your game profile is connected with your World of Trucks account. When you run the game, on the launchpad, where you select the profile, hover a cursor over the globe icon at the top right. If the tooltip doesn't say "World of Trucks connected" , click the icon and enter an email dress and password for your WoT account in the online account section and hit apply. Keep in mind only jobs from "External Cotracts" and "External Market" count as World of Trucks deliveries, other 3 types of jobs don't.
  11. Roundabouts? Nobody thought of roundabouts? Yeah, right, they would just shoot through them like maniacs or enter in a wrong way (turn left).
  12. I don't quite understand what you mean. Eventually, those lanes will need to join one another, since surrounding roads are just single lane. Again, it's up to how people drive, should they let others merge in by slowing down, or cut everyone off at all costs. I have provided simple solution which would increse traffic flow, while your idea may look great, if you think again, your construction has at least 6 overpasses on at least 3 levels, it is not clear which road goes below and which goes above, I think it would take too much space, both horizontally and vertically.
  13. Same as your solution, what happens where the two roads join? As long as people keep overcrowding this area, there will always be traffic queue, I don't think there is magical solution to magically make everyone behave by the rules. My solution eliminates jams caused by left turning traffic, just like yours, it's all up to how people choose to behave.
  14. Look closer, it's just single lane, those extra lanes are just exit/merge lanes, they just end short ways "off screen". This particular interchange is just west of Narva.
  15. Overcomplicated, not sure why continuous road (blue) should be deleted? Why not something with just one simple overpass like this:
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