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  1. Jemo

    Minimum speed

    It should be just like in real life (and I think that's how it is right now). On the highways the minimum speed allowed is 60km/h. On other roads there are no minimum speed limits - so you can drive as slow as you can. That's how it also should be on TruckersMP. I'm not gonna drive 80 when 60 is allowed and I don't care about the best drivers ever behind me (who fly out of the road everytime they take a sharp turn driving 110km/h in their Scania V8 730HP). If I carry 60 tons using a 530HP truck, I don't think I'm gonna go up a hill faster than 40km/h... Of course - if someone's intentionally driving slow, he should be punished.
  2. Jemo

    Road to Simulation

    I actually like the new changes and I have nothing against them. In my opinion the whole server became a little bit more peaceful and people seem to not fly out of the road as much as they did when 150 was allowed. There are of course still trolls, who keep driving although the traffic lights are red and there are still trolls who overtake although they can't see if someone's coming from the opposite direction, but I still could notice that there are less such trolls as there used to be - so, I like it I'm saying that as a person, who only drivers on Simulation #1 with speeds of 80-90km/h
  3. I think double trailers should stay banned only on C-D and allowed everyone else. I don't want to get hit by someone who can't control his truck with double trailers going 150.
  4. Jemo

    ETS2 Can't downgrade to 1.34

    Try to verify game integrity and check once again if there are betas available for you. (You can find this option in "local files"-tab). If it doesn't help, you can always try to uninstall ETS2 and whole Steam and then install everything again. I don't have any other ideas at the moment.
  5. Jemo

    Nie można połączyć z World Of Trucks

    To z całkowitym czasem gry to może być błąd spowodowany tym że synchronizacja czasu na MP inaczej funkcjonuje niż na SP. Mi też pokazuje coś tam ponad 8000 - bez obaw. World of Trucks nie działa na wersji niższej niż aktualna. Musisz poczekać aż TruckersMP opublikuje wersję na 1.35 - wtedy też będzie WoT działał.
  6. Jemo

    TruckersMP Launcher przestał działać

    W jaki sposób przestał działać? Pokazuje się jakiś błąd czy po prostu się zawiesza i wyłącza go?
  7. Hi guys! What was your lowest and highest average and instantaneous fuel consumption on one of your trips? (with a trailer > 0t of course, > 300km) Lowest: 27L/100km (unfortunately I have no picture for that, because it's been a long long time since I reached that low consumption) Highest: 61,7L/100km after my truck got damaged on the C-D road and the 12th gear didn't work. I was carrying about 20t on the trailer. (But I think I have beaten it a few times already - but I have no picture/screenshot for that as well) Highest instantaneous consumption: 1631,1L / 100km while driving up a hill near Wrocław with a 61 tons locomotive (Heavy Cargo DLC) Max. Speed: 90km/h (manual gearbox) Post only values after the end of your trip. While driving the values may change (doesn't apply for instantaneous consumption, of course )
  8. Jemo

    Do you have a high beam at night?

    I turn it on only if there is noone coming from the opposite direction. Just like in the real life
  9. I have never been banned and I'm here (with some longer brakes) since 4 years. I don't think there is a problem with the current ban system. It's enough to drive carefully (maybe not 150 all the time) and use your brakes and (of course) brain while driving. I cannot agree that the rules are too strict. I would make them even stricter, but... I must say it's really okay as it is right now and I wouldn't change anything.
  10. I'm not driving faster than 90kmh... If I'm on a highway, I don't slow down. If I'm on a normal road, like C-D road, I don't drive faster than the speed limits says, so when I see that somebody's wanna overtake me, I just turn on the blinker and drive towards the right side of the road, to make some more space. If I'm carrying over 30 tons and my truck isn't speeding up fast enough, then I'm going to the right side of the road with a blinker on and slow down completely until everyone passed me.
  11. Jemo

    What will do TruckersMP in the future?

    That's what I'm worrying about - as I already said in your previous topic I think we should hope, that new DLCs will bring more players to the game - that's it Maybe some players (for ex. from Bulgaria), who have never played this game, because it didn't contain their country, will decide to give this game and truckersMP a try. That's what we should hope about. I hope that the maximal number of players (that's at this moment 4200) will have to get increased one day
  12. I haven't played 1.35 yet, because I'm waiting for truckersMP to release an update I'm afraid roads on EU2 will one day feel empty, when no new players come to the game and the map keeps getting bigger with all the DLCs. C-D road will for sure never die :D, but I'm afraid that the rest of the map will die, if TruckersMP keeps its average of 3800... I hope Road to Black Sea will bring more players to vanilla and TruckersMP, to make roads in-game more alive, when the map gets bigger I don't want to see only one car per hour some day, just because the map is too big and there are not many players.
  13. It's interesting to see how empty the servers are until TMP Devs release an update for the newest version of the game :lol: 

    1. [ST-LH] The Englishman

      [ST-LH] The Englishman

      People are either unsure as to how to revert back to a previous version OR they're (me included) enjoying the delights of the new update in peace and quiet. :)

  14. Jemo

    How many times are you hit during a transport?

    Actually... never. Even when I'm driving on C-D road, i just don't drive faster than 70kmh, keep a distance and when I see an accident ahead I just turn on my warning lights and drive to the right side of the road :D
  15. I'm that kind of person, who doesn't drive faster than 90kmh - even on C-D road and I could also notice that a lot of accidents happen because impatient people overtake at places with bad visibility. But I think that a speed limit would help. Some people would not even try to overtake, because they knew that their truck is limited at 100kmh (for example) and of course it wouldn't pay off to overtake. It would just last too long. If someone's flashing their high beam to make me drive faster - I don't give a :-)