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  1. NOEcom


    -Support you can mute the horn + there are situations where you wanna press down the horn, or if you are doing a greeting (like a twice quick honk) the game server sometimes detects it as just one honk.
  2. This forum isn’t about what you personally like. It’s about suggestions that you think would improve the experience. But thanks for your "input".
  3. Would just restrict it to how the speed limits are ingame on that route because it changes throughout the route. The speed might not be the primary cause all of the time but from my experience it is a factor most of the times and leads to the accident growing as people often times can’t break in time when driving a 150 in a 60...
  4. I don't believe this would be a good idea. And here is why I think that: The current design is based on a generic German (as well as Austrian and Swiss) police car. As these 3 countries make a big part of the map and also the one with the most traffic in it makes sense to have the skin like this. An artistic design just looks weird and unrealistic and does not add anything needed or interesting to the game.
  5. Great thing. I am right with putting it into the ETS2MP/mod folder right?
  6. Suggestion Description: A speed restriction to 70-90 on the popular Calais/Duisburg route Any example images: Why should it be added?: The route is only one lane for each direction making overtaking and getting around dangerous. Do too many peoples bad FPS or excessive speeds they have no time to react to a collision ahead which is especially difficult while driving 130 on this route... A speed restriction would reduce secondary collisions as well as keep the follow of traffic much easier to manage.
  7. Maybe you should use somthing like Nord, East, South, West. -NOE
  8. NOEcom

    Smart GPS

    +1 This should be optional. -NOE
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