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  1. Hi Truckers! I was hoping that for those that have earned the TruckersMP Verified VTC Leader and/or other Forum Specific roles/ranks that it would also show up in our TruckersMP Regular Player Profile (not just forum profile) and also in-game player name (not tag… similar to TruckersMP Staff or have a verified check mark like patron has an icon an name color). Sorry TruckersMP Staff if this is in the wrong topic as I wasn’t sure since it could maybe go under Website Suggestions or In-Game Suggestions. Hope this finds you all well. Take care. Love,
  2. TruckersMP Traffic https://traffic.krashnz.com TruckersMP Traffic is a simple tool that tells you how busy a location is in TruckersMP. Note: If you want access to the traffic API just send me a PM. I've added a game status image that you can use in your signatures or wherever you want. Just replace <id> with your TruckersMP ID in the following link: https://traffic.krashnz.com/api/v2/user/<id>/status.png For example, my TruckersMP ID is 6818 so my link would be https://traffic.krashnz.com/api/v2/user/6818/status.png Note: Data is collected from ETS2Map so if the map is down it will say you are offline.
  3. TruckersMP Stats https://stats.truckersmp.com TruckersMP server status plus other interesting stats and graphs with previous player counts. Features: Current server status Percentage of players online Current multiplayer version and supported ETS2 & ATS versions Graphs with this weeks player counts updating every minute and this years player counts shows the peak of each day Major events such at new versions displayed on the graphs Live server stats Client version history TruckersMP API Docs
  4. I've recently been looking at a lot of events, and even planning to organise some myself. Something that I think I'd like to understand more though, is how the website deals with daylight savings. Obviously, if you are looking at an event for tomorrow, it will show times in your local timezone. However, when looking at or organising an event for a few month's time, I notice that the time displayed on the page often doesn't match with the time that the event organiser has written in the event information. I was wondering if there was a way organisers can know what timezone they are scheduling events in, and weather it affects the time a user sees when they open the event page?
  5. Suggestion Name: Event description links should open in a new tab Suggestion Description: Quite often, event organisers will include links in the "Information" section of their event. These links may lead to things like a slot booking form, slot images, route map, web page, etc. By default, clicking these links will open them in your current tab (which is different to the other links at the top of the event page, such as the Communications or Website links, which take you to the external site in a new tab). Instead, I think they should open in a new tab. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: Quite often when I am going to one of these links (usually slot booking forms) I would also like to keep the event page open so I can quickly switch back to it after filling out this form. Rather than searching through that tab's history, it would be much easier to just be able to have it open in another tab. The way I am getting around this right now is using the middle mouse button to open these links, but it would be very beneficial if they opened in a new tab in my opinion.
  6. Suggestion Name: Website: support SteamID in `/user/` route Suggestion Description: Allow SteamID to be passed as a valid identifier for the `https://truckersmp.com/user/` route, as possible on the API. Currently the website returns a 404 page if a SteamID is passed. Any example images: n/a Why it should be added: Improves DX when it comes to embedding links to user profiles. So instead of fetching the API to get the TMPID, we could just pass the SteamID to the URL.
  7. Suggestion Name: Oklahoma + cities on the Traffic page. Suggestion Description: Add Oklahoma + cities to the Traffic page, please Any example images: - Why should it be added?: All other state DLC's are there, up and including Texas released a few months before Oklahoma. The ETS2 West Balkan countries are already there (for the corresponding ETS2 non-ProMods servers), but not the slightly older ATS DLC. EDIT: Reformatted suggestion to using the template.
  8. As you know, the game and the website are completely in English and I have a suggestion for you, what if the game and the website could be translated into different languages? Because when you want to report someone, you need to know English because you have to choose a few things and people who don't know English can cause the reports to be read late because they don't know English, because they don't know English, they can mark random or wrong things and cause the authorities to misjudge, for example, someone who doesn't know English doesn't know where to write when the incident happened. Or when you go into the game and you want to set something from the Tab menu, you can't do that because everything there is in English, so I think that by working with the translation team, languages other than English could be translated and added to the game and the website and it would be easier for everybody. Kind regards, FσurP. Veteran Driver II
  9. ENG: Suggestion Name: New Detective Report System Suggestion Description: In cases where the reports on the Truckersmp site are too many, we expect our reports to be looked at for weeks. Instead of waiting, I think such a system can come to the site. I thought of the overwatch system in cs:go. Players with +300 hours and players who have been registered with tmp for at least 1 year will be able to use this system. Of course, this is a very wide and comprehensive system I mentioned, I just wanted to explain my idea briefly, but it could be better with minor changes and different suggestions and add-ons. I think it will work very well if you go beyond this idea. Why it should be added?: Because I think the reports should be looked at faster, the Report system should go to a more advanced change TR: Öneri Adı: Yeni Dedektif Rapor Sistemi. Öneri Açıklaması: Truckersmp sitesindeki raporların çok fazla olduğu durumlarda haftalarca raporlarımıza bakılmasını bekliyoruz. Beklemek yerine siteye böyle bir sistem gelebilir diye düşünüyorum. Aklıma cs:go'daki overwatch sistemi geldi. +300 saate sahip oyuncular ve en az 1 yıldır tmp'ye kayıtlı olan oyuncular bu sistemi kullanabileceklerdir. Tabi bu bahsettiğim çok geniş ve kapsamlı bir sistem, sadece fikrimi kısaca açıklamayı istedim ama ufak değişiklikler, farklı öneriler ve eklentilerle daha iyi olabilir. Bu fikrin ötesine geçilirse çok iyi çalışacağını düşünüyorum. Neden eklenmeli: Çünkü raporların daha hızlı bakılmasına, Rapor sisteminin daha gelişmiş bir değişime gitmesi gerektiğini düşünüyorum.
  10. Q: Do 2FA backup codes on the main TruckersMP website also work on the forum website? NOTE: If the answer is yes, then there is no problem. If not, then this might be a big problem because there is no backup code section on the forum website. Also, 2FA in the forum and the main website are different (basically not using the same code to login).
  11. Salut Mulți dintre dvs. sunteți probabil interesați cum sa va puneti istoricul banurilor pe public profilul și API-ul si Istoric User Name Intrati la Setari si jos veti gasit >Display your bans on your profile and API si Display your username history on your profile < bifati acea casuta si ii dati Save changes
  12. Suggestion Name: New Design of the report page Suggestion Description: Change the Design of the status. Just watch in the Picture what i mean. Any example images: Why should it be added?: Looks better
  13. Suggestion Name: Job synchronization Suggestion Description: Basically, it would work like the external contracts but you can make a group on a website of your VTC then you can make a route and a job which they then accept of deny (Depending on there selection) this will be added to there external contracts job list. This way they can have the same job as the rest of there VTC and do the same route this would make convoying easier. It would also pick a random load but to the same location as everyone else. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Any example images: This would be the planing "My Company Page" (I dont own Cooper's Feightmaster just used as example) This would be the "Planing Page" This would be the tab for it Why should it be added?: This would really improve the VTCs and making it very easy to make plan convoys
  14. Hello; I created a feedback on the website a long time ago. and now staff retired from TruckersMP Last reply by In the section, it says User. But in the event request section, the same person appears as Staff It appears as a user in the feedback section. The same person appears as staff in the event request section It seems more logical to appear as a user in both places. Of course, it is not very important, but there should be no contradictions. It's not an important detail. But it could be healthier if both were the same.
  15. For example: I don't really have an example on the subject, but I would like to explain in the description what I mean and how I imagine it could work. Suggestion Name: Link VTC system with game server Suggestion Description: My proposal is to connect the VTC system to the game server with a job tracker. I know it all sounds very complicated. I think you can bring a job tracker into the game in which the VTCs can be managed as well as on the website. You could add your drivers with the TMP ID to the VTC and unlock ingame trailer skins, tag etc. In this tracker, only the VTC owner or the people selected by him can add and remove someone. You could also introduce a system on the website where you can see every month which VTC has driven the most kilometres. Any example images: / Why should it be added?: It should be added, because in my eyes it is still missing in the game or in TMP. With this system you could bring a lot of new things into the game or make it possible for the VTCs which are not possible yet, like for example: an own trailer, or the VTC logo next to the player name (another suggestion of mine). In addition, you could see on the website which VTC has driven how many kilometres per month. You could also create a ranking system (monthly) where you can see the top 10 VTCs with the most kilometres. If you have any questions feel free to ask me on discord berechtigter#0420
  16. Problem description: TruckersMP website can't be accessed with Tor Browser. Error message: Error 1020 Ray ID: 6d6b204baa43924f • 2022-02-01 12:19:06 UTC Access denied What happened? This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. Solution descrition: n/a I'd like to address this issue to the TruckersMP web developers and ask for their evaluation of a possible solution.
  17. Suggestion Name: Allow Poll content to still be viewable after voting, and allow option to change vote within certain time. Suggestion Description: Currently you can see the content of a Poll without voting, once you vote you can not see the content again and you cannot see what you voted after. We should be able to see both content and what we voted for once we have voted. --- Also if people change their mind or vote for the wrong option mistakenly, they should be able to change their vote within a specific time. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: I feel like it would make things easier for people, and for it to be a basic part of the poll/survey system. I don't see why it shouldn't be or isn't a thing.
  18. We are pleased to announce a major update for the website, v2.13! In this topic, we will cover all noteworthy changes since v2.13 release. v2.13.0.3 New Poll & Surveys system We value your opinion! We use the data provided in these surveys to help make decisions and to get a general opinion on different topics. Updated Knowledge Base system We have improved the experience for non-English articles. You can choose your native language (we will even suggest you one!) and the page will show you all the articles for your language. You can also copy a short page URL in one click. Plus we have improved the experience for mobile users. Updated News system Comments count on the page, RSS improvements. Other improvements and fixes Including dynamic VTC role font color based on the role color, visual improvements for announcements and errors, and various Steam registration improvements. v2.13.10.0 Added Date and Time to the VTC news endpoint (API) Added ability to create an event for only own VTC Users will now receive an email notification if they get banned Fixed an issue with participant and VTC count on Event System Internal systems improvements v2.13.11.0 Added private events to discord webhook notifications Fixed an issue with events visibility on private events Users can now select their own languages You can now assign the languages you speak in the profile settings. English is selected by default. v2.14.0.0 Secondary roles functionality You can now see all teams a staff member belongs to. We are constantly working on many different aspects of the website. If you do have any questions and issues, do not hesitate to contact our Support team!
  19. Suggestion Name: Add status button Steam Suggestion Description: Add this button to see if the member is online on Steam Any example images: Why should it be added?: Why do I think it would be easier for people to look at the person's profile in the Forum and see if that person is online on Steam or not. and you do not need to go there in the steam and see if the person is online, you may be seeing if the person is online from the forum. Sorry, the images are in Portuguese
  20. Suggestion Name: Remove server(s) from truckersmpstatus.com Suggestion Description: Since meltdown and/or other reasons the Asia & South America servers aren't available anymore. The Status of TruckersMP servers are always ''red'' (Some systems are experiencing issues). I think that the Game Servers from Asia & South America could be removed because they aren't available since few months. Any example images: http://prntscr.com/j86a2l Why should it be added?: It would be easier to see if the TMP servers are really causing problems, but right now it is always the case that the systems are faulty...
  21. I am trying to create the VTC, but this error is appearing after I click "Create your VTC".
  22. Suggestion Name: Turkish Language for Support System Suggestion Description: You know that there are too many Turkish players in the game. There is a Turkish language all over the website, but not in the Support System. Turkish language should be added to the support system. I'm not saying this because I'm Turkish, but there are really a lot of Turkish players. And Turkish language should be added to the support language. Why should it be added?: Since Turkish players are so many and there are Turkish languages all over the website, they should be added to the Support System. Sample Pictures: None / Not Found. For example: Most Turkish players like me have a hard time expressing their problems in English. Translations are wrong and cannot fully explain their problems. But when they are Turkish, they can easily explain their problems like me.
  23. Suggestion Name: Add "Inappropriate Overtaking" as one of the reasons for reporting someone via the website. Suggestion Description: Add "Inappropriate Overtaking" as one of the reasons for reporting someone via the website. Any example images: - add "Inappropriate Overtaking" to this list Why should it be added?: I would believe many reports have to do with inappropriate overtaking, so instead of using the "Other" option, people would use "Inappropriate Overtaking." Kind Regards, TheHighFiveMike
  24. Suggestion Name: VTC with 2 owners Suggestion Description: In the current VTC system there can only be 1 owner, there should be an possibility of adding more owners if the company has so. Any example images: none Why should it be added?: It would be easier for the owners to manage the company and it would make them equal, in the current system you can only see one person as an owner and the others need to have a different role.
  25. Hi guys, you've got the counters of players online, so why dont you have a counter for views, player etc.? Suggestion Name: Usercounter Suggestion Description: You set up an counte at the bottom of the Website and put all website statistics (registered members, topics, online people, ...). It should be updated hourly or so. Pictures: at the bottom Why should it be added?: I would love to see this great community grow. And not only by how many players are online, but all the time.
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