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  1. It cannot affect TruckersMP because friendless players mostly play on crowded servers and they love to play. But SCS software is designed to do things like small convoys between friends. So TMP will not end.
  2. My radio stops at 19. My first job when I enter the game is to turn off the radio because there is a lot of unnecessary talk and spam. I don't usually use the radio, I talk to my friends from 3rd party apps and I don't need the radio.
  3. The previous Renault T was great. Minor changes have been made to the Evolution version. Glad a new truck has arrived, a little disappointed, but the Evolution version is also nice.
  4. I prefer the Special Transport package when playing Single Player. At TruckersMP, I prefer the Heavy Cargo package. Both are really nice packages.
  5. I love all the cabin accessories. But I like toys more, they look cute.
  6. I generally prefer Scania. Volvo for very heavy loads.
  7. I love modern and clean trucks.
  8. My favorite truck is Mercedes' new Actros. I really like its simplicity, design and interior. Also, the engine power is not bad.
  9. The new update is great. The game becomes more realistic. Thanks to the entire TruckersMP team for continuing their update support.
  10. I have a total of 504 hours in the game
  11. Graphics are great. The game has officially jumped to another era.
  12. If you are going to transport heavy loads, you can choose Scania or Volvo. It is perfect for heavy loads thanks to its high engine power. Other than that, the Mercedes Actros is also beautiful. By using all the trucks yourself, you can find out which one is right for you. This is just an idea.
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