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  1. Suggestion Name: Job synchronization Suggestion Description: Basically, it would work like the external contracts but you can make a group on a website of your VTC then you can make a route and a job which they then accept of deny (Depending on there selection) this will be added to there external contracts job list. This way they can have the same job as the rest of there VTC and do the same route this would make convoying easier. It would also pick a random load but to the same location as everyone else. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Any example images: This would be the planing "My Company Page" (I dont own Cooper's Feightmaster just used as example) This would be the "Planing Page" This would be the tab for it Why should it be added?: This would really improve the VTCs and making it very easy to make plan convoys
  2. Please if your going to start web DESIGN start with the basics, HTML, CSS then get to know JS (JavaScript) please, A little bit of javascript makes a site look SO much better!
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