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  1. I love euro truck since I was a child. It was a game that marked me when I was just 7 years old. Only last year, when I was 20, I had the opportunity to buy a PC capable of running the game. Besides, I really like online gambling, especially when you meet someone on the road, who takes the game seriously, without hitting it or anything. So, before talking about the topic of this topic, I would like to thank the truckermp team of developers for making this possible! I became a patron last month and unfortunately, I couldn't keep paying. I know it doesn't seem like a lot of money, but for some,
  2. Hello My dear truckers! Who like to drive in AI traffic server with your online friends ?
  3. > hi, i got a problem, the thing is i was playing with friends the other day and we where playing ATS on US simulation but 1 of them join to the same server and we couldn't see him in game, and he said that on his game was raining and in ours it wasn't, but we check his screen and he was online and in the same server, what it could be?
  4. Can something be done with the servers because Europe 2 ETS2 is getting very full with over 3490 players logged in and a queue of 200. One suggestion would be to remove the speed limit enabled on Europe 1 ETS2 temporary and see if more go over to that server to relieve Europe 2 ETS2 hopefully admin and developers will read this and give it a try because everyone is piling on Europe 2 ETS2 because of the limiter and if removed might encourage some to go over to that one. I tried to get on EU2 today and was hopeless and kept say tomany in a queue and try another server and going on another serv
  5. Suggestion Name: Dynamic AFK grace period based on server capacity Suggestion Description: Set a default AFK time allowed and extend this if there are less players on the server than than the half of its capacity. Any example images: None. Why should it be added? Currently there's a fixed amount of away from keyboard time after when you'll get automatically kicked. Kicking inactive players after a short amount of time if the servers are busy is a good idea but there are times when this rule is just so strict. Eg.: I usually take a break from the game every hour to go t
  6. Suggestion Name: Server Selection Menu Suggestion Description: Hello guys, I like the new Server Select menu, but I prefer the old one... This one is very confusing. If for some reason I select Europe 2 server for mistake, and I want to select another one, I need to restart the game to select other server. You guys should put a "button" that when you click, you will exit to the server selection screen. Any example images: I dont have any Why should it be added?: Because it makes it easier for the se
  7. Suggestion Name: Highlight the server with the best connection in the server list upon starting the game. Suggestion Description: Like the name suggests, Ping each server 3/5 times and see which server has the best ping, and then highlight that server in the menu to show which will have the least lag, I'm sure this would be very trivial to code, and could easily benefit those who have unstable connections. I think it would even come as a benefit to those with not so good connections. Any Example Images: No, but if my description is unclear - I will make one real
  8. Arkadaşlar böyle bir hata alıyorum cidden sinirlerim bozuldu her yere baktım ama adam akıllı çözüm yok! Arkadaşlarımda o sırada böyle bir hata yoktu. TruckersMP clienti sil yükle canım çıktı.
  9. I want to request an event server for a german event: DHT-Convoy / 08.05.2020 (Thema : Geburtstags - Convoy) Date & Time: 08.May.2020 at 17:00 - 22:00 UTC Organiser: Profi_Kartoffel (Timo Wagner) Participants: Über >100 Server Name: DHT-Convoy Game: ETS2 Max Players: 500 AFK Kick: No Speed Limiter: Yes Collision: Yes Cars for Players: No Temporary Rules in English: Rules for the convoy: -Overtaking for participants isn't allowed without an approval from the event staff ( DHT- Dark Horizon Transports / ConSec ). -Participants m
  10. Hi. Currently, Iranian players cannot connect to Multiplayer. Because all TruckersMP servers are filtered for Iranians. Please solve this problem.
  11. HOST AND JOIN friends server -A way to host or join a friend or many friends server thru truckers mp to play along with just us and the ia. -It'll expand the avaible options for truckers mp + -will get many many more users who just wanna play with friends and the ia making it more thriling and without those users having to deal with trolls and many other hassles typical of public server such as they're now.
  12. Suggestion Name: Clean Sheet (Server) Suggestion Description: A new server for veteran players that who has no ban punishments in the past year. Any example images: No need. Why should it be added?: We need safe driving without any blocking, ramming or hacking. It will improve multiplayer. Some trolls keep buying this game to disturb people. This idea will prevent them. We can replace Simulation 2. Best Regards, Next7
  13. Como están estimados: Es una pregunta que me he realizado hace unos días. El truckers MP ha tenido un éxito y se mantiene durante años, y me pregunto ¿habrá algún futuro server cerca de sudamérica? en Brasil por ej. o alguno en Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, etc. somos muchos los que soñamos con tener menos ping en el juego y tener mejor experiencia. Saludos camioneros!
  14. Suggestion Description: Connection suggestion: if a player is kicked from inactivity or high ping, with a command e.g(/retry or /reconect) he will be abble to rejoin the server. Any example images: [No image] Why should it be added?: I don't know if this is possible, but it would make it easier for players, as they would not always have to close and open the game. Thanks.
  15. Hallo, momentan sind die Server zimlich instabiel. Die schmieren permanent ab und man muss das Game neustarten und wieder auf den Server Connecten. Dann sind die Server wieder online und man connectet wieder neu drauf. Nach einiger Zeit wenn man ein paar KM gefahren ist, schmiert der Server wieder ab und das ganze fängt von vorne wieder an. Leute ist das euer ernst???? Gruß Cronka
  16. Hej nu hvor der er kommet nye server navne på både ETS2 og ATS, hvilke servere kører i så på? Altså normalt ville jeg jo joine de servere der er flest spillere på, men lige i ATS, der er det typisk pt. US serveren, der har flest spillere, så jeg ved ikke om i også kører på den i ATS eller om i joiner den anden? og hvad med ETS2? hvilken server tager i der? Jeg vil nemlig helst gerne joine den der er flest på, men jeg vil da også rigtig gerne have mulighed for, at møde andre danskere på den server jeg kører på, selv om chancen nok ikke er så stor anyways.
  17. A problem for the DLC color truck. .... Today I chose a color for my truck. But I faced a problem. My connection to the multiplayer server was automatically disconnected. What is the reason? ... For example, I used these colors .
  18. Suggestion Name: Re-Login on Game-Servers after a kick. Suggestion Description: There could be 2 variants. 1. Variant) Add in Tab a Button with "Re-Login" and you get logged in back to the server, you was previously - OR 2. Variant) Add in Tab a Button with Drop-Down menu and you can Change the Server Any example images: no one, unfortunately... Why should it be added?: Who dont know this. You are going shortly AFK to do make food or going to toilet and you was too slow and got kicked. So, you are playing now 6 hours without pause and dont want to
  19. Why make it a limited time? It should be a server to stay for those who want to roleplay or have fun for a bit For example: Having it as a server to stay for those who want to use it such as police chases Any example images: No Why should it be added?: It's already gonna be added on the 29th
  20. Hello everyone. A time to today, appears too frequent for me to kicked the server no longer by high ping. This problem is fixed. But this new appeared: "Kicked from server. Reason: [System] Unreliabe connection". What does it mean? How to solve this?
  21. Suggestion Name: Bring back the South American Server Suggestion Description: Bring back on TruckersMP a South American server to Euro Truck Simulator 2 Any example images: There used to exist a South American server, but it ceased to exist. Add just a regular server on South America so that americans can play without a very high ping. Why should it be added?: My experience on TruckersMP lately has just been a lot of lag, and being banished because of a high ping. There used to be a server situated on South America, where people fro
  22. 推荐名称:香港服务器,中国 推荐注意:在中国香港重新开放香港服务器 任何样本图片:找不到图片 为什么要添加?因为我是中国玩家!我买不起加速器去买欧洲服装。延迟使我超过2000次。在第二届中国的晚上,球员们都去了2件衣服开车!泰卡人太多了,我建议所有中国球员都去香港打球。优点是你不需要打开加速器,你不需要付费。
  23. Suggestion Name: Add AI/bots to the servers Suggestion Description: When the server population is low, the roads feel empty and it would fill up the roads with AI trucks and cars. If the population ramps up then they would automatically despawn Any example images: None Why should it be added?: Because it makes the players feel less bored
  24. Suggestion Name: ETS2 "Special Transport" server. Suggestion Description: Seperate small server dedicated for the players that owns the "Special Transport" dlc, its so that the players owning the "Special Transport" dlc can actually make us of it online. Make the server to check that the player owns the "Special Transport" dlc and kick / restrict the players that does not own the "Special Transport" dlc. Any example images: There are no example images, sorry. Why should it be added?: So that the players that owns the "Special Transport" dlc can enjoy and have fun doin
  25. Suggestion Name: [EU or US] Heavy / Special transport Suggestion Description: Dedicated Heavy / Special transport server only for DLC Client's Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: Would be great have the opportunity play that dlc online with like minded people. it may be chaotic on times but fun.
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