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Found 10 results

  1. What server is your favorite and why? Just wondering Have a good day, Friduk
  2. Suggestion Name: Road to Simulation 2.0: How servers should be. Suggestion Description: With lots of feedback given by the community about how they want the characteristics of the servers, I think This could summarize all of that in one suggestion. The Idea is to debate the changes I suggest, except for the server Slots, which will be modified in the future by how many people use each one. So please, give it lots of reactions to get it open to give you the option to do your contributions. ARCADE Server (2200 SLOTS) Like the actual Arcade ones, but !!!WITH!!! Collisions, even it still applies the Freeroam Server rules (No ban for ramming, the wrong way, etc). NO SPEED LIMITS WITH Collisions on the roads, as usual servers. NCZ (Non-Collision Zone) on truck-services, companies, etc. Skoda ALLOWED, Freeroam server Rules = Any active Moderation by GM's. and even the In-game Report could be disabled. If someone wants to report for any other thing, do it with the website System, with Very Low Priority. Full-SIMULATION Server (2200 Slots). The most important Server if TMP really wants to advance through a more Simulation style gameplay. In my opinion, this should be the Priority of any GM if he wants to do InGame Active Moderation More REAL Speed Limits: 50km/h on cities; 90km/h outside of cities. If you want to simulate, but also you want to do a 2000km job... as the real life, you will need to dedicate more than one day of driving. With Collisions, as always. On the future (OPTIONAL) even all the NCZ could be reduced at only the "green points" where you must stop to interact with the game. And real Simulation players could respect each other even at the unloading zones... Skoda ALLOWED, and (OPTIONAL) the 2.6& Rule could be disabled to give any convoy all priorities if they are well escorted with enough Pilots (OPTIONAL). With this low-speed limit, it will be so rare to take the Skoda for trolling, and it will be used by their original Pilot purpose or as a Caravan trips... INCREASE PUNISHMENT Only ON THIS SERVER: The first 3 bans of any account will have 1 WEEK MINIMUM length Duration, to discourage any kind of rule-breaking on this server. First Priority of any GM if he wants to do in-game Active Moderation, with always at Peak Hours, at least ONE GM Connected and looking for In-Game reports, If possible and TMP really wants to encourage the community to a simulation style. HYBRID Server (4200 Slots). I think this will be the most popular server if the “Different Speed Limits” are applied to it, but without any cars driving on here. This will be likely the old EU3, with some changes. Different Speed Limit: (80km/h inside any City for everyone) a. IF you HAVE a Trailer ATTACHED = 110km/h b. IF you HAVE NOT a Trailer ATTACHED = 150km/h 1.2. If this could not be set-up, the Speed limit for Everyone could be 130km/h (Something between the 150km/h and 110km/h) 3.WITH Collision, Skoda NOT Allowed, and rules and punishments will be applied as the same way as they are now, with one add-on. a. If you have 3 or more ACTIVE Bans for Ramming/Reckless Driving/Inappropriate Overtake/Wrong way/Blocking, you CAN NOT enter at this server, with an Automatic KICK system. This should be another way, more drastically, to discourage trolling, such as the suggested on the Full Simulation Server. 4.(OPTIONAL) If this server gets popular only for the C-D route, I propose to set up the Entire route as if it was a city, so the speed limit will be 80km/h inside C-D And if TMP needs Another server, it could be a second ARCADE or FULL SIMULATION, depending on which one is used more. Why should it be added?: With the new record of 36 pages of discussion about the “Road to Simulation” post which is the most controversial topic ever wrote, I wanted to make my suggestion about it. In the ideal world, there will be only the Full Simulation server style, but with lots of the community who wants to speed, they can do it at their own risk by their Priorities. Arcade server, where you can drive as fast as you want will be an “Anarchy” server with collisions. If they want more “security” about not being trolled, but drive at “high speeds”, go at Hybrid server looking at your bans, because when you get the 3rd ban for the reasons I mentioned before, you could not get access at this server, and you must play only on the Anarchy or the “Slow” Full Simulation one… And VTC's and real Simulation players who want to play ETS2/ATS, we will have the Full-SIMULATION Server, with real speed limits and, hopefully, any kind of NCZ which will increase the respect on the community and doing convoys with REAL Pilots. And most of the simulation drivers would accept to give way at bigger convoys(disable the 2.6 rule) if they are well designed and appropriately signalized. Also, with the increased punishment of the first 3 bans and the low-speed limits, I presume this server will not attract any troller at all. Also, if most of this will be applied on with new rules, another one must be added about SHOWING which server you are when reporting someone via the website or even at In-Game system, because of the different ban lengths on each Server. Thank you for reading all of it and share this post with your friends or VTC colleges to try to get open this suggestion as soon as possible to give everyone the opportunity to add their related suggestions. See you on the road.
  3. Suggestion Name: Add AI/bots to the servers Suggestion Description: When the server population is low, the roads feel empty and it would fill up the roads with AI trucks and cars. If the population ramps up then they would automatically despawn Any example images: None Why should it be added?: Because it makes the players feel less bored
  4. Hi there, I was downloading Truckersmp, as I wanted to start the application this error message pops out. Can anyone help me? -kenny
  5. So iv been kinda irritated for the past cupple of days and i would like an explination if anyone has one, as i drive on mp on the US server i come across several people who can not speek a work of english why is this we have euro servers so why is this happening
  6. I was wondering what icon on the server selection list has a limited speedlimit if it doenst should it have one???
  7. TruckerTom94


    What is the new free roam server and how will it work?
  8. I'm launch game and see "Timeout.Trying again..."
  9. mr_ozzy23

    server off

    can sombody tell me why the servers of euro truck are offline i was playing and there comes that i lost conection i restart it and 3 or 4 servers are offline why is this happening
  10. Mod Version: Version 0.1.1 - 0.1.2 R2 Controllers Used: mouse and keyboard Description of Issue: the status of the servers don't refresh it still says Last status update: 2015-01-03 05:41:01 How to reproduce: I really don't know Screenshots / Videos: yes
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