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  1. Vellaco [ESP]

    TruckersMP 5 Year Anniversary - Events

    No, please... If this gets too popular by Youtbers and streamers 1000 slots will not be enough since the first peak hour. I would prefer 4000 slots with lots of lag than 1000 slots with 1000 people on the queue to test the police car.
  2. Vellaco [ESP]

    duda sobre triples trailers en ets2mp

    Para asegurarme, TODO lo que hay en el mod este de Forerunner esta 100% permitido? hasta un apartado que pone "Triples" que parece estar compuesto por 2 "normales" y un HTC en medio? PD: Ah no, son 2s pequeños de un eje y un HTC en Medio, porque miden lo mismo que los triples de remolques "normales". Es que pensaba que estos eran todavía más grandes.
  3. Vellaco [ESP]

    How to Disable Automatic Updates on Steam?

    @ASIR [CZE] Use this way instead
  4. Vellaco [ESP]

    Server speed limit survey

    I hope BOTH choices where available, but any other kind of servers (except a Eu1 with AI).... So Improved Eu1 will be "A server with speed limits shown on the GPS map and with collision" and the Improved Eu2/Eu4 will be "A server without a speed limit and without collision" and no more servers. these 2 servers with 2000 slots on "Improved Eu1" and almost 4000 slots on "Improved Eu2/Eu4". We need both because I usually play in a simulated way, sometimes is funny and relaxing go at high speeds and test your driving skills (that's why i joined on ATS Racing event last weekend...), or to get all garages faster... But if you ask me to choose one, obviously I prefer, nowadays, "A server without a speed limit and without collision" to make all real simulator players go at the Actual Eu1 server again, as we have done at the beginning of this great mod.
  5. Vellaco [ESP]

    Racing Championship - Spring 2019 (Results!)

    Congrats to Slavik_32RUS why I have my Steam profile private? LOL ( have about 1700 on ETS and 200 on ATS) well, I don't think Slavik was using hacks... but on this kind of races which such narrow roads, enable collisions will get more troubles to overtake, even make it impossible on the final "track". But what I found the best option is to start at front line and stay 1rst to not be riding on you and, if you don't make mistakes, you win for sure, because of followers will battle "one inside each other" and get in troubles. On further events, another option could be to participate one by one (or begin one each 30 sec, and if you reach the guy in front you gg) and "record" our times with the /time command... Also, I think he has the same truck as I. Old Peter with 10 Allyson gear... try it and look if it is faster than 6-7 gears. IMO it is, with 10 gears you have more power or 60-70 miles/h, so can be faster...
  6. Vellaco [ESP]


  7. Vellaco [ESP]

    Remove speed limits from EU#4 server.

    Full +1, as I suggested this long time ago... but they have forgotten sense Forum Updates...
  8. Vellaco [ESP]

    Possible solution for most trolling

    +1 But I agree that EU2 without collision will be too controversial and I can reach to decline all the suggestion. I'm FULL Agree with this new Eu1, and I think if admins Stop doing their work on EU2, rejecting automatically almost all reports, except hacking or insulting ones (or trait Eu4 server as a Freeroam one, with the special rules, even not being non-collision). Or creating a new rule: "If you go to EU2, is at your own risk of taking damage, Truckers MP will not claim any responsibility to the rammer or rule-evader" Also, admins can do more active work on EU1, such as Realistic Events they made on special Convoys, but more randomly. As @FernandoCR [ESP] said, if admins focus on Eu1, will need less time on reports and might do things like, for example: stopping players by some reasonable reason such as overspeeding (USA police behind a bush...), using the Police cars; doing some random "Detours" on popular places with some justification. Special escort drives... and many other ideas you can imagine to make Eu1 more Realistic and enjoyable even only arrives at 1000 population, by the moment.
  9. Vellacooo

    1. Vellaco [ESP]

      Vellaco [ESP]

      Ban Evading.. Report :P:troll:

  10. En los foros de SCS han "pedido ayuda" para planear mejor este DLC. Los que sepais de mods o querais colaborar, os dejo el Link https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=249&t=267679&hilit=Dlc+spain Foro de SCS
  11. Vellaco [ESP]

    Should Truckersmp disable the speedlimiter?

    On EU4 yes, but on the other servers, NEVER again. If you want to drive fast, go EU4 freeroam server which you can't cause any troubles
  12. Vellaco [ESP]

    Last remnants of once a good place

    I'm on you with this. Truckers MP has gained a lot of fame with the youtube videos.. and most of them are because the "idiots on the road", which only gives a bad reputation of what is this game or the MP about... Some years before most of the players were playing on EU1, but with the infamous c-D popularity, everything changed. Now about 70% of drivers are NOT simulating, running at more than 110km/h and overtaking everything they can. IMO, Staff needs to do something drastically to INCREASE Popularity of EU1, because most of "simulator" drivers, wanted to play it there, but the low population repels us. For example, REJECT all Reports from C-D on EU2 or reduce drastically your in-game admin work on these Server, and get focus on the others. Something like "if you enter on C-D it is at your own risk, we will not accept any reports on them, excluding the Hack ones..." On the other side, you can Duplicate the time of ALL BANS on EU2 as try to get more respectful players. I know that this happens with the website report, but then there are tons of website reports that may have a priority over other users who made a mistake and it would be difficult to recognize it. Other aspects: The Skoda. Which was his original purpose? Do convoy management?... so why there are not allowed on EU1, which is the server where most VTC would like to do convoys, following the rules, with some changes to &2.7. It should be the best server to drive with caravans as they are limited to 80km/h, in theory. On the other side, why Skoda is allowed on EU2, where most of the reckless drivers use it as a Need for Speed game. IMO, Cars Must be allowed ONLY on EU1, with the same or less speed limit as trucks, or on EU4, which can be used as a racing game without any troubles for the other drivers. Obviously, all GM's will be able to use it for Admin purposes on every server. Also, the Ban System would be more objective, let me explain. I have seen lots off Post questioning why a Website report was denied with "only kickable offence" argument. Come on, ALL breach of the rules must be punished with Bans, except a PING issue which I think it's the real "only kickable offence". So Ban system could change assigning to each rule a Ban duration, which can be duplicated or triplicated after the 3rd or 4th Ban. For example, X days if you drive on Incorrect way or Incorrect overtake (rule2.4); X days if you make any ramming offence. And 2*X days if you do both on the same video Evidence. So Bans times are not decided by the number, but for which rule was broken instead. I accept hack bans must keep as Permanent. And remove the 6th ban limit, and change it for extra increase ban time accumulatively for 1 year or more. If possible, you may increase the hunt for Ban evading creating other accounts with the same IP internet usage. To sum up, I hope any Youtuber or Twitch streamer who wants to play respecting the rules of the road, drives aways on EU1, with some other "random staff" events such as patrolling with the Scout more often but only on this Server. Staff and simulator drivers, we need to make EU1 great again using this server EVERYTIME we want to play Truckers MP, instead of going Eu2/3 because it's more populated.
  13. Vellaco [ESP]

    Speed Limit Suggestion

    In my opinion, the best solution is remove all speed limits ONLY on EU4, as I suggested months ago... If it's posible, which i dont know..
  14. Vellaco [ESP]

    Winter Mod - Discussion

    In my opinion, Phisics Mods should be only avalable on EU 1 or EU4, to avoid been used to race on colision servers and create more "usless" or "idiots" reports... Also as a way to increase the number of drivers on Eu1 where you have to drive more like a truck it is supposed to be driven.
  15. Vellaco [ESP]

    [Forum game] Players vs staff