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  1. Vellaco [ESP]

    Ets2 Speed Bug FIX ??

    It is also common if you drive as fast as possible on the road between Amsterdam and Rotterdam, with all the bumps, the Skoda will be uncontrollable. (test it on EU 4 to avoid Bans...
  2. Vellaco [ESP]

    Disable Speed Limit ONLY on Eu4

    Suggestion Name: Disable Speed Limit ONLY on Eu4 Suggestion Description: DIsable Speed Limit ONLY on Eu4 Any example images: None Why should it be added?: It has no downsides on a non-collision server go at 200 with a car... Even we can get some fun driving "rallys" such as we have done on Summer weekend Event, at 200 speed. It may let some reckless drivers to drive on EU 4. And also is a good way to discover all cities to get the Garages faster. I have no real reasons to accept this suggestion, but there are no Downsides to reject it, so why couldn't we try it?
  3. Vellaco [ESP]

    Bugged dashboard GPS



    I know it would be better to create another server without Speed limit to do race events, but it has a cost... so why not do that on Eu 4??.. 




    1. Titanic4


      The no speed limit server setting can be applied to any server at any moment, just like any of the existing server settings, all though the server will have to be rebooted for the setting to be applied. Your suggestion wouldn't be possible without such setting flag since removing the speed limit would require making another client/server update and it could affect EU3 and Eu2 once such update gets deployed.

  5. Vellaco [ESP]

    Restricted Zone for Double Trailers

    Thanks for doing an official map of the "area", but if you didn't change it some day ago, the kick zone begun on inside C-D:
  6. Vellaco [ESP] Released

    @Farmer_Dad Look at this Topic. The most acurate, non official map is now done by @adisadicu
  7. Vellaco [ESP]

    Double Trailer on C-D

    Not. In theory the Auto kick feature will work if you get into the Restricted Area.. Another thing is the Restricted Area dont include C-D until the Gas Station Nearest of Calais:
  8. Vellaco [ESP]

    Give me your opinion about Copy-Paste answers

    If they can Copy-paste answers to solve a problem is because the Help topic is "copy-pasted" also... So the real problem may be all these Help topics which are solved on previous topics , but there are no visible enough or the players who need help do not use the Search function...
  9. Vellaco [ESP]

    [ARCHIVED] Guide to where **NOT** to use double trailers

    Moreover I have just Test the Autokick feature on C-D part in Eu1 server... It works shortly after the Gas Station near Calais: So in theory anyone can drive Doubles after this Gas Station, because if you spawn/load your save game inside the Area, you will be automatically kicked.
  10. Vellaco [ESP]

    Kick for using doblo outside of Scandinavia?

    @S p a r k i e ; @FiotoBR , if you keep looking on @DJ Jefferz guide, right now the most accurate non official map of the border are these ones (mine had been drawned on 1.32, but i was wrong on Calais, and a tiny road near Frankfurt). So @adisadicu's map its better on the "left" side, even its drawn on 1.31 map.
  11. Vellaco [ESP]

    Why has the trailer stability changed?

    +1. Its a change for a more SIMULATOR game and we need to accept it. So if anyone wants to run, dont take the most unstable trailers such as All Krone's, Flatbeds and Lowbeds loaded with high wheight cargoes. Also dont put it in Steering wheels on the trailer because it will make easily to flip over on sharp cruves if you are speeding.
  12. Vellaco [ESP]


    Tienes razón con lo de que hay que adaptar los gráficos a una calidad menor que en el Single, pero eso no quita que con la 1.32, con todas las nuevas Customizaciones de Trailers, ruedas, etc, ahora hay muchos más FPS Drops que antes. En la 1.31 para cada camión que encontrabas digamos que su trailer era uno "establecido" dentro del juego. Ahora puede ser que cada jugador que te encuentres tenga uno propio, con sus luces, pinturas, accesorios como faldones, cajas varías; e incluso cada rueda tuneada... Todo esto te hace exigir más a la CPU sobretodo con esta update que antes en la 1.31. Así que creo que @TheBlack747 tiene razón que se podría mejorar la optimización, cosa que supongo harán los Devs con el tiempo. Así que de mientras solo nos queda bajar graficos a todos, sobretodo si tienes una PC de media/baja gama para este juego.
  13. Vellaco [ESP]

    Kick for using doblo outside of Scandinavia?

    Look this treat. (I link you my initial map which was corrected by @adisadicu on nexts posts.)
  14. Vellaco [ESP]

    [ARCHIVED] Guide to where **NOT** to use double trailers

    @adisadicu Thanks for test the "Calais side", because i was affraid to be baned if I go trough there... In my map I stoped on the Warning message, as you can read on the "proof" pictures. I didn't expect the gap on Metz from the south, but i should clarify your Circle is Done wiht the 1.31 map, so the area between Hanover, Bremen and Hamburg has changed do recently 1.32 updated Germany's north . So the Border on this area is, more or lees like this: https://i.imgur.com/jFWnvxM.jpg
  15. Vellaco [ESP]

    Huge FPS Drop after patch

    I think with 1.32 update brougth to us a lot of new accesories to add on Trailers which may cause a lot of "new" usage for CPU. One friend told me yesterdey their CPU increased from 30 degrees without playing to 56 degrees when we where entering on C-D route. I don't remember the exact CPU model, but is a recent i7, and he plays on Ultra setings, except the Scaling. Maybe with some time Devs could try to optimize a lot better all the addons of Ownable trailers, if posible. If not, all we have to reduce the graphigs seting when we go to heavys populated areas.