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  1. i didnt think this topic would explode like it has wow i guess im not the only one who thinks this
  2. you know just the other day something had occurred to me and another driver so im pulling up to a light and everything and this driver is riding my bumper so when i stop at the light and come to a complete stop the light changes we all get that on traffic light that is a jerk to that"s one thing but its another when you get rear ended by the truck that was just tailgating you like crazy and then he says rec and ban right out of the blue claiming hes got something on me to get me banned its so annoying when you have the one driver does not matter where you are is a complete idiot and gets mad over him being in the wrong so he argues with you over a small fender bender does anyone else feel that way
  3. Tank_248

    Random Damage Bug

    Mod Version: Version Controllers Used: Keyboard steering Description of Issue: Random 0% or current damage on truck and trailer How to reproduce: driving near and under the overpass in Odesene Screenshots / Videos: None
  4. Tank_248

    Little Italia DLC Problem

    i see thx does it mean that there will be an update to fix this issue
  5. Tank_248

    Little Italia DLC Problem

    I have no idea why most of the Little Italia DLC is not non-colissionable this is not right and it will cause a panic with the players when is this gonna get fix or was this intentional by the TMP staff if so that's fine and all I don't mind but other might not.
  6. Tank_248

    Servers are lost

    it really is a shame that the eu2 sever has gone down the crapper i usually stick with eu 3
  7. Tank_248

    Servers with Speed Limiters

    okay so the united states server should not have one then casue i dont see the icon for it and yet it limits the speed how does that work lol
  8. Tank_248

    rain graphic display

    @legress its says my graphics is up to date must be poor graphics i never had this issue before i wont have it when i get a custom build thx anyways you brought up a good point to do
  9. Tank_248

    rain graphic display

    I was wondering why my screen gets messed up and pixed when its rains is it my computer or the game???
  10. Tank_248

    Servers with Speed Limiters

    I was wondering what icon on the server selection list has a limited speedlimit if it doenst should it have one???
  11. Tank_248

    report system in game

    hi i was driving on a two lane road and a driver overtakes me in an unsafe manner if im not mistaken that is against the rules so i reported this person and the system advised me that the gaem play was recorded so why did the person not get banned in fact the system said no action was taken this is the persons ID 677302
  12. Tank_248

    First days on MP - I am really confused

    You could invest in OBS its free to download and use it can record gameplay along with in game sounds and your mic sounds and the videos can be uploaded to youtube and can be used for evidence in a report you file I wish you the best of luck in truckers mp might make a suggestion of going on the smaller servers and run on them until you get used to the MP part of both games then try to do bigger servers afterwards. https://obsproject.com/ recording program
  13. Tank_248

    reports i filed

    How come i filed reports on people breaking rules but yet no admin has claimed the report ive got youtube video links of the issues and yet ive got report that are nearly one month old so why have you not claimed them yet