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  1. Hey All been A While Since I Posted Last, How Do You Activate The Puh To Talk For In Game Chat? Or How Does One Set it Up?


    1. Inklink


      Hello there :),

      The push-to-talk button is "X" (You'll need to press and hold it).

      The chat-button is "Y".

      A useful Knowledge Base article: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/85

      You can also ask such questions in our help section, if you want :).

    2. Ade_XB1_Gamer


      thank you now i can test that my headphone splitter ive brought works for this game :)


  2. What would people say is the most fuel efficent truck that you know of? i was in a convoy yesterday with 1000 miles of fuel, and 3/4ths the way through i ran out of fuel even though we never did more than about 700 miles, my eco driving stats are up at 5/6 too .... looking for a decent truck that can also look good, stats (fuel tank size), makes and models of trucks would be good to know and if you have any pictures to attack of how they look customized (with lights, bullbars, light bars etc) that would be good as i like a good looking cosmetic truck too but some just look too boxy if you know what i mean. I Look Forward To See Some Pics Etc :) 

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    2. Ade_XB1_Gamer


      i will keep that in mind for when i venture to the ats side :) thanks

    3. ScaniaFan89


      That would be the LoneStar as its the only International currently in game ( excluding truck mods ). I think Volvo are quite good on fuel & maybe iveco " ironically ". my advice is take some quick jobs & see what truck performs best for your requirements @Ade_XB1_Gamer

    4. OldShrek


      Yeah, that's kind of what I've been doing.. Without the steering wheel, though, I think my observations are still limited.. It comes in another day or two, I'll update my thoughts after that... given a better feel for how they all handle at the same settings using a better control system.

  3. Hello All, So Im Just Wondering How Do You Get The Same Cargo As A Friend In Server So You Can Go To Exact Same Destination From The Same Pickup Point Like Convoy Style? Me & My Friend Seem To Have Trouble In Doing This Where One Of Us Has To Take Nothing And Venture To Another Town To Go To Same Place Or Get One That Drops Off Near The Others Drop Off Point. Any Help Would Be Great, Thanks (I Know Im Posting A Fair Few Questions As Still Learning The MP Side, But I Appreciate All The Help. Thanks)

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    2. Rudewolf


      @Ade_XB1_Gamer You can find settings for your voice navigation in Options>Audio>Master Volume and there is "Voice Navigation Volume". Under Master Volume, there is a tab called Voice Navigation and there turn on "Enable Voice Navigation". Also, you can change which voice and language you want under this tab. It should work every time you have your route selected.

      It should look like this:



    3. Ade_XB1_Gamer
    4. Rudewolf


      Sure, no problem. Enjoy the convoy! 

  4.  have just one more querie, my fatigue simulation is marked as on, i have the bed icon when driving but my driver never seems to tire, is this normal or is there a way to fix it so i have to take breaks while on the open road?


    1. [UK] UmbrellaMaarten

      [UK] UmbrellaMaarten

      I believe it's normal to not tire from trucking in TruckersMP.


      You can get tired when teleporting to service (I think?) but otherwise, no.

    2. Ade_XB1_Gamer


      ahh ok so it aint just me who doesnt get tired when on the road then, thats a shame because it would be really good to see people having to pull over for their daily rest etc :)


  5. Hey All, Can Anyone Tell Me Where The Sunday Convoy Will Be And What Requirements Are Needed To Be Apart Of It Please, Also What Time It Will Be Happening Preferably In UK Time Zone If Possible? T.I.A

    1. MrJakeeee
    2. Ade_XB1_Gamer


      Ok Will Check Now Thanks For All The Help Btw :) 

  6. Hey All, Can Someone Tell Me If This Is Correct? My Friend has said you can transfer money to other people, for like if you have crashed into them by accident you can transfer them some funds to repair their truck abit like an insurance style policy, is this true and if so how do you do it?

    1. MrJakeeee


      Money transfer is not possible. There are ways to edit your balance or use a mod to get money/xp but they have to be used on single player.


      Alternatively, you can use the /fix command to repair a truck on multiplayer.


      • /fix command only works when you have truck + trailer. (it doesn't work on only truck or car)
      • /fix command only repairs truck.... not your trailer
      • /fix command has a cool-down time of 10 mins. (You can use the command 10 mins after your previous use)
    2. Ade_XB1_Gamer


      Thank You This Has Been Extremely Helpful


  7. thank you, i will try my upmost best to step by step walk him through this guide and hope he manages to get it sorted been looking forward to playing MP Ets2 and he is only person i currently know that has it to play with me lol so kind of important that i get his fixed for him thanks again
  8. Hello So My Friend has Reinstalled his ETS2, Reinstalled His Steam and his Steam is up to date, and reinstalled TruckersMp. He Has a Valid Version of ETS2 But Everytime he goes to load ETS2 He Now Gets This Warning, He Is Not a Computer Person So Its Hard For Him To Fix, If I Can Get a Step By Step Way To Fix His Problem That Will Help, He Has Done Everything Possible Including whats Mentioned To Do In This Link https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/26. Picture Of His Error Below.
  9. Hello, Thanks For The Help Last Night, I Got My Multiplayer Mode to Work, Only Issue Ive Found Is Ive Been kicked From a Server 2 seperate times due to wrong tractor trailer type, ive come to realise this is because when i accept a job if it gives me a caravan with no trailer it kicks me instantly, does this happen with anyone else? these 2 times have both been random picked jobs from the jobs list.

    1. MrJakeeee


      Hello again, I have taken this extract from the rules:


      §5.1 - Server Auto Kicks

      Ping - If your ping is over 600ms to the server, you will be disconnected from the server in order to avoid desync issues for others. This ping check is taken as an average.

      Away from keyboard - Being inactive for over 10 minutes.

      Car with trailer - Attaching a trailer to your car (not including the caravan.)

      Truck with caravan - Attaching the caravan to your truck.

      Headlights - Headlights must always be on between the hours of 21:00 (9 PM) - 05:00 (5 AM).

      Unsupported accessories - Using police accessories or any other unsupported items (Special Cargo DLC trailers for ETS 2 and ATS).

      Too many trailers - Using a modified trailer combination with more than 3 parts for ETS2 or 5 parts for ATS will cause the server to kick you, regardless of location on the map.

      Negative cargo mass - Using a trailer with a mass lower than 0.

      Mixing vehicle items - Using car parts on a truck, truck parts on a trailer or car parts on a trailer, and vice versa for each case.


      Hopefully this will give you an insight on why you are being kicked. I believe your issue is point 4, I have highlighted it in red


      You can find the rules here for further information: https://truckersmp.com/rules

    2. Ade_XB1_Gamer


      Yes It Seems To Be That But As I Dont Yet Own My Own Truck It Is Via Quick Job, They Are Random Jobs, Im Not Sure If Its A Bug Or Not? Dont Want To Get Introuble For Breaking Rules When Im Not Directly Involved By It Just A Innocent Newcomer :) Also @MrJakeeee if Possible, Could You Look At My Help Post That I Posted In The Help FOrum Please, This Is Concerning A Issue A Friend Of Mine Has Been Getting Now, All Details Are Explained Within That Post, Thank You :) 


  10. I have sorted mine thanks for all the help guys and girls its been much appreciated
  11. Need Help With What Version Beta I Need To Be Running To Be Able To Player Multiplayer Online, Anyone On That Can help A Newcomer To The Online Side Of This World?


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    2. Ade_XB1_Gamer


      Thanks, Im Updating to 1_36-1.36.x now, gonna see if it works this time :) fingers crossed if not i will resort back to this article, how long is it before they normally update to latest version of ets2 on here?

    3. MrJakeeee


      @Ade_XB1_Gamer If you try to launch Truckersmp with the incorrect version a small window will popup advising you what version to downgrade to. You can also see what the current supported version is on the launcher.


    4. Ade_XB1_Gamer


      i have mine sorted now thank you :) 

  12. Hello, So Ive Brought Ets2 Today, Ive Got Truckers Mp And Everything is installed, but everytime i go to load truckers mp it keeps giving me this error ..... 'ETS2MP - Fatal Error. Unsupported Game Version Detected! Expected Ver, [rev. e0862fcae485] You have ver.' i Currently have my beta thing set to 'Temporary_1_36 - 1.36_x For Incompatible Mods' and still it doesnt seem to want to let me on, im also running the TruckersMp as Administrator, Ive Played Ets2 In The Past Quite Alot But Never Online So This Is A First, Ive Watched a few videos but there is no up to date video on youtube on how to deal with this problem for 202, any help from an admin or someone who may know the right one to use would be greatful
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