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  1. By the 20th minute mark I'm barely keeping myself awaking. Too long
  2. Isn't that like a 40 minute drive???
  3. We all know Calais to Duisburg is by far the most popular route in ETS2, but what about ATS?
  4. Yeah but do their engines roar like Renaults? I don't think so
  5. Every time I play ETS2 MP, I record so many incidents of people just being idiots and breaking rules. Of course many in game reports go unchecked and I end up having to use the 2nd reporting system. However it takes me around 10 minutes or longer to file one report so I'm wondering how I can make faster reports because it is very tedious and time consuming to go file many reports.
  6. Suggestion Name: Add AI/bots to the servers Suggestion Description: When the server population is low, the roads feel empty and it would fill up the roads with AI trucks and cars. If the population ramps up then they would automatically despawn Any example images: None Why should it be added?: Because it makes the players feel less bored
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