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  1. No, this idea is not appropriate I believe that the speed limit should be 125km / h. Because the last kilometer is the number of each truck
  2. This offer is not very useful my friend. There are always players driving off the road
  3. Which truck do you like the most? Is your favorite truck in ETS2 or ATS?
  4. I get these errors when I try to play ets2. Can anyone help me?
  5. Hi dear friend. I bought all seventy-one DLCs and they are really unique. I like the road map to the Black Sea Because it really has beautiful details and roads.
  6. This is a beautiful question from. There are beautiful cities in the game and choosing the best city is hard. I choose the city of Istanbul and my main garage is in this city
  7. Many colors are available. But among them, I like the paint of Sweden and I use it most of the time
  8. and she This is a great offer. But TruckersMP does not approve it.
  9. Hello I have a problem when I want to extract the first ProMods file. My friends have this problem too.
  10. Hi. Currently, Iranian players cannot connect to Multiplayer. Because all TruckersMP servers are filtered for Iranians. Please solve this problem.
  11. افزودن سرور جدید با قابلیت بات های بازی تا دی ال سی بار های ویژه توانایی اتصال را در چند نفره داشته باشد
  12. Hello I'm Mohammad an Iranian player In 2018, my friends and I formed a large convoy. We wanted to show that there are a lot of Iranian players in ETS2MP. We wanted to get a convoy out of the shells so we could try the Iranian shell. We would love to have an IRAN Paint Jobs Pack in ETS2
  13. سلام . از اونجا که خود شرکت اس سی اس اعلام کرد که آپدیت ۱.۳۵ یک آپدیت بزرگ بوده و تراکرز ام‌پی هم با وقفه تونست لانچر رو با ۱.۳۵ فیکس کنه . الانم که اوکی شده باگ های زیادی توی چند نفره هست که ورژن های قبلی این باگ ها رو نبود. از شایع ترینشون بالا رفتن تریلر ها در باربری هاست . . . شما این عملکرد تراکرز رو چطور می بینید؟؟؟
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