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  1. The wheels on the truck go round and round.

  2. Took me 3 hours to get toilet paper and milk today. Not that it's related to trucking, but I wanted to share my pain ?

  3. Sadly come to the decision to close Courtz Carriers VTC, due to health issues i need to focus on them alot more,


    I would personally like to thank those that supported my vtc, its NOT the end, we will return eventually just not for the time being.


    I'll do my best to continue supporting all of you awesome people ❤️

    1. [VIVA] Quad

      [VIVA] Quad

      It takes a lot to run a VTC. Not a lot of people give credit to the people that have to manage them. Your health is of the upmost importance and you made the right call. I wish you the best and hope to see you return to the community in the future. 
      - Quad

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  4. Just a few hours ago we released the new system for virtual trucking companies. Something that has been a wish from the community for years. And today we made it real. Months of developing and weeks of testing have ended with today.

    Even when we all planned and tested, it did not go as intended. On the other hand, I believe it was a success and we have always tried to fix all issues within minutes. There are always things to improve and we will learn again from this. For example that we should not trust the built maintenance mode...

    A huge dream of the TruckersMP community and also us, developers, has come true. And I believe this is only the start of companies in TruckersMP. When we talk about companies - at the moment of writing this post, 226 companies have already registered on the site. That is crazy.

  5. Are you a developer that likes free food for working? Then Viva wants you! 

    Viva Trucking is currently looking to expand our Web/Technology Department with talented developers who want to expand their portfolio and use their skills to bring joy to thousands! With future paid benefits, food vouchers during community projects, and the chance to work with many talented developers, this is an opportunity worth taking. Think you got what it takes? Learn more or apply at https://www.vivatrucking.com/vivastaff!


    1. [VIVA] Quad

      [VIVA] Quad

      Learn code first... then hit me up. 


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  6. Fancy


    Slight leak :P


  7. Another wonderful day in TMP


    1. [VIVA] Quad

      [VIVA] Quad

      Thanks! A little plastic makes the Scania look a whole lot better.

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  8. had a great day driving with everyone

    :wub: @Savage. @KIKI  :wub: 







  9. Love driving in the snow :wub: 

    2018 is almost over :thisisfine:



    Also bumped into @[VIVA] Quad along the way :wub: 

  10. As of today, I am proud to announce the second addition to Viva Global, Viva Português. This has been in ongoing behind the scenes for a while, however, we are now advancing to make it a reality. Learn more at https://www.vivatrucking.com/press-center/viva-trucking-português

    1. [VIVA] Quad

      [VIVA] Quad

      @Doxxyz Unfortunately not at the moment, only largely populated languages in tmp

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  11. Found a lost note from Santa, turned out to be a weather report of a snowstorm just south of the North Pole addressed to Pepper Minstix. Hopefully this doesn't affect Santa's job of delivering gifts to everyone :unsure:

  12. Its good to know the Jesus is watching over Viva. 


    Shoutout to @Picklezz for the Fiverr meme

  13. Hello everyone, I come from the land of the rich and famous... probably.


    Anyway, lets get down to business.Unsurprisingly you may or may not have been hearing absolutely nothing from me for quite some time here on the forums... Or TruckersMP as a whole for that matter. There are a few reasons for that, the main one being I decided it was in my best interests to take a small hiatus from TruckersMP and Snowball Media for that matter. Just so i could have abit of me time and plan out the next couple of years for Snowball Media and all it's little sub communities it's accumulated over the years.


    Contrary to popular belief, I didn't actually anticipate my online community being as successful and long-lasting as it has been. It's genuinely caught me by surprise (thanks for that ;) ). But as a result of that, i've sort of been running Snowball completely blind and without a plan for the past year or so (Especially after founder #2 passed away, god rest her). Which as you can imagine has meant that Snowball ended up in a rut for quite some time, with content becoming stale and repetitive. This coupled with the many issues i had with the TruckersMP team last year just meant that my fire for TMP related content was just sort of... extinguished really.


    However, you need not worry. I have returned! (Please cheer or something) 

    I have returned with a fresh mindset, fully recharged batteries and i'm now armed with a head full of new ideas, a new pretty powerful PC, new software, a microphone that doesn't sound awful and a highly dedicated and passionate team ready to kick bum and make memes (oh and produce media and/or 24S content aswell, forgot about that).


    We've got some pretty interesting ideas in the works, but our primary focus currently is our highly popular 24S fundraising campaign. If you've paid much attention to our Facebook page recently (*cough* https://www.facebook.com/24SOfficial/ *cough*) you may have noticed we just tried and utterly failed to host a endurance sim race to kick off our fundraising campaign for ''The New Chapter''. We've also completely changed who we host our fundraiser for and lots of other cool things which you can find on our page (I'll stop plugging now, honest...). To keep it short and simple, even though our part 1 of 24S was an absolute epic fail, we noticed that our campaign has reached well over double the people in the past 3 weeks than all the other campaigns before them have combined. So with that being said, we're absolutely going to need some help with making 24S - A New Chapter the fresh start we want it to be. We've got some absolutely fabulous ideas, but we just need the help of the fabulous TruckersMP community to help bring them to life! 


    So with that being said, if you would like to join our expanding team of passionate event staff and meme lords, then feel free to apply here -> https://goo.gl/forms/K4jM84TQFot3C6nj2 

    (ALL roles are available at the moment, and don't think we've limited you to just the roles we've listed in the application form... If you can dream up another way to help us with our campaign then we would love to hear what you have planned!)


    Anyway, as for Snowball Media. Well, we will also be making a return to TruckersMP. However, we are going to focus on quality as opposed to quantity.


    So from a events perspective you can expect less events to be hosted by us than you may remember, so events such as Tiggers Birthday or our bi-monthly convoys shall be on a break for now.. probably permanently. In their place will come far higher quality events, including 4 new ones which should be pretty exciting! 


    From a media perspective the same applies, we will not be attending very many weekly events. Instead, we shall be dedicating our time to the more unique events such as charity fundraisers, endurance convoys or races. Our reasons for this are fairly simple, weekly convoys from a media perspective get pretty repetitive, very quickly. So mixing up weekly convoys with a race, or some sort of trucking challenge just mean our content is always fresh and original as opposed to copy paste jobs. This combined with our exploration into other gaming communities should mean our content doesn't become boring and we don't burn ourselves out trying to produce the same thing over and over and over and over...  


    This doesn't mean we are abandoning weekly convoys altogether, we shall simply be using them more as a method of training as opposed to hired events. We will soon be looking to chat with a few weekly event hosts for a link of some kind.. so our team can continue to experiment and evolve their skills in an environment that is as close to our special events as we can possibly get. So if you host a popular weekly event and like the sound of us experimenting new media styles at your event, then please contact me!


    We also plan to make more use of our Drivetribe community we've started, and we're currently coming up with ways to integrate you guys into it (if you want to that is!), with TruckersMP related content being posted on our page fairly often. Again, this mixed with our other communities content should make for some fun times for all!


    Anyway, i'll stop writing out an essay now shall i? (This post has taken about 2 hours to write up so far... pls gib me redbull) 

    If you're still reading this, then i thankyou for putting up with my incoherent waffle. But hopefully you guys are now abit more clued in with what's going on behind the scenes at both Snowball Media, 24S and my very own face... 



    It's good to be back, i'm definitely excited for what the future holds for us all, it's gearing up to be pretty exciting so far!

    Anyway, as a thankyou for putting up with my terrible post writing, have a picture from the game that stole me from TruckersMP for a while ;) 



    (If any TruckersMP staff have any problems with this post, feel free to contact me with the issues you may have!)

    1. [VIVA] Quad

      [VIVA] Quad

      Those are a lot of words. I got an essay due in 30 mins... fancy finishing it for me? ^_^

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  14. "Somebody said that it couldn’t be done

    But he with a chuckle replied
    That 'maybe it couldn’t,' but he would be one
    Who wouldn’t say so till he'd tried."



  15. Man... time flies. Viva is turning 2!! 


    1. [VIVA] Quad

      [VIVA] Quad

      Thanks @Mirrland, it took a lot of work and effort to get Viva to where it is today, but never in a million years did I expect it to grow so much. I appreciate it :rolleyes:

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  16. oohhhhoohh yeeeeee!


    1. [VIVA] Quad

      [VIVA] Quad

      Whops lol. Must have forgot I was in the UK

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