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  1. Little Update: I am now Wheezy and not Horizon :love:

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    2. [VIVA] Arctic Wolf

      [VIVA] Arctic Wolf

      Smh penguin is here everyone say noot! 

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Phoenix -> Horizon -> Wheezy :thisisfine:

    4. Noxii


      OMG you totally stole that from me when I said that Weezy's nick reminded me of that penguin Wheezy... :o 

  2. Tbh, I can't wait for trailer ownership! I can make a pink trailer(s) to match my pink reno! Gonna be fun!
  3. Hey, I'm sure we would love to look into implementing custom trailer and truck skins. The only drawback here is syncing issues and distribution. If every player was to have a custom trailer, then it would mean that the server would have to download all of the custom files and also every player would need to do it too. When joining MP, the loading screen would turn into something from Garrys Mod when downloading all the content. But, I'm sure we could look into it in the future.
  4. Why is ATS not as popular as ETS2?

    Hey, Content really lacks in my opinion for ATS. If there was more content that would create more drive to play like the Operation Big Sur, World Of Trucks event... then maybe the gain is more. Once more map DLC expansions get released, then ATS will have a bit more drive in player-base. Until then, its a hard place to comment on.
  5. What radio do you tune into your truck?

    Well , I like to listen to my own music but I listen to Truckers.FM mainly as I am a presenter there as well. My Spotify playlist is this if you wanna listen
  6. Oioi. Thx for the follow. I will follow you back. :wub::tmp:


    -Arctic Wolf 

  7. hi! i have a problem! why i cantjoin the server?

    the server: 3 Jahre White Dragons

    1. LlamaGR1
    2. S p a r k i e

      S p a r k i e

      If im not mistaken that is a server set up for a private event-so unless you are part of that private event, then you won't be able to join.

  8. This recruitment closed on July 15th. //Moved to past recruitments.
  9. Dear Community, It has come to our attention that some controversy has been caused by a certain user being unbanned. Our reasoning behind doing so took the entire situation, including server, existing bugs and more into account and deep consideration. Whether it is an in-game, Discord or forum issue… We are always on hand to consider all the possibilities and outcomes. We must stress that at no point was the player's community group commitments an influence on the decision. If we decide to remove a ban or a player’s punishment on any of our platforms, we do this after taking all the necessary details into account. Whenever a situation arises, like the one in question, the full upper staff team discusses it in detail and then a decision is made considering all of the members of the TMP Upper Staff team. With the above being taken into account, we have un-banned this player in accordance with the Upper Staff team’s decision. We encourage our community to remain civil during this situation, and invite anyone with questions to use the feedback system found here Update: 24/07/2018: TruckersMP is intended to be a close online community where all people with the same passion for virtual truckers can enjoy a great time together. Rules are put in place to ensure that everyone can enjoy driving on our virtual roads. With the recent events, our game management has reviewed a ban which involved a glitch and decided to remove this ban based on various facts. However, with the decision made a rule was not enforced and this should not have happened. Our management team has made a mistake here and we openly admit that this mistake has taken place. After a second review, with higher management involved, we revert the decision and the user in question is banned for violating rule 2.1 - bug abusing. In no way do we encourage our community to violate rules and to look for loopholes. We care for our community and we always aim for the best experience possible. All of us at the TruckersMP management would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused. For any questions you may have, we invite you to contact us through our feedback service so we are able to give you a personalized reply on your enquiry. Happy trucking. Kindest Regards, TruckersMP Management
  10. What song are you currently listening to?

    I am listening to this at the moment. It's a good Trance / House song if you like that type of music
  11. Your topic has been archived due to topic inactivity over 1 month. If you wish to restore the topic, please contact a Community Manager. This topic has been re-opened. If this topic is not replied with within 1 month, it will be archived once again.
  12. I made a new video! Here you go :) 


    1. NeonLeon


      isn't this video of 2017? But great work!

    2. DarkOwl


      I like it @Horizon :mlg_doge:

  13. Nice new cover photo sir!

  14. Truckers.FM Sponsored Giveaway

    Hello Truckers, I have been looking forward to writing this post up for a little while now and I am finally able to do it! We have been contacted by the owners of TruckersFM and they have given us a whole bunch of prizes to giveaway to YOU! These prizes are courtesy of TFM and SCS Software as the World Of Trucks event [Operation Big Sur] has just hit 500k delivery's completed! They have given us a couple of Steam gift cards and also some ETS2 and ATS DLC's to giveaway to! Who are TruckersFM? TruckersFM are a 24/7 Online, Fully Licensed Community Radio Station dedicated to the Truck Sim Community. Truckers.FM is run by a strong team of Several Admins with a team of volunteer presenters who provide around the clock entertainment for drivers, gamers and streamers across the world. They have been streaming since 2015, and with no signs of slowing down! They want to keep on providing the best entertainment in the community. They do work closely with the TruckersMP community and the Twitch Community to provide a unique experience for their listeners. Ourselves and Truckers.FM will randomly pick 10 winners and each winner will receive 1 of the following prizes*. Here is what's up for grabs: 1 x £20 Steam Gift Card 1 x £10 Steam Gift Card 2 x Heavy Cargo Pack [1 x ETS2 & 1 x ATS] 2 x Stearing Wheel Pack [ATS] 1 x Wheel Tuning Pack [ATS] 2 x Scania Mighty Griffin Tuning Pack [ETS2] 1 x Special Transport [ETS2] To enter the giveaway all you need to do is sign in and do the actions at the link below! Each action will gain you 1 entry into the competition. Also, since we are an Affiliate on our Twitch channel, Twitch subscribers will get a extra entry into the draw! There are plenty of chances to enter! Please read the following Terms and Conditions before entering. This giveaway will close at 11:59PM 31st July 2018! *Entering this giveaway means you have read and understood the following terms. Giveaway Terms and Conditions: [You will be contacted via email if you win] You may not pick the prize, this will be selected by us for you. If you already have the DLC's that are listed above, you can give the prize to a friend or family member! You also must have a Steam account so we can gift / send you the DLCS! Also, You must reply to the email that I [Horizon] will send you within 48 hours or your prize and entry will become null and void Giveaway: https://gleam.io/pZYAG/truckersfm-sponsored-giveaway Thanks and Good Luck! Regards, Horizon TruckersMP Community Manager View post on homepage
  15. I have made my first ETS2 funny's video! Go and watch here [Don't judge pls ;)]


    1. [VIVA] Arctic Wolf

      [VIVA] Arctic Wolf

      whoop whoop ill deff watch this


    2. Ady Man

      Ady Man

      Very Nice video hahaha :troll: