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  1. [Solar] D4NNY

    Where to have VTC Meetups?

    Sea ports are good places to have VTC meetups also Mannheim car park is a good place as not many players go there
  2. [Solar] D4NNY

    Ban Baiters

    I suppose it would be rather hard for admins to prove if you are ban baiting or not but you could always suggest that tmp adds a rule like that if you want
  3. [Solar] D4NNY

    /fix or f7

    I use /fix as it can repair my truck on the spot so i can carry on my journey and it also if i f7 it can teleport me back to a city that i have already driven through so that can be a pain redriving some of the route where as the /fix command avoids this
  4. [Solar] D4NNY

    Cloud Gaming

    I have heard of other companies that do a similar things but i have never tried game hosting like this.
  5. All slots in the main port have been taken if you would now like to book a slot it will have to be in the Calais city
  6. [Solar] D4NNY

    Kicked for prohibited accessories

    Hello, That trailer does not work in tmp it is a known bug for now we just have to wait for the devs to fix it Thanks, D4NNY
  7. [Solar] D4NNY

    How to get rid of caravan job?

    Hello, If you took the caravan from a freight market job the only way to get rid of it is by pressing f6 and cancelling your load if you bought your caravan from the trailer dealer you can simply return it back to the garage in the trailer manager tab Thanks, D4NNY
  8. [Solar] D4NNY

    D4NNY'S Photo gallery

    Photos added 25/12/19
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      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      Merry Christmas. I wish you have a great time with your family and your friends 

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  10. [Solar] D4NNY

    Problems with heavy loads.

    Hello, It is a known bug that the heavy cargo trailers do not work in mp we just have to wait for the devs to fix this Thanks, D4NNY
  11. Happy Birthday mate.

  12. Congratulations and Happy birthday. Have a great day.:)

  13. Happy birthday m8, enjoy it :P