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  1. Happy birthday! :D 

  2. Lee1206

    1 million users (Whats going to happen now?)

    Jeez... I joined TruckersMP in June 2014... A long time ago, I had the voice frequency of a chipmunk xD My first VTC was Europa Worldwide Logistics @RUSSELL uk. After this, I have been in quite a few companies since the start, including: - Stobart Trucking; - Soarfly Logistics; - First Class Transport; - High End Transport; - Enzide Logistics; - Leyland Transport; - A2B Logistics.
  3. Lee1206

    Learning Web Design?

    Im aware that Im a bit late... If I were you I would do some research myself. As oppose to using websites such as Codeacademy, which spend ages on one thing... I would venture the we b a bit more, look for a website that suits you and allow you to learn. From my experience, if you teach yourself it is a lot better than being taught by an automated website. EG: http://www.w3schools.com/html/ https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/Learn/HTML http://html.net/ http://learn.shayhowe.com/html-css/
  4. Hi everyone.


    Please stop complaining that your biology paper was easy.





    PS. If you can look through old Unit 1 papers and find a 6 mark question that easy, hmu :)

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    2. Puncake


      Usually i fk up biology but today i aced it. On higher aswell. Only problem was there wasnt really biology questions. It was about evolution or some off topic thing like drunk 15 yr olds or independant company

    3. Smalley


      Think everyone got that paper Puncake 

    4. Whitelodge


      Well i do AQA which was mainly about quadrats and transects


  5. Lee1206

    Car brakes sucks?

    If there is nobody behind me, I often brake and quicksave. You stop a lot quicker
  6. Lee1206

    Problems with my country & racism

    Record & Report them. I don't have the picture but I have "UK" at the end of my name. I'm patriotic af Its unacceptable, submit a report.
  7. Lee1206


    You can be banned in an NCZ, if you are in a position where people cannot get in due to you being there. If their entire truck isn't in the NCZ isn't there for them, they'll hit you.
  8. Lee1206

    Favourite stretches of road

    Calais - Duisburg. @jacoblovekw and I go on there regularly! Although there are some interesting accidents there...
  9. Lee1206

    Should Cars be forbidden at Rotterdam and Europort?

    I am aware that Clarkinator has lifted the rule on cars at europoort, but I personally DO think that they should be banned. They are useless traffic. Why can't they go somewhere else? Like Bratislavia or somewhere where literally nobody goes? I avoid EP if I can, even if I am in a truck. Because to me, even if you have a trailer, it is pointless traffic to go through EP when there is Calais, or IJmuden. I know this is not trackable, but I definitely think they should be banned!
  10. Lee1206

    How to change the colour on rims in ETS2/ATS

    *Pictures MrCreeper slamming his keyboard because he doesnt realise he needs the DLC and its not working*
  11. "Bloottyyy hell ya mong" Lee2k16

  12. Lee1206

    Euro Truck Radio Truck Hunt

    Nah... I mean I heard of someone planning this............