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  1. I messed up with money choices

    Topic Locked and Archived
  2. American TruckFest & Convoy: March 31

    I'm not attending but just wanted to say that whoever designed the poster did heck of a job, 10/10
  3. Easter Egg Hunt 25th March 2018

    Good luck to everyone who's attending.
  4. What counts as ‘active recently’ on the forums?

    Topic locked and archived on OP's request.
  5. unfair reports

    So you mean every time your brother goes in-game this player stalks him and finds a way to report him? Also can you give me link of your brother's TruckersMP profile.
  6. unfair reports

    If you're talking about ingame reports, useless reports will be just deleted once seen by an admin/game moderator. If you're talking about website reports, the higher the report score the more ability the user has to make reports and a lower reports score means the verse Also at the end of the day if you know that you or your brother has done nothing wrong or violated the Game rules then don't worry. Nobody gets banned for nothing.
  7. What counts as ‘active recently’ on the forums?

    I will fulfill your curiosity here. Active meaning you are online on forums, helping others, abiding the forum rules and at the same time making posts that are useful to others or in general do make sense rather than posting some gibberish , Active also means that you don't go and post in every single forum section and make some post to get your content count up or do Rep farming aka Reputation farming, If anyone is caught doing so they will be warned for it, just like players get banned for breaking rules from the game, forum rules have their importance too, you cross them we will be waiting. So at the end of the day if you really do wanna help the community start by making posts that matter to you or will help others, If anybody already has made a similar post to help someone dont do the exact same thing, however if you have something to add to that feel free to do so, To be active= Follow forum rules, Don't do content farming or repetition. If you want any further help , My Inbox is wide open and willing to sort any issue out.
  8. I messed up with money choices

    The easiest way to pay off the loan debt is hire 2-3 drivers and Just quick travel between garages in MP or F7+Enter, You will earn huge amounts in fraction of seconds. Anyhow, is your question/problem solved now ? @andy Suter
  9. Happy birthday mate :) 

    1. heyhococo


      Thanks Harv! <3

  10. celebrating 47th Independence Day of Bangladesh

    Merged another topic into this one @Mahadi016 Please stop creating same topics everywhere across the forum with the same purpose/content, If you proceed like this in future you may be warned for it. Good luck with your event.
  11. ATSMP being detected as a virus

    I'm 110% sure its a false alert^
  12. ATSMP being detected as a virus

    I also have the latest update's but didn't trigger anything neither in Windows Defender not Bitdefender's firewall. You should uninstall TruckersMP , restart PC and reinstall it as admin and try
  13. What is your favorite moment from ETS2 or ATS?

    If you guys love watching cars fail, You will 100% like this
  14. H&C Logistics - Rekrutacja otwarta!

    Topic Locked and Moved to Archive on user's request. Wątek zamknięty i przeniesiony do archiwum na żądanie użytkownika.
  15. REPORT

    Topic locked on request of OP.