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  1. XhK2MzN.jpg

    Today was my final day in Pries, and my final day as a Game Moderator. Although I was in both for only a few months, I'm truly sad to have to make this decision due to my other priorities elsewhere. I have met absolutely incredible people and am truly grateful for their help and friendship.


    Who knows, maybe other opportunities will open up to me in the future, either in TruckersMP, Pries or in my own life. Thanks everyone for the great times; I'll truly miss you.

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    2. J a n e k

      J a n e k

      :( Good luck in real life

    3. Cora


      all the best Raeker :(

    4. Mabel Matiz ヅ

      Mabel Matiz ヅ

      We are proud of you, but it saddened us that you left! 

  2. Had a drive with @Coolio85 and @TheGoodGuy1515 tonight. Sadly nubio had to leave early so @Vantage [GBR] was kind enough to replace him to feature in this beautiful picture ❤️



    1. MarkON


      Nice! It's a great place to relax :)

      Corsica or Sardinia?️


    2. Raeker


      Corsica, yeah! 'Twas really pretty

    3. Nightmaree.
  3. I'm not really one for sobstories, so I'll keep it short.


    A year and a half ago I asked my old friend @Aek177 what he'd been up to recently. I sort of knew about TMP and ETS2 but had no idea how big the community actually was. He invited me to his VTC, AHL, that officially closed down today.


    Without AHL, I would never have stuck around in the community. I met a lot of people during my time at the VTC and experienced a lot of new things. I'd never managed an event before, and even though it was online, my experience actually helped me organise real-life largescale events as well.


    I want to thank all the people that made this truly unique experience possible. Although I cannot thank everyone, special mentions go out to @Whitelodge, @Coolio85 and @Aek177.


    It's been a great ride, and I cannot wait to see what the next experience brings!

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    2. Aek177


      It wouldn't have ever been possible if we didn't meet through the Gmod community we were both a part of. Thank you for being such a good friend throughout all of this and for coming back to dedicate more time to us again. You have done a great job for us and it won't be forgotten ❤️ 

    3. Geology Rocks

      Geology Rocks

      Thanks for being a great vtc freind. The vtc will be missed but not forgotten

    4. Mabel Matiz ヅ

      Mabel Matiz ヅ

      It's a very nice word and you learned something from someone and I learned from you this day, I was very touched I want to be friends with you and learn something from you. You are a very beautiful and good man. Always be like this. ??

  4. spacer.png


    Thanks everyone for attending the Pries x AHL convoy. We had a blast organsing it - hope to see you at next month's convoy on the 17th! ❤️


    Special thanks to: @Shayrin, @Whitelodge, @BL4CK$K1LL, @AlmightyOndrej, @Coolio85, @RB1988, @Gutzy, @DJ Flynn, @ProbablyPoland, @CuteCat, @NorthEastLegend, @Winter~, @Leon_Kreuzmann, @LetiFreshi, @SH13LD, @•Nika• & some people I couldn't find

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    2. RB1988


      Always good to work with you mate. Team did a great job ?

    3. Winter~


      Was a great one ❤️ 

    4. Shayrin


      It was wonderful like all the time ?

  5. Every morning I look at this picture to remind myself of the many failures of my life.



  6. Thank you everyone that attended this month's Pries x AHL convoy! Stay on the lookout for the next one coming up in August. We hope you enjoyed the convoy - despite the server crashing at the start ?


    I would like to thank all Pries & AHL staff for making today's convoy possible. A special thank you goes out to @Whitelodge for taking care of our server issues so quickly, as well as @Shayrin for being willing to quickly switch to game moderation work to ensure everything went smoothly.




    There's many others I would like to tag, however I'm too afraid I'll accidentally miss someone. Thanks a lot for the hard work everyone - seriously, without you the convoy never could have gone as well as it did ❤️



  7. This Thursday at 20:00 CEST the second Pries x AHL Convoy will take place! This is actually the first large-scale event I'll be organising since my return to TMP last month. If you happen to be available, be sure to join in!

    ETS2C: https://ets2c.com/view/86539/19049-spy-dijon-stokes

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Good Luck, hope it goes well ^_^

  8. That moment when you decide to check out the forums after many months


    1. Guest


      Welcomee ^_^ :tmp:

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  9. yI had a great time at the Nitro Booster convoy this evening! @[RLC] Lasse did a great job organising the whole thing!


    Since I can't possibly tag everybody that was there, I'll just tag the folks that are with me in this picture.


    @IceRaged [NO] @xenophobia @LordBenji @flybel @ShawnCZek







    I had a lot of fun! We should definitely do this again sometime!

    1. zenophiba


      We definitely have to do this again.

  10. I never knew I'd miss your cow truck pictures, but now... :unsure:

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Think they may still be allowed on Arcade servers :D

    2. Raeker


      Oooooh, nice! 

  11. AHL hosts weekly convoys every Wednesday at 7PM BST. This week we'll be driving through Scandinavia and explore the beautiful landscape. See you then!

    Convoy info:https://ets2c.com/view/81375/raeker-stockholm-norrsken


  12. Thanks for the follow dude <3

    1. Leon Baker

      Leon Baker

      You're welcome ^_^ 

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