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  1. Wow, Its been a while since I've drove around ETS2. I wanna thank @RB1988 and @[AHL] TSFM_DJ Flynn and a fellow Prime driver for a drive tonight. :)ets2_20200315_204644_00.pngets2_20200315_204656_00.png

    1. RB1988


      Thanks for joining us mate, a pleasure as always :)

  2. First off, If you want to drift, Do it in SP or in a Arcade server. Doing it in a Simulation server will just cause you trouble, Even if no ones around. To drift, I would recommend getting a 4x2 with a powerful engine. Make sure to understand how the Physics mod works. It's hard to explain, But try messing around, And see if you can make any slips and what not. Once you got that, Then try drifting for a spin. It'll take time to master it. Its not something that will magically happen once you slide your wheel all the way. Hope this helps.
  3. I've certainly love driving around in RTTBS. Preferably around Romania, With the scenic views and landmarks. I've also took the time to drive around Bulgaria, Very nice roads to drive on. I really don't have a problem with this since I'm mostly used to driving on small roads. Plus the country roads have beautiful views. To some people that are used to driving on highways, It may become weird at first. But once you drive on the country roads, You'll start to like the scenery.
  4. I currently don't use force feedback since I'm not really used it. Not to mention that every time I try to use it, It shakes my whole desk.
  5. I would move this to the support section to get the best answers.
  6. Went to the Fright FM convoy today with a few drivers. Good job FFM for organizing todays convoy.  :Dets2_20191201_145630_00.png

  7. Drove with @RB1988 to Felixstowe. Certainly was a fun drive. Thanks RB. :)ets2_20191130_145153_00.png

    1. RB1988


      Always a pleasure to drive with you mate :D

    2. RB1988


      Always a pleasure to drive with you mate :D

  8. I play ETS2 on the G29 with the H-Shifter. I've used to use mouse steering w/ keyboard for a long time until I got the G29 recently. Certainly never going back to mouse steering.
  9. ProbablyPoland

    Winter Mod

    I'm sure It'll be the same. It'll probably be released around December, As always.
  10. If I have to choose a favorite one, It would have to be Scandinavia. Sure it may be a bit old, But Scandinavia has some beautiful sights, Especially around Norway. Since Release, I still fall in love with Scandinavia.
  11. Driving a heavy haul with @RB1988 @Doxxyz@Bashere and @LegoMaster21 at the end. Thanks for drive tonight guys. :)ets2_20191123_173711_00.png

  12. What do i think? Well seeing the progress of ETS2 right now, The future seems to be heading to a right path for the game. Here's what i think will happen: New maps: Probably Balkans first, As that is what most fans ask for. I've also heard about Iberian Peninsula. Definitely would love to see SCS mapping places around the Iberian Peninsula. I know there's a small part of spain in Promods, But it would be cool if SCS finishes that and expand mapping the Iberian Peninsula. Who knows what We'll see after that. Rework on old parts on the map: I would love to see some map reworks. SCS did a great job on rebuilding Germany. The Germany rebuild project shows that SCS is much better at mapping then how they mapped the game 6 years ago. Some people mostly want a rework on the UK, I do agree, As the UK is really bland in the game IMO and doesn't have a lot of scenery around. Probably after the UK rebuild They'll probably touch on some areas around going east. I would love to see how SCS reworks on GE and Poland specifically since thats a need of a rework too. New trucks: An obvious choice. I'm more specifically on older trucks, As most people like older trucks and such. That doesn't mean kill off the newer trucks, I love seeing some newer trucks in the game. But most people would be happy that x old truck is in the game. Sound reworks: I'm more talking about some of engine reworks. Like for example, A engine rework on the old TGX and the Actros MP3. Actually both of these trucks share the same engine sounds in-game. As long with the Renault Magnum, Premium, And XF105. To me, It feels uncomfortable hearing the same engine sound of a different truck. Definitely would bump up the realism even more IMO on a sound rework on these trucks. That's all that i can think of. We'll just have to see where this goes.
  13. I like kenworths. So i usually like the W900 or personally my favorite one of all, The modded W990. A fun truck to drive.
  14. I personally like 18 speed. Just because of faster shifting, And realism.
  15. Happy birthday! :) Keep up the good work. ;) 

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