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    I love convoys, anyway hate trolls there.
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  1. NetyTV

    [Forum Game] 3 words story

    in a fridge
  2. NetyTV

    [Forum game] Players vs staff

    3 + 1 = 4,08
  3. NetyTV

    Ban the person above you (game) V3

    Banned for disrespecting the TMP staff
  4. NetyTV

    The Last Post Wins!

    I don't think so bruh
  5. NetyTV

    Ban the person above you (game) V3

    Banned for calling yourself a good guy
  6. So, when will you do recruitment to Human Resources Team?.. So I can accept my own application for a Game Mod :troll:

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. IpilkAlaus


      Watch community mods and human resources develop a rivalry

    3. BlackSkill


      I dont think that there will be a recruitment for that team.

    4. NetyTV


      Yeah, I think so, too.

  7. Happy birthdaaayyy ! :) 

    1. NetyTV


      I'm a bit late, anyway thank you! :D

  8. NetyTV

    Synchronizace ATS

    Ahoj @risanek18 Splňuješ následující podmínky? Máš nahrány 2 hodiny na ATS (120 minut) Vlastníš hru na Steamu, rodinné sdílení (Family sharing) fungovat nebude Tvůj profil je veřejný
  9. Good luck moderators.

  10. Wow, what does happen with this team in last 2 days :wacko:

  11. Congratulations :)





      What we celebrate
  12. Congratulations :)

    1. slushbro


      Thank you

  13. NetyTV

    Ban Colours

    When there is green, it means the ban is active. After 1 year the ban will be yellow, not active. When the ban is deleted (hidden) there will be red
  14. NetyTV

    Rady při reportování na webu [CZ]

    Super, pěkně nám informace rostou