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  1. [Giveaways] by [AC] xaverracer | #2 (XMAS)

    I will try it, thanks
  2. What do players listen to?

    I usually listen this (just sometimes my YouTube playlist)
  3. Hello @Nikorine, Just one advice, next time type to chat /pinfo ID of the player and it will type you TMP ID, this way you can report him without finding name next time
  4. Rate the song above you [V2]

    7/10 I like happier music
  5. Banned for reporting @Lukavsky
  6. Hello @KmunBiene did you tried this one?
  7. i Cant start game

    You won't get banned for using it, you can add money and xp for your profile, anyway you can't use speedhack Link for download: Some antivirus programs can block it, disable it, this worked for me
  8. DLC

    Hello @ItzDenis You can uninstall and then again install it
  9. rank.PNG.e1440a029c5f286e2075bc305ee35fc1.PNG

    No one has seen me driving :troll:

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      congratulations bro :lol:

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      haha thx

    3. Kiina // Chinezen ^_^
  10. Hi,, Long Time you dont Visited Your World of trucks profile :D

    Check it please. Maybe you find new comments there ..

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      Nice, thanks :)

  11. Thx for follow :)

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      [GeoTC] BL4CKSK1LL

      You're welcome ^_^ 

  12. Hello, Thanks for following :)

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