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  1. Who here remembers Gran Turismo 4? It's been 9 or 10 years since I've last played this game. Still looks stunning considering how it's nearly 14 years old! Feeling so nostalgic playing this game in 1080p with PCSX2.


    Here's some pics I took with Photo Travel. https://imgur.com/a/RObYdpx


  2. Is there a way to put a driver's plate on the center space in a Scania? Does anybody know?


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    2. Spieker


      No that wouldn't crash anyone, even if it was possible.

      It's not possible because you would have to create a new file for the "Windshield Center" slot which then won't be compatible.

      The actual slot is part of the 3D model of the base game, so if it was possible, even non-DLC-owners would see it.

  3. Guys, DiRT 3 is free on Humble Bundle for a day and a half.


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    2. JeKnYan


      Just got my free copy :D

    3. _Pingu_


      my computer aint strong enough for that :( 

    4. _Pingu_


      is there a code for xbox if there is pm me 

  4. Hope you guys don't mind me asking, but is the new trailer DLC okay to use in MP right now?

    1. Cyrusj


      With the update you can't use the new DLC just yet.

    2. MashedPotaton8r
  5. I have a question for you IRL truckers. What do those license plates on the windows of some trucks mean? Drivers or co-drivers name? Something like that? Can somebody elaborate for me please?



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    2. MashedPotaton8r


      Thanks for the replies :)

    3. jacoblovekw


      Someone give that truck a wash, makes me sick looking at it

    4. UB8Gaming


      yeah i was thinking that as well lol

  6. When you change radio stations and hear your favourite song playing, but its already ending :'(

    1. Cyrusj
    2. Titanic4


      I think it's a bit worse when your favourite song is playing, but it gets changed before it ever ends, especially when the song is one of the rarest to listen on the radio...

  7. I literally can't stop listening to this song. I've probably played it more than 10 times a day for the past 5 days now... 80s music ftw!


    1. stilldre1976


      Cant beat the 80s bro :D i likes that hot tub time machine film when there on that ski slope in the 80s that dudes mobile phone makes me lmao

  8. Why do I always have the urge to create random things on paint.net in the middle of the bloody night... (My new cover picture is what I just made). 

  9. Is it safe to use the painted grille and table from the Griffin DLC in MP?

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    2. Subtle [HKG]

      Subtle [HKG]

      it may let everyone's game crashed.So like scarface said, it's better to use it after it's supported.

    3. Fuso9130 / Derpy

      Fuso9130 / Derpy

      other player that are using the parts have not caused crashes and i have seen too many scanias missing grills and rear lights and yet I have not crashed. But do not use the paintjobs because the server will kick you.

    4. fr4q


      well we all know they working on it but answerd from a developerteam would make very happy even when it says soon but u know the dev team said it and i can be sure xD

  10. Whoops accidentally blocked krav cause I thought he was some random guy I added. Sorry m8 

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    2. MashedPotaton8r


      i'll try again tomorrow and see if it works... remember kids, always add a nickname to your friends on steam...

    3. Subtle [HKG]
    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  11. I went on Steam and found that ETS2 needs an update. So I downloaded it and lanched the game. And to my surprise, I got a "Missing DLC" error. Turns out, the game decided to uninstall Scandinavia... 

  12. Can anybody guess what this plate number means?


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    2. Cyrusj


      Pretty creative.

    3. Cyrusj


      Making "leet" out of that i mean.

    4. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      yea i use to have the same on my car :P  but with a different logo 

  13. I think I broke ETS2...


    1. Titanic4


      I think it's graphics card related issue or your system is overheating. Have you tried other games as well?

    2. MashedPotaton8r


      Not too sure if it's my graphics card. I will verify my game cache and try tomorrow first.

  14. Uploaded a video of a guy insulting on the CB, then YouTube mutes it because of the music I was listening too... aghhhh

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    2. trabantem


      Upload it on a file storage website, like Dropbox or Google Drive ;)

    3. MashedPotaton8r


      ^^ I'll try that thanks

    4. Titanic4
  15. RIP World of Trucks...

    1. Puncake


      ? whats up?

  16. Why do I subscribe to a bunch of workshop mods for Cities Skylines but never play the game afterwards...

    1. FirestarteR93


      Tell me about it - i've subbed for like 5 ETS mods, but I only play in MP

  17. I found a dead insect in my lunch! A dead f*cking insect! I feel uneasy right now :(

    1. ak416


      Extra protein!

    2. SprinterFS


      the chef's pet roach accidentally fell into the dish



    3. Kibatsume


      Well, one day I found a big larva in my salad. Went to the chef and he said me "Yea, it's a fresh organic salad."


      Never ever asked for salad outside home. 

  18. Jalopy is gonna be released in about an hour! Hype

  19. The comments section in SCS's most recent blog post is an absolute mess... One guy is posting mature content there. GG

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    2. Save


      Yeah the movie does look awesome. Some of the CGI looks a bit weird in other trailers

      Here is a video of all the trailers so far:P 



    3. Darth Wazawai

      Darth Wazawai

      The person who see's movies with me might not be so inclined on seeing this movie... Esp with Now You See Me 2 Finding Dory Independence Day: Resurgence (tho w/o Will...) coming out :D

    4. stilldre1976


      waiting on civil war now for summer :D

  20. I'm so fed up with Microsoft... Constantly pushing updates and installing the broken Realtek sound driver everytime W10 updates. Should've stuck with W7 or 8.1

  21. Its nice to be back on the forums again!

  22. The Kenworth W900 is here! Time to download

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