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  1. NOW HIRING https://twitter.com/nationalvtc/status/1157578397092069376?s=20
  2. We're now only utilizing our own VTC Application System, check it out: https://apply.nationalfreightways.co.uk
  3. We've now signed-up to the TruckersMP VTC System, you're welcome to apply & you'll still gain full access if you use this rather than our site! https://truckersmp.com/vtc/9
  4. This will have been because your bans were not public, at the time you're welcome to re-apply.
  5. Nice to know what's happening now, only just seen this!
  6. What exactly is it saying? Is there any error message being displayed? (bottom left corner, chat area) or a popup? First off, I'd suggest restarting your TruckersMP, closing the application - if that fails, try to turn off your Computer, and update me from there!
  7. Good luck with this VTC, know it's hard to start up - but I'm sure you'll do great!
  8. We've lost a few great team members this week, @heyhococo, @Aestrial - and everyone else, but also gained alot of great team members, I wish everyone the best of luck in whatever path they follow, especially a huge congrats to ew @Keezome, @Armonk and @Nathan for becoming Human Resources! :P :truestory:

  9. Sad to see you go pal.. best of luck in the future! May the roads take you now!


    1. Aestrial


      Thank you mate, appreciated.

  10. Charity Events are a great addition to the TruckersMP community - not only does it bring together the community, it changes the community in lots of different ways, by supporting people who are affected in the community by sharing the love, and showing there is more to gaming than sitting in a chair, not moving - it brings together people and shows how good people are, personally I'd say keep it up to everyone who runs Charity Events, and they're a great addition. I'd not say make the requirements strict, it's about having fun but also spreading awareness!
  11. okay just getting a drink, brb

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