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  1. Connecting to TruckersMP - Hey guys, i just got home from school , and i was trying to go on europe 2 server ETS2 , and it is not working, I try other server same thing , it says internect issue with my connection I don't know what to do...
  2. Hey I need fast if u can " please " https://imgur.com/a/UQesX1M I need to register i have 2.4 hours, not my acc my friends account But I can't register it says i need atleast 2hrs and i have 2,4hrs , i bought the game from G2A , and yeah... Someone please help meh <3
  3. Hello Crack Yes I Solved the problem U need to reinstall the TruckersMP Player And reinstall the game And should be working, thanks for helping me out <3
  4. The DLC's working on SinglePlayer, but on Multi it's not working like my truck it's glitched, cuz i upgraded my truck on Single , but on multy it is not working... i need help on discord or teamspeak Disc : SteffyWhoaffy#2964
  5. Hey guys! Today i've bought DAF TUNING PACK, GRIFFIN PACK, WHEEL PACK i check on Truckers in sp it's working but on mp it not appear on DLC zone and i dont know how to resolve it... can u guys please help me?
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