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  1. Quality Express VTC is celebrating two years of operating on the roads of TruckersMP in Euro Truck Simulator and also American Truck Simulator. In this occation we would like to invite the TruckersMP community to celebrate the success of Quality Express VTC with us on the 29th of August 2020. The celebration will consist of a Truckfest, a major convoy in three legs and break activities. We have planned this for a long time and we are excited to see you there, having fun and celebrating with us! We are still looking for various Event Staff: - Media Crew members. - Streamers. To apply for any of the Event Staff roles above, please visit our discord server dedicated to the event. To book a truckfest slot for your VTC, please visit our discord server dedicated to the event. Before the convoy commences, there will be a truckfest at Calais SEA port. Times Truckfest Start: 11:00am GMT Judging Start : 11:15am GMT Winner Announcement: 11:30am GMT Convoy Start: 12:30pm GMT Convoy The route is 1900 km long and is split up into 3 segments. We will be going from Calais SEA Port to Amsterdam SEA Port via these three routes: Route 1. Route 2. Route 3. Break Activities Break 1. Parking Challenge Break 2. Drag Race 1v1 Hope to see you all there having a blast with us all! We would also appreciate it if you tell us you are coming by signing up on ets2c. Link: https://ets2c.com/view/85096/guccifipflops-calais-sea-port Sincerely, Marius Founder of Quality Express
  2. Make sure to check out our brand new website. Feel free to let us know what you think You can find it here: https://qualityexpressvtc.eu
  3. Quality Express is celebrating its 1 year anniversary tonight and we are hosting an official convoy so everyone can come celebrate with us!! More info here: https://ets2c.com/view/82785/milkybarkid1995-frankfurt-hotel
  4. We got big things coming our way soon! Our management and staff team has been working on this for a long time, and its soon to be implemented. We are doing some significant changes for the better, after suggestions from our members, + a surprise! Make sure to come in today and join the crew!
  5. Suggestion Name: Forum Chat Suggestion Description: Add a chat in the TruckersMP forums for registered users to use. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: It should be added to the forums because it will bring the community even closer together, and people can hang around more in the forums and do small talk, which we all know doesn't belong in a forum post. I think it might increase the forum activity because then people can be active in the community when they are not in-game (if they are on holidays, traveling etc).
  6. This post should be read by all new and existing TMP users so more people can avoid the C-D road and spread out more across the map. This guide shows a lot of great alternative routes to/from Calais/Duisburg.
  7. Ja har sett noen som bruker for eksempel (NOR) som tag eller lignende, har også møtt og snakket med et par norske men hvis jeg skal sammenligne den norske aktiviteten med for eksempel tyrkisk aktivitet så er den jo minimal. Usikker på om folk bare rett og slett ikke er flink nok til å reppe Norge eller om TMP bare er lite populært i Norge. Det Norske subforumet her inne er vertfall så og si helt dødt.
  8. I love the looks of it and I really hope it comes to ETS2. Personally I think the other Ivecos look terrible, but it seems like they have got some new designer over at their place and they are finally making modern trucks. Hopefully we will get it in-game as soon as its released in real life, however the answer to how long we have to wait is probably going to be........ a long damn time. +1 pray for this
  9. Lite aktivitet her inne ja, syns vi norske burde gjøre oss mer synlige på TruckersMP. Har spillt TMP i ca 1,5 år og spiller enda men mest i perioder. Joinet et VTC så og si med en gang jeg begynte å spille TMP men endte fort opp med å starte et nytt VTC. Det har vert operativt i et år nå i August og lengre skal det bli. Hvis dere er interessert i å spille eller eventuelt kanskje joine Quality Express så kan dere finne mer info om det i ETS2 Companies. Eventuelt kan dere plinge på i DM eller på Discord, min Discord ID er Marius#0808 Håper jeg ser noen av dere in-game
  10. Our website has now been optimized for mobile phones aswell! Check it out here: https://www.qualityexpressvtc.com We have also opened applications for more Convoy Crew members and Social Media Specialist to manage our social media platforms, if you're up for the challenge come on into our discord and submit an application!
  11. I´ve encountered this exact situation every time I visit extremely congested cities like Calais and Duisburg. As previously commented above the traffic rules say that you should not enter a roundabout or an intersection if you have to stop in it because you will most likely end up blocking someone. A big problem I've noticed in areas like this is that people ignore these rules and therefore the few of us who obey these rules properly will end up at a standstill and we will never get anywhere, again resulting in us also having to ignore these rules to get out of this mess. As far as I'm concerned you will not be banned for this, possibly teleported to service or kicked if it ends up making a big scene.
  12. Personally I don't like the Skoda very much. I think its a pain to drive because it handles and overall drives anything but similar to a real car. In my opinion the sound is also annoying and of poor quality. Personally I´d like to see something like a Volkswagen Transporter van as a pilot car, I think that seems more realistic in my opinion.
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