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  1. unknown.png
    Okay, so I decided to make a Prime Christmas logo and here's what I've done. :wub:

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    2. Rico.


      ohh, might aswell be part of media team :troll:

    3. AshlynsGaming


      Hah, I said that in our Discord. I really should... I'll go talk to the director of Media, hehe. 


  2. Has anyone seen this video? :lol:

  3. I will miss you. :wub:

    1. Cowie


      Thanks! I plan to stick around the community.

    2. AshlynsGaming


      I hope to see you back soon. :wub:

  4. happy bday

    1. TimeTimes


      Thank you Harley <3

      (That Prime logo looks really nice)

    2. AshlynsGaming
  5. I will miss you gromm.:(


    Aka: gromm :):wub:

  6. Thanks for the follow back! 

  7. Thanks for the follow back.

  8. Thanks for following me. Followed back:wub:

  9. Thanks for following me. I followed back.

  10. Thanks for following me. Followed back.

  11. Thanks for following me.

  12. Thanks for the follow:wub:

  13. Thanks for following me :wub:

  14. Has anyone noticed? 


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    2. AshlynsGaming


      because of that I was going to crash into someone yesterday for 3-4 times and I hope I they  won't report me for reckless or something like that, at least I didn't touch them as I'm pro driver even in situations like that

    4. AshlynsGaming


      Yeah, I hope this gets fixed in the future.

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