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    If i wasnt in university , would have liked to be either Truck driver or Coach Driver
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  1. its really hard for GM s to deal with in game reports there is too many of them and it requires at least 2 min for only one to dealth with and a GM wouldnt wanna deal with them that much since they already do at website.
  2. Try to remove the current winter mod files and redownload them again , it worked for me.
  3. I was having the same problem , so i removed the snow mod then downloaded again and it worked.
  4. Invalid client issue , it is known by the developers and they are working on it best thing to do is waiting unfortunatly
  5. @Katakuri hello , there are so many people downloading the mod right now , so it might be crashing yours , wait for a bit and then try again later
  6. Its finally here thank you TMP team awesome work
  7. CptJacker

    TruckersMP Tatil

    Merhaba hellforce , şimdi yurtdışında adamlar Christmas yani noel i kutladıkları için ( biz kutlamıyoruz ) okula gidip yurtta kalanlar ve başka şehirde çalışanlar ailelerinin yanına döndükleri için bir süre ortalıkta olmuyorlar veya ailecek olanlarda bir yerlere gezmeye gidiyorlar.Bizim ramazan gibi düşün yani.O yüzden bu durumu anlayışla karşılaman lazım.
  8. Thank you for the follow :P

  9. Thank you for the follow bud :D

  10. I dont want to leave the game , I feel special :P


  11. Thanks for the follow!

  12. How come you are not a Veteran III Driver?

    1. CptJacker


      i dont even know :D

  13. Thanks a lot for the follow :D

  14. Ben şahsen mirilis action kullanıyorum oldukça class bir program.
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