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    If i wasnt in university , would have liked to be either Truck driver or Coach Driver
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  1. Uhhhh it really would have been lovely too , i like the idea , welp we have a long waiting time
  2. CptJacker

    What's your dream car?

    My realistic dream car wishes are -Renault Fluence -Hyundai i20 -Fiat Egea or Linea
  3. im expecting better YT rewind for next year
  4. Yeah its already in ATS , it doesnt do much tbh , but still small details makes a great piece.
  5. I think best experience i got is the Patience , its really hard to just go with 70km/h for hours , now i know how the truck drivers feel.So that i respect more to truck drivers IRL , i try to give them way more often
  6. Thanks for the follow!

  7. CptJacker

    How Many Web Reports Have You Submitted ?

    @Mirrland Im heading through your way , i dont feel like its such a big bother for me @S p a r k i e Im getting tired from it too sometimes , but someone has to do it , otherwise people not gonna learn from their mistake @AloneWolf. Yup , mine also incerases day by day , i play the game everyday and somehow i always get trouble @FernandoCR [ESP] You seem to took your time , thats a very high number of reports
  8. How come you are not a Veteran III Driver?

    1. CptJacker


      i dont even know :D

  9. The web reports i sumbit increases day by day i realised i ve been reporting so many people and my list is going on and on so , question is clear how many web reports did you submit until now? How many of them Accepted ? How many of them declined ? Reports i submitted : 40 Reports Accepted : 38 Reports Declined : 2 (22 november to 7 December ) (Some reports are declined because its added to existing bans count them as Accepted )
  10. CptJacker

    Snow Question

    @WentworthHFD @Lazox3 nice avatars
  11. CptJacker

    What is the best truck brand?

    I actually like every brand but i mostly prefer Volvo or Mercedes
  12. CptJacker

    Winter mod for multiplayer

    Just have to wait and see , no one knows what is when to come
  13. I was driving at random places before C-D , and one day a friend of mine introduced me that road , i was super amazed because that day there was a huge traffic and that was something i wasnt used to , since that day i generally drive around C-D.
  14. Looking back to old DLCs and explanations , i think they would go through the East
  15. CptJacker

    What's new in Update 1.34?

    Who knows whats comes next Maybe a new truck , maybe new small DLC , maybe small changes in game maybe maybe maybe