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  1. CptJacker

    Do your "In-game" reports get looked at?

    its really hard for GM s to deal with in game reports there is too many of them and it requires at least 2 min for only one to dealth with and a GM wouldnt wanna deal with them that much since they already do at website.
  2. CptJacker

    What do you think about this System?

    @NeonLeon i dont get what is he trying to say but there is problem with the day light which is the system allows us to turn off lights in the 07.00 am in the morning while the weather is dark but at 04.00pm(16.00) in the evening system wants us to turn on the light while the weather is bright
  3. CptJacker

    Last remnants of once a good place

    I enjoy the crowd and i stick with eu2 , and i go through the c-d road , yes i know there are trolls there but i have my measure ( recording ) and i enjoy my drive even if i get rammed because i know that they wil be punished by their actions thanks to report system.
  4. CptJacker

    How Many Web Reports Have You Submitted ?

    @Averazon Of course it is not an achievement , i report people who disobey the rules not for my joy , and i mostly forgive people who overtake inappropriately or ram me from behind.
  5. CptJacker

    Describing D-C Road With One Word

    Sorry , winter mod
  6. CptJacker

    Making ETS2 colors colder like before?

    Oh thanks everyone for useful links , good to know there is great mod out there
  7. CptJacker

    Weird sound

    Keep in mind to not spam that thing once you have it , those things can be so annoying sometimes
  8. CptJacker

    Car savegame modding

    @AirSociety i think it is one of those bugs , like even if locomotive is official load in DLC you still cant use it.
  9. CptJacker

    Drift meetup in Calais port

    Already done that
  10. CptJacker

    Winter mod not working, Invalid Client

    Try to remove the current winter mod files and redownload them again , it worked for me.
  11. CptJacker

    Invalid launcher - WINTER MOD

    I was having the same problem , so i removed the snow mod then downloaded again and it worked.
  12. CptJacker

    Don't go onto C-D Road with Winter Mod

    This is going to be me today
  13. CptJacker

    Server is Kicking me due to Winter Mod.

    Invalid client issue , it is known by the developers and they are working on it best thing to do is waiting unfortunatly
  14. CptJacker

    Is the Winter Mod allowed?

    @Katakuri hello , there are so many people downloading the mod right now , so it might be crashing yours , wait for a bit and then try again later
  15. CptJacker

    Winter mod is now available!

    Its finally here thank you TMP team awesome work