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  1. What should i do to stop getting kicked? I've created the mod folder in Documents/ETS2MP and pasted all 3 files inside. But whenever i join the server i'm instantly getting kicked.
  2. BanneD_

    Best Acceleration in Trucks with normal Cargo

    Yes i think so too but what transmission and chassis should i use to maximize the efficiency?
  3. When carrying normal cargo (Average 15 tons), what's the truck with the best acceleration?
  4. BanneD_

    The speed limiter from the eyes of a reckless driver

    This is what i'm saying: - People having loads of money from hacks in the game is one of the reasons they brake the rules. - A global speed limit is not the solution to reduce accidents in the C-D route - Anyone who drives in the C-D route for a long time knows that accidents happen because: 1) Lag 2) Bad Overtake calls 3) Various other minor reasons (trucks spawn, trucks coming out of gas stations in bad timing etc.) - The speed limit won't help the C-D route cause most overtakes happen between 0 - 120 km/h. It's hard to maintain 150 km/h in a populated C-D route anyway. So in conclusion, the speed limit rule won't help reduce the accidents in the C-D route and people gonna keep doing their thing. Now as i mentioned above the current speed limit rule makes the game twice as boring when you're driving in isolated highways. For instance: Scandinavia freeways can sustain speeds up to 220 km/h and won't throw you off the road. Meaning that you can drive in high speeds safely. So this rule won't improve the C-D road and it also punishes every other area in the game. Now tell me how is that ok?
  5. BanneD_

    The speed limiter from the eyes of a reckless driver

    I was actually answering in general about rule braking (in game). Not your post directly. The only reason people troll is because they have millions of euros in their bank accounts and can keep paying massive amounts of money in fines and repairs. If you take that away people won't be able to do it soon enough.
  6. BanneD_

    The speed limiter from the eyes of a reckless driver

    If you want people to take the rules seriously then they need to implement server accounts where no hacks are possible. When you have a load of cash you don't care about the traffic fines or the truck damage. When money is an issue you think twice before braking a rule.
  7. BanneD_

    The speed limiter from the eyes of a reckless driver

    yes, i agree with all of them except the cars being a luxury. I kinda like driving around from city to city with cars and exploring the map. Currently i'm at 20% exploration and i lack the italia,and france DLC. So i've got to do a lot of free roam with my car and taking the speed limit down is really a bummer.
  8. BanneD_

    The speed limiter from the eyes of a reckless driver

    I'm well aware about my ban history and i can assure you that it has nothing to do with the top speed in the trucks or cars. This argument is about if the speed limit brings more pros than cons in the table. It fixes nothing in the D-C Road and it causes problems in every other area of the map.
  9. BanneD_

    The speed limiter from the eyes of a reckless driver

    Yes i agree. I think that the speed limit should exist in the vanilla map and be excluded from the dlc maps.
  10. BanneD_

    The speed limiter from the eyes of a reckless driver

    Just because you don't enjoy driving in high speeds doesn't mean that there are no players out there who like doing so. The speed limit rule brought a new level of boredom to every other place in the map except the C-D road. To reach most places in the map you drive in isolated highways. If you like driving 90 km/h in an empty road for 30 minutes then good for you. But for me, i like reaching my truck's top speed and drive to the limit to deliver my cargos especially when i go to isolated places where there are 10 players in a 1000 km radius
  11. BanneD_

    The speed limiter from the eyes of a reckless driver

    This guy is a douchebag. But since every accident he cause happened between 0-120 km/h i don't see how the speed limit solves the problem. This guy just needs a permanent ban
  12. BanneD_

    The speed limiter from the eyes of a reckless driver

    I don't really think that the current speed limit will solve any issues in the D-C Road aswell. If anything, it will kill high speed driving in remote locations, especially the dlc highways. Cause the vanilla game and the going East highways are not built for 200 km/h but driving in the freeways of Scandinavia with a scout car is so much fun. You can achieve highspeeds (maybe 240 km/h) and still control the car.
  13. BanneD_

    The speed limiter from the eyes of a reckless driver

    Well considering that you're driving alone in the highway and starting to approach another truck, you realise that you're going faster than him so you're preparing to overtake. Now if both trucks can go up to 150km/h the difference in speed will be only in the uphill driving. To Will [UK] I'm going to assume that you're talking for the C-D road. So in my experience if the truck in front of you can go up to 150km/h while you're overtaking then you really shouldn't overtake. If you can't overtake in less than 7-8 seconds then don't do it at all. A truck without cargo can overtake a truck with cargo in 5 seconds (average). If you know where to overtake then you'll never cause an accident. The speed limit does not cause a problem in overtaking in the C-D Road since the most important thing in overtaking is acceleration and not top speed.
  14. Hi, I wanted to open a topic and discuss the recent change in the speed limit. As the title says, i'm not the perfect driver as i've been banned in the past for reckless driving and more than once. That doesn't mean i don't enjoy the trucking experience the game has to offer but i also enjoy trucking in high speeds. Driving in high speeds can become responsibly as long as the driver knows what he's doing. For instance: The Calais - Train Level crossing (the train before brussel) road has spots for overtake. Considering that the train blocks incoming traffic for about 1 minute that gives a fast truck time to make some overtakes (1 - 2 at best. 3 is pushing it). Also if the driver knows the map parts that show incoming traffic from a great distance, he can overtake safely (Always taking into account the engine power of your truck and the one you're trying to overtake). I'm sure that most experienced (C-D Road) drivers might recognize some of these unwritten rules. The problems i see with the current speed limit are the following: - Overtakes in highways take a great amount of time (considering that both trucks drive at 150km/h) and they are possible only when highway is going uphill (the strongest engine "wins"). I've witnessed 3 accidents so far in highway cause both trucks were going side by side for a great distance. - Driving long distances with cars is now useless. One of the big advantages of cars was that you could go to remote locations faster. Now it feels the same as going with your truck or even worse cause some trucks accelerate faster than cars. - 5th gear is now useless in cars. As someone who likes to drive sequential in cars, i'm really disappointed to say that the 150km/h speed limit has ruined the experience. For those who know 4th gear in cars can get you up to 143-144 km/h. So 5th gear can offer the extra 6-7 km/h at 3k rpm which feel pretty useless. - The speed limit won't solve the Overtaking problem in the C-D road. Especially in the Brussel - Calais part of the road where you can get these speeds easy. Right now i feel that the only problem the speed limit solves is not bumping into someone who's stopped ahead of you and you have little time to react (with braking intensity at maximum). I wanna end my post by saying that i'm actually for the speed limit rule in the game, just not the current one we get right now. For me the best speed limit is around 165-170 km/h.
  15. BanneD_

    Most Beautiful Roads

    I've driven the roads in the Scandinavian DLC and i find them quite attractive. I don't own the Vive la France DLC so i have never driven there. I also think that the C-D road is quite beautiful. Any other roads worth mentioning? Any roads from the Going East DLC?