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  1. People need to pay attention more often
  2. Great thinking. It is in fact hard to see through the rear mirror. +1
  3. Amber Rose


    for some reason, I cannot connect to discord. any way I can fix this?
  4. In-gane settings Controls Look on top "keybroad" You are able to see options along with your wheek. Everything will be automatically saved and settings will be saved when you click on your wheel.
  5. Hey, click on the brake axle (yellow) and as you see, your brake is already set to that option as you said, when you click on it, hit your brakes back and forwards, then it should work. I did too had a Thrustmaster and had to go through the same problem.
  6. Could be bad connection. Restart your wifi box.
  7. +1 Very good idea to show where everyone is from.
  8. Someone was possible in your area with an uncertified mod. which caused your game to crash. Try running TMP as an administrator Right click on TMP (TruckersMP) click on run as an administrator.
  9. Try running TruckersMP as a administrator 1) Right click on TMP (TruckersMP) 2) Click run as administrator
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