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  1. People need to pay attention more often
  2. Hard to overtake especially with the snow mod, back trailer can be sliding left and right out of nowhere
  3. Once the player is off your "near by list" you cannot longer hear/see his chatsor CB.
  4. Winter mod: unable to brake fast enough, if you do brake you truck turns (slides) to the left, trailer is more often to slide. It may wasn't his fault but with winter mod you can't really do anything to help your tires stick to the road.
  5. /fix quicker and easier
  6. ETS2, more choices of trucks, and bigger based map than ets2
  7. Typing and driving is one the worst ways to have an accident. Especially the keybroad the drivers. It is in fact hard to do both at the same time but no one wants to pull over to send a message each time so its something we all get used to.
  8. Great thinking. It is in fact hard to see through the rear mirror. +1
  9. Amber Rose


    for some reason, I cannot connect to discord. any way I can fix this?
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