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  1. Yeah i know but i had keys&buttons automatically assigned when i connected the wheel for the first time how can i get that automatically without needing to put it in myself?
  2. I have the keys for my keyboard but not secondary for the wheel
  3. Hello guys so i got my G29 working and there were set automatically Keys & Buttons in game and i was changing some of them and then i pressed reset to default and it all dissapeared how can i get all settings automatically again ? The only working is the real automatic shifter, pedals and turning on wheel no other buttons are working
  4. Still got the issue External Contracts are only Bergen to Bergen and freight market there are some from DK but its so far away...
  5. hello im new to TruckersMP and my problem is that i have only jobs for my HQ city Bergen->Bergen..
  6. just as the title says.. i cant find nothing
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