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  1. I have Euro truck Sim 2, played it and thought this needs a wheel...so i bought the driving force gt. After installing it it worked fine, but i wanted the 900 degrees rotation, so i installed the profiler...and then ♥♥♥♥ went haywire. My brake is stuck, this shows in the Sim menu by the yellow bar that is full. I tried reversing it...doesn't work...standard settings...didn't work...i tried uninstalling and restarting the pc...didn't work...checked my pedal to see if it could be dirt(brand new) so no...i do not have the combined pedal option on...calibrating shows everything normal...so i think the problem lies in the game itself. After reading and trying all the simple solutions i still have nothing, and am not able to play anymore :(... So please, any ideas?
  2. Bruh, the one thing i did not do, lol, thanks so much!
  3. So I went to play ATS mp but it says this. Does anyone know how to fix this? ATS is attempting to launch with the optional parameters shown below. "Files\TruckersMP Launcher\Launcher.exe" If you did not request this launch or do not understand these options, select cancel. And if i press ok i go to SP, pls help.
  4. How long will this be? [duration]
  5. So my friends Truckers MP wont work, can anyone tell me how to fix this so i can show him? "American Truck Simulator is attempting launch with the optional perimeters *Truckers mp file location* If you did not request this launch or do not understand these options then select cancel" Please help.
  6. So ive been on TMP ETS EU2 and ive been driving from Calais to Duisburg and there have been some crazy divers on that road. I was woundering if more admins could patrol that road.
  7. happy birthday @mwl4!! thank you helping truckers mp!
  8. On june 20th there will be a convoy, so I was woundering if I could save edit the TMP trailer off the steam workshop. Can I do that?
  9. Thank you for your help!
  10. ok, I will try to find a image
  11. In game is a 50ft plus a smaller trailer allowed? On ATS.
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