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  1. @大卫埃德森i Miss you :ph34r:

    1. David Edson

      David Edson

      Yeah mate, let's drive together any time :)

    2. XinBao^


      @David EdsonDue to the time difference, we are unable to drive together:wub:

    3. David Edson

      David Edson

      Yeah, sadly... 

  2. @SprinterFS谢谢你,我现在就试
  3. 非常感谢你的信息,这对很多国人有帮助! 我想问一个问题?使用中文会不会禁止?
  4. XinBao^

    Winter Mod Not Working In Multiplayer

    Hello,please see this topic
  5. XinBao^


    Hello Vossloh G6 This is a known bug, please be patient and wait for TmP fix
  6. XinBao^

    TruckersMP holidays

    Happy New Year, Merry Christmas! I am looking forward to 2019
  7. XinBao^

    Pedestrians in the middle of the road

    Please turn off random events, personal suggestions. Sometimes responsible for a lot of responsibility
  8. XinBao^

    A bug about onilin game 线上游戏bug

    Hello I also found this problem too noisy, but this is a known bug, let us wait patiently for updates Merry Christmas
  9. XinBao^

    updating is being done but does not open

    Hello Please quit, restart
  10. XinBao^


    亲爱的玩家们 由于假日季节,我们团队的许多成员将无法使用。我们希望每个人都能在朋友和家人的陪伴下度过这段时光。这意味着您的报告,取消和支持服务单可以等待更长时间以获得响应/帮助。 我们所有的活动将于2019年3月1日正常恢复 在即将到来的圣诞节之际,我们祝你们成功,健康,和平的圣诞节,这个美好的时光将在家庭氛围中传递,带来许多欢乐和乐观,即将到来的新年带来了很多好处! TruckersMP团队 如果自己的英语可以看懂,自己可以去看!由于哪里翻译的不对,请给我说出来 鑫宝^
  11. XinBao^

    Problems with heavy loads.

    Hello This is a known bug, please be patient and wait for updates
  12. XinBao^

    TruckersMP version problem

    Hello,please see this topic XinBao^
  13. XinBao^

    Ping too high?

    Hello,please see the topic XinBao^
  14. XinBao^

    Change Engine sound by editing save

    Hello,please see the topic XinBao^
  15. XinBao^

    Unreliable Connection Problem

    hello Please quit the game and re-enter the game! This is a known bug, please be patient and wait for updates XinBao^