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  1. [Trainee] @*Winged* has been promoted to the position of Report Moderator.
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  2. [Player] @Sinyor. joins the Translation Team as a Trial Translator.
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  3. [Player] @CuteCat joins the Game Moderation Team as a Trainee. [Player] @ItzLincoln joins the Game Moderation Team as a Trainee.
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  4. [Support] @[IMPERIAL] Skazochniсk leaves the team due to lack of time. We would like to thank him for his continued hard work for the TruckersMP team.
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  6. ? It's time to bring the equipment and start the renovating of the highway... ? Meanwhile, you can go and watch my new video, in which I travel from: Ostrava ?? to Radom ??, all this time some things happened outside my plans such as: Policemans - stopping the people for inspection, closed roads, accidents... I hope you will like it! With good wishes, Samito_BG TruckersMP Staff - Game Moderator/Translator
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  8. Just some fun facts... Google Translate: Calais (English) → カレー (Japanese) → Curry (English) Have a nice day!
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  11. [GAME MODERATOR TRAINER] @TotalDiesel has been promoted to Game Moderation Manager.
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  13. RLC Convoy was good and KGT had some fantastic trailers ??? Plenty more photos here ---> https://imgur.com/a/lBeRhqe
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  14. Hope everyone has a nice evening! P.s see you on the roads later.
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  15. Über die Veranstaltung: Hallo mein Name ist @_Mo1993_. Ich habe mich lange Zeit mit diesem Thema auseinander setzen müssen, da ich Betroffener bin. Was ist meine Intension? Ich würde ich mich über einen Konvoi freuen der den Namen "Fahren gegen den Krebs" trägt. Unter folgendem Link sind ein paar Infos zu finden: https://www.krebshilfe.de/krebsforschung/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIiKba0PjU7AIVxuR3Ch1Z6QxhEAAYAiAAEgI4mfD_BwE Ich weiß, dass es in der Forschung um Krebs gerade sehr schwer ist. Deshalb spende ich an jedem Monatsende das übrigen Geld. Dies mache ich sehr gerne, da ich weiß wo das Geld ankommt. Es würde mich sehr freuen, mit deutschen Team-Mitgliedern des TruckersMPs sowie dem Event-Team etwas sehr tolles auszuarbeiten. Wenn Ihr dieses Thema mögt, dann teilt es auch im englischen Bereich und erwähnt mich. In erster Linie geht es mir zunächst um den deutschen Bereich. Sollte dies gut ankommen, dann natürlich auch im englischen Bereich. Bitte gebt mir eine Rückmeldung, da ich sehr gerne Events gestalte. Ich arbeite auch sehr gerne in einem Team, damit sich jeder einbringen kann und alles viel leichter ist. Danke für Eure Zeit, ganz liebe Grüße, Mo
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  19. Live with some In Game Reports
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  21. [TRIAL TRANSLATOR] @Sinyor. has been removed from the team due to internal reasons.
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  22. @Sabbi [GER] @Milousano @[GER] Maurice Bailey @Marc26705 @VorexPlayerMarc
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  24. Helo guys Im trying to be more active now lul can I get some POGGERS?
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  27. Multiplayer Interior Local Mod For Scania & Volvo Scania R 2016 Volvo FH 16 2012
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  29. [Player] @JamesS014 joins the Game Moderation Team as a Trainee. [Report Moderator] @Hogger_Fabi has been promoted to the position of Game Moderator. [Report Moderator] @Martin. has been promoted to the position of Game Moderator.
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  30. Enjoy a new look of the forum!
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  31. When driving in reverse for the Scout car, you are able to max out the speed
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  33. Congratulations on becoming report moderator!
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  34. Hiii @EPS!LON I wish you all the best for your birthday ??
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  37. Hello, @菲兹98 and @V.i.c.t.o.r..Good morning!Thank you!
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  38. All official rules are in place during an official TruckersMP event. Although, there are some that are different from the public servers. Be sure to follow these rules when attending an official TruckersMP event. Last updated: 25 Jan 2021 Overtaking - It is not permitted to overtake during a convoy. If you are overtaking, you will be kicked from the server on your first offence. The second offence will be a ban depending on the situation. Cars - Use of cars are prohibited during any convoys organised by TruckersMP as they are reserved for staff. The only cars you will see during a convoy will be either Game Moderators or the Event Team. If you are caught using a car during an event, you will be kicked from the server. Repeated offences may result in a ban for the duration of the event. Reckless Driving - Please ensure that you are keeping a safe distance from the player in front of you, to ensure you can stop safely. There will be Game Moderators watching over the event, making sure that participants are acting appropriately. Free-roam - Roaming throughout the server and not following the event is not allowed. You must be participating with the convoy, or in the surrounding areas. Failure to comply will result in removal from the event server. Convoy Control - You must follow convoy control instructions given by the TruckersMP team. They are there to ensure that everyone is driving in the correct direction and alert you of upcoming hazards. You can identify them by their coloured usernames and in-game tag! They will be driving a police car. Their instructions must be followed at all times, otherwise, you will be removed from the event server. Trailers - Unless explicitly stated otherwise, a trailer is required to participate in our convoy's. For Euro Truck Simulator 2; you should not exceed two (2) trailers. For American Truck Simulator; you should not exceed two (2) trailers with the exemption of the base triple. Heavy Haul cargo is not permitted for either game (empty trailers are permitted so long as you are not causing a gap). If your trailer is causing gaps in the convoy, you may have to pull over or teleport to the Services. Traffic Signals - The convoy will have priority over traffic signals. It is not required for convoy participants to stop at red traffic signals, or yield at junctions unless directed otherwise. The event servers are only online for the duration of the event, they are not available 24/7.
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