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Hot topic #29: TFM implementation


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Hello Truckers!

Welcome to the 29th edition of our Hot Topic series ?

During the month of July, we added features in-game for our partners Truckers.FM
Have you used this feature? Do you like this feature? What else could we add to this feature?

We really look forward to your comments and opinions below :D 

Discuss this all below in this edition of Hot Topic...


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I used to this command in game but many times I can't use the command because the description is short. 


I think that it is better to add the more information of each command better than now. 


Btw, I'm very happy to use the TruckersFM command. :) Good luck in the future, TruckersMP Staff!


TeamAudi Project Manager

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I think this is a very effective and even rational improvement for those who hear TruckersFM frequently. What I would improve is the commands, I would try to make them shorter so that I would not forget the commands because of their length. Although they are not long at the moment but I would try to shorten them even more. Instead of tfm I might have tried something else, and also in the second part of the command.

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I don't really think it helps me. The commands might be good but unless you have a steering wheel or a controller typing them takes away steering. The info screen does take quite a bit of space and the fact that you still have to stop your truck to start and stop radio does not make it much more convenient



A command that automates it all. Let's say one command called /enabletfm for example that you only type in one time and then the in-game chat sends you a message when a new song plays like "[TFM] Now Playing 'Artist - Song'" or "[TFM] Now on Air: Radio Show by DJ Presenter" like an announcement. That way you can check it in a quick way that does not impair your sight or prevent you from steering. And the command works until you type let's say /disabletfm or turn off the game

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I for sure appreciate this feature however, i have only used it once to try it out.

Radio stations don't really play the music i enjoy listening to.

That's why i just use youtube playlists most of the time.


But i really appreciate the work and effort you put into the modification every day.

It's just outstanding how hard on TruckersMP works for this, and i think it doesn't get enough appreciation. 


Best Regards



Have a nice day!

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@Tevret_Fikfik - It's harder then you think to implement, as if you want to have commands like /tfm-shoutout, etc. You need special API + Integrations on the radio website too, to ban people spamming it for example.


(Currently) TruckersFM is the only radio station you can interact with while driving, simply because we are partnered with them, which allows us to work on such features together. 


So tl;dr - This system requires a lot of special features, that are almost not possible, without some kind of agreement between the radio and TMP.


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