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  1. Hi, I recommend and invite you to read the following article which explains everything you need to know about the reporting system: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/10
  2. Hi, Regarding the video - you could turn and not continue straight to the second lane in the square (this is also something that is also done in reality, according to the traffic laws in most countries). Therefore, the evidence you have presented is insufficient. You have enough space to go around. he does not do blocking in a way that blocks the entire road or an entire lane so the consequences are kick and not ban. Regarding the user details you talked about - when you write / pinfo in the game the ID given to you is the exclusive ID of that user and the chance that he can change it is very low to zero because these are internal systems of the community and the game. When you do not find it - that's a sign that he has decided to delete his account - which means that he can no longer be located because the account has been permanently deleted.
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    Bad car drivers

    Hey, Just for that there are team members who handle the reports. All you have to do is record the game and if and when someone breaks the rules and you get hurt as a result you can report him and he will bear the consequences for his actions depending on the evidence you provide. Currently it is not possible to return the money or make the offender pay to the injured but I hope that in the future there will be such a system and then also the players who do not respect the rules will bear the consequences and you too will be compensated for the damage to your vehicle.
  7. Hey, I do not fully agree with the things you said. First of all, it very much depends on what server you are playing on, there are servers that regularly have a low number of players and there are servers where the number of players is high and is on a fixed average of a few thousand for a few hours. I personally play server #1 and meet dozens of players on the roads, even when places are far away. In the middle of the night and early in the morning there are usually not many players, because people go to work or sleep - towards noon there are a lot of people. I think the community is growing and evolving every day. There are always things to improve but the bottom line is that the community and the people who are in it and take part in the team are very high quality and in such a situation the community will continue to grow every day and in time we will see more people playing on all servers
  8. Hi, I think this is a very effective and even rational improvement for those who hear TruckersFM frequently. What I would improve is the commands, I would try to make them shorter so that I would not forget the commands because of their length. Although they are not long at the moment but I would try to shorten them even more. Instead of tfm I might have tried something else, and also in the second part of the command.
  9. Genius. Well done
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  11. Suggestion Name: An insurance system that is designed for trucks and vehicles Suggestion Description: Today in almost every country in the world, when you buy a car you are required to also buy "compulsory insurance" for the car. In addition to other insurances that you buy such as: third party insurance (when you get in the car or come across something), comprehensive insurance (any damage that happens to the car) and more. When any of these things happen you can rest assured that you will get your money back as a result of what happened to your car, it prevents you from worrying financially and you will be able to get back to routine quickly. The idea I propose is to build a type of insurance system within the game that will allow each player to buy insurance for his car / truck and if and when he has an accident, collision or anything else that will be included in the insurance / s he has decided to buy - the money will return to his account automatically. Any example images: http://prntscr.com/tmm6w6 (The idea that it will be a "page" like the bank that is in the game, only instead of sums of money there will be types of insurance, an explanation of each insurance and how much you have to pay in each time period to maintain it). Why should it be added?: Many times players find themselves with quite a bit of damage to their car / truck as a result of colliding with players unintentionally or with inanimate things like power poles or traffic signs, they have to go to the garage and repair it and the money goes down from their account. Some players do not have a lot of money to maintain their vehicle on a regular basis so the insurance system will help them in a time of need, of course it will also cost money and they will have to play strategically and accordingly so they can also fund insurance (which adds more interest to the game).
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