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  1. Shoval's post in Report users but ID wrong was marked as the answer   
    Regarding the video - you could turn and not continue straight to the second lane in the square (this is also something that is also done in reality, according to the traffic laws in most countries). Therefore, the evidence you have presented is insufficient. You have enough space to go around. he does not do blocking in a way that blocks the entire road or an entire lane so the consequences are kick and not ban.
    Regarding the user details you talked about - when you write / pinfo in the game the ID given to you is the exclusive ID of that user and the chance that he can change it is very low to zero because these are internal systems of the community and the game. When you do not find it - that's a sign that he has decided to delete his account - which means that he can no longer be located because the account has been permanently deleted.
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