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  1. Ok @Granite thanks good point. and @Syln. I see there are some Reputation points I want to ask you how can I give you one? as you helped me and you deserve mine point.
  2. @Syln. Oh ye I did not :D. Thanks for letting me know I didn't even know there is a function like this in game :D.
  3. I recently discovered that no matter what your trucks says about your fuel consumption(like if you are consuming 200liters per 100km or 0liters per 100km) the distance you can drive on one tank is always the same. I tried going few KMs without holding a throttle and the distance was disapearing the same speed as when I had full throttle. I dont know if this is a bug of TMP or bug of the game but it is just to inform you that trying to go ''eco'' is useless.
  4. frost2921

    FMOD bugs

    I encountered also not working horns or engine turn off sounds + I encountered that Skoda sounds are sometimes totally broken and does not work at all.
  5. Thanks everyone for their opinions it gave me a new perspective on this theme.
  6. @คzzยгค @Scania LTD I Donovannn Even if the servers are full I meet like 10-20 people per German city but other countries like UK or in Scandinavia I am lucky if I meet 1-5 people. I am in +2 CEST time zone so I think I meet the majority of community in that timezone.
  7. So I was playing ETS2MP for over 6 months now and since I started playing I have never seen the servers to be full(Always like 2000 players to 3000 players daily).It kinda feels lonely to ride along the europe and meet player once in 5 minutes or so, sometimes even rarely(not counting the C-D and surroundings. So I was lately wondering how could we bring more players to the multiplayer how could the servers be filled up daily and maybe have even servers with bigger capacity of like 10k people so that you wouldn't be so lonely while driving solo. Sadly I didn't come up with anything good or use
  8. I imagine them there flying all over the place and smashing everyone off the road.
  9. In my opinion its their way to tell you that your highbeams are on and that you should turn them off to stop blinding everyone.(In singleplayer)
  10. My opinion on seasons is that they firstly should make physics of trucks more realistic and after that start adding season mods.
  11. Hello. I really like the idea of that panel. I would add the length of the track+how long the track will be still playing. I would also add a button which will have the function to start/stop the radio without going to menu of game.
  12. Yes the OpenGL thing helped. Thank you for helping. Thanks very much. I have found yet another solution. Not that practical but works for me too. When you are starting the multiplayer don't click any other app before it loads to log in.
  13. My game freezes when I firstly alt+tab from it and then back. The game is running but I can't move with mouse when in menu or when in game I can't move with anything. I can hear that the game is still running but the picture freezes and I must restart the game. It happens only sometimes and I did not come up why does it happens. Only solution is always restart the game if it happens and always check when in menu before even logging in if the game freezes after alt+tabbing or not. If yes restart and try again. Sometimes it even happened thrice in a row for me. PS: I tried the guide where I
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