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  1. I respect that. For me TMP is game that you will (mostly) enjoy, if you enjoy driving on the C-D Road or any other congested map area. Like you said, the lack of AI traffic & players make it unsuitable to drive in most places of the map. So i do agree that if you don't like to drive on the congested areas, there's no reason to play TMP, especially now with Convoy Mode being available. Well It is possible, just very hard to make right and i don't know how viable it is based on server costs. And if it does happen, that would make TMP clearly superior to Convoy and would probably draw a lot of players back into the game. But i honestly don't hope for such a feature when rain-sync is still missing.
  2. If that was the case, TMP would never become successful in the first place. Yes, changes in the gameplay do attract a few people back but that's circumstancial and it only lasts for so long. Content wise TMP was in a way worse state back in 2018 yet it had more players than today.
  3. The thing i'm questioning is that these kind of decisions lead to a less enjoyable game which in turn leads to less people playing the game. I understand why they take such decisions. I understand that they want to decongest certain areas and reduce admin moderation. All that is good, but someone has to start asking questions whether it's the right direction given the fact that the playerbase is declining and is not very forgiving anymore when there are other multiplayer options on the table.
  4. Should we discuss again, how did that work for the playerbase lately? EDIT: If i wanted to drive on a streamlined and monitored environment, singleplayer would be a much better experience. Perhaps that double-trailer that blocks the path because the driver miscalculated the turning point is the reason multiplayer is more enjoyable and the reason i was driving at Kirkenes in the first place (Or a reason for some other player who doesn't like that to completely avoid that area)
  5. That's not really accurate though. ETS2 is doing fine, only TMP is dipping. And honestly it's not really shocking, because in the name of Simulation every bit of fun is removed out of the game. Look at Kirkenes and how they forbid to drive a double-trailer. In the end of the day, if the game is not fun people won't play it and the game feels too streamlined nowadays.
  6. I know, i've been in one although it had around 25 players. Good experience. I can't wait for SCS to support it officially to be honest. That would probably mean the end of TMP for me unless they add the casual server i suggested a while ago or bring traffic. I have no high expectations for either but one can only hope.
  7. Suggestion Name: One Casual Server Suggestion Description: One Server with no Speed Limit + enabled Collisions, with all applicable rules (hacking, reckless driving, verbal abuse) that appeals to a more casual audience. To relieve the load of incoming reports and to keep the moderation focus on the Simulation Servers (Based on standards set by Road To Simulation), it can have a low moderation priority and a modified reporting system (Perhaps by not allowing players to submit more reports than x number per day). Web-site reports should still apply. Any example images: No need. Why should it be added?: We've all seen the playerbase declining lately. I'm of the opinion that perhaps a more casual server could appeal to a wider audience. Currently, TMP's server structure is mostly attractive to simulation-oriented players. But let's not forget that several new players might not instantly assimilate to the simulation-oriented side of the game or they might prefer a more casual playstyle. Also, ETS2 is a game that is played by plenty of kids, who might not be ready to populate the Simulation Servers now, but could be potential future simulation players. I also had several bans up to 2018, but a clean history after that. Players can grow and the change in permanent bans shows just that. So why should we discourage these players from joining entirely, especially when the player numbers are struggling. Why don't we give it a try?
  8. Yeah i agree the game stopped growing after 2019 and i doubt the buses will do any difference.
  9. Yeah, and it doesn't look like getting back to its previous state.
  10. @FernandoCR [ESP] I actually found your suggestion and it's indeed close to the RTS. But here's the thing. Why do you think that it differs from any other suggestion where they suggested to focus on a more Simulation oriented playstyle? It seems that #EU4 was very similar to the Arcade Server at the time. #EU1 was a hardcore Simulation Server and #EU2 was a more casual Server. How was anyone's suggestion to a more Simulation-oriented playstyle differs than what you suggested. The RTS Server Structure simply converted #EU2 to another Simulation.
  11. Ok i understand what you're saying. But here's the thing i don't understand. Why would these players ruin your experience if they're playing on a different server than you? The Simulation Server would stay as is. Why would changing the Arcade Server to attract a larger audience would be a problem? The only problem that i personally see is the load of the reports/incidents which can be countered by modifying the report system and applying lower moderation priority on this server.
  12. I have acknowledged that the player decline started with Convoy. But, also you need to remember that Convoy and TMP are different games to their cores. TMP is a massive multiplayer game, which Convoy would never become. The only players that wouldn't return to TMP because of Convoy are those who played TMP out of necessity and Convoy gave them a better alternative. Those who enjoy a more casual experience in TMP Servers would definitely return and those who wouldn't be discouraged by TMP's Simulation-only policy would also play. Wider audience approach, that's all. Not going to get into that discussion with you. Told you why multiple times, you're comparing a no-rules Server with a rules-server and claim that they're the same based on two settings. By your theory, if you put a speed limit on the Free roam you have a Simulation Server.
  13. I had no argument over that. I mentioned that you agreed with Fernando's statement about quality drivers, when in his context you're not considered one. There's nothing more to it. Don't take it personal. I'm sorry if i offended you. Yeah and you're claiming that the rules that apply in these two servers don't make an impact to the playerbase which is false. I'm telling you again nobody wants to drive in a server where trolling is allowed. In that case you don't even acknowledge the problem which is the population decline, so there's no point to continue this discussion between us.
  14. Yeah, no reasons for reckless driving in the reporting system. And that is to relieve the number of incoming reports from that server. Web-site reports should still apply. Read all my posts, nowhere have i suggested that reckless driving should be allowed. That's the first i found. If your suggestion was about a more simulation-oriented server structure like RTS, then they're comparable. To be honest, I don't know what exactly was your suggestion but claiming that it was RTS, has the same foundation as the one i posted which is to modify the (main) server to a more simulation-oriented environment. In the context of @FernandoCR [ESP]'s post about quality players which you agreed, i said that you're not viewed as a quality player. It has nothing to do with your desire. Follow the conversation. EDIT: Don't take this the wrong way though. In that context, i'm not a quality player either. So your reasoning is that a server were trolling is allowed is the same as a server where trolling is not allowed? And Lenient to the time of punishment, not the reason. I disagree with it exactly because i consider it non-viable. That doesn't mean that i can't acknowledge why it was enforced.
  15. Sure, ban history has nothing to do with quality players. How is it comparable a no-rule server with a server with the same rules as the Simulation, just more flexible (No speed limit, lenient punishments) and with lower moderation priority? I'm not arguing for a no-rule server. People don't want to play in a server where trolling is allowed. Reckless driving will still be punishable. Yeah, and it's not viable that's my point. The suggestion i submitted refers to converting #EU2 (as in the popular server) to a more simulation-oriented server (Harsher rules, speed limit etc). All of these changes implemented in RTS. My point was that there were suggestions of the like. The thing is that a simulation server already existed. In our case, there's no such thing as a more casual server.
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