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  1. SCS has implemented their multiplayer using peer-to-peer (P2P) architecture. That basically means that the host of the convoy is also behaving as a multiplayer server would (Think of your computer as one of TMP servers but instead of hosting 4500 players, you only host 7). They deliberately did that because they add a Multiplayer feature while adding zero costs to their side. P2P multiplayer ideally is implemented around 8 players. This is because Peer-to-Peer communications generates a lot of traffic and it's unwise to raise the bar. So don't get your hopes up, about this number e
  2. 8 players is the desired amount of people in peer-to-peer multiplayer architecture. That number is never gonna change unless SCS starts funding its own servers for multiplayer. At that point, SCS will be in direct competition of TMP. Until then, we're talking about two different architectures with different goals in mind about multiplayer.
  3. So back to my original question. Are there any plans from TMP to sync rain so everyone has to drive on the same conditions?
  4. @[GökBörü] TitaniumBy weather i meant the rain probability if that's not clear. Has TMP synced rain for all players?
  5. Hi @[GökBörü] Dragonfly, I think there is some confusion here. As far as i'm aware the weather was never synced in TMP. So i'm not reporting a bug, brought by the updated 1.40 version. I'm actually asking whether there's a chance to see it as a feature in the coming updates.
  6. With the new Lighting System we got even more immersion and realism to ETS2 and personally i think that the only thing that's left for TMP to do, is sync the weather (And maybe road events?) for all players. I'm not following TMP updates or this forum and i was wondering whether there are any plans to finally make it happen.
  7. I'm telling you again that what you're describing is common sense and not realism per se. If someone asks you if a truck is capable of reaching that speed in a european road, what would your answer be? By your definition, people who live in countries near the equator should deny the existence of snow.
  8. It will certainly diversify the game, make it more immersive and it will finally add a sense of accomplishment in completing jobs. That would certainly re-surface my interest about TMP
  9. Can it be achieved? Yes. Is it accurate and true to life? Yes. It succeeds in both definitions. Realism can be considered a synonym of common-sense like you presented it. It's also a synonym of pragmatism which is an approach that assesses the truth of meaning of theories or beliefs in terms of the success of their practical application (google's definition).
  10. I wholeheartedly agree with you. The point @Granite made though regards realism, so that would be whether a truck could reach that speed in the game. It's a whole other conversation whether a truck should reach that speed. Personally, i think that the speed limit is a mediocre solution for a much deeper problem and decreasing it even further would only divide the playerbase even further. The game in its current state lacks a clear goal for the players. If you can simply cheat your way for money and XP then there's no point in actually completing jobs. So t
  11. This is not a discussion about whether it's OK to do it, this is only your faulty interpretation. This whole conversation was based on his argument about high speeds being unrealistic in trucks. And like i said to him, if you want to favor the speed limit, you should find a different argument, because as you can see from the video such speeds are pretty realistic.
  12. Your point was about realism of the truck's speed. Not regulations or rules. And like i said, if you wanna argue for the speed limit don't use realism as an example because as you can clearly see in the video it's realistic to drive in a big straight at 140 km/h even with cargo.
  13. Just in case you're wondering. Doesn't seem so unrealistic to me.
  14. Why do you need collisions on the Sim Server? Seems like you never gonna crash with someone else anyway. It's not arguments. It's facts. Trucks IRL can go at such speeds. Thus not unrealistic. No need for your response.
  15. Define unrealistic. If you wanna tell me that a truck can't achieve these speeds IRL, then i'd urge you to check IRL youtube videos of scania trucks with cargo going at 150 hm/h on the highway. Then there's also the game physics that allow for such speeds even while turning. This is an issue that could be solved by enforcing trailer stability within the server, but TMP managers think it's more reasonable to enforce an unrealistic, i repeat, unrealistic speed limit rather than enforcing trailer physics or even weather. Instead of being happy and grateful that TMP admins favor the m
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