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  1. Have you even read my arguments? Because your comments imply otherwise. My point all this time is that removing collisions from the arcade server greatly reduces immersion and thus making the Simulation Server, the best choice to play at. That's the foundation of my arguments. And as a natural follow up, that makes the Sim Server the popular one at the moment. The basic idea is for TMP to give one server (out of seven(?)) with collisions and no-speed limit. I'm not going to stuck at the name of the server. And i wouldn't consider this as a post to change the settings of the simulation server, but rather as a post for TMP staff to consider the general sentiment regarding the speed limit. I get that you want to drive to a simulation environment and you can achieve that by playing in almost any server but one. Why shouldn't the rest of the players who want to play in a different environment than you be prohibited? I've also provided a solution for monitoring if it's such an issue for a server with no speed-limit. Just remove it! I'm sure most players won't mind. The reporting system is deeply flawed anyway. You see there's no actual issue as to why there shouldn't be a server with these settings. So that raises a question. Why does TMP staff feel the need to enforce their 'Road to Simulation' vision? Why do they want to enforce their community to drive within simulation standards even though the general feeling leans on the other side? They made a public poll to get feedback for the /fix command but they couldn't make a poll for the speed limit? I wouldn't bet on this ^^ . If anything this vote should have been a hint for you to what would happen if they add collisions in the arcade server. Last but not least when you feel the need to insult one's comments, it gives an idea whether you're 'mad' or not, no matter what you say. So far almost everyone i've argued with, eventually felt the need to insult me because apparently i'm a reckless racer and a troll with crappy arguments but they failed to provide any decent arguments whatsoever. So i'm asking again, Is it so hard to provide one server with these settings? By your words, nothing would change anyway.
  2. I agree. However, this unpredictability and these incidents is also the reason i'm playing this game. It is the reason Multiplayer is considered superior to Singleplayer. I like the fact that whenever i enter the C-D road, i'm always vigilant for people overtaking or other incidents. I enjoy that. If i want a better and safer environment, i would simply join ProMods Map (which is far superior than vanilla map) in Singleplayer and enjoy my time there. Edit: And for that matter, there are many servers that one can find safe environments to drive. All i'm saying is that one of these servers should get the popular settings.
  3. It's been suggested and rejected. Nobody forced you to read this post or comment in here. You came on your own and get mad because someone suggests something that you don't like. If they enable collisions in the arcade server, half of those who 'enjoy the simulation' will migrate to the arcade, and the simulation will struggle for players once again. That was the case back when EU2 was a thing and that would be the case now. And that's why i upvoted Nightblade's comment. Because i have much respect for those who played on the simulation server even when it didn't have 4k players but only 1-2k. Back in the day, half of you in here played on EU2 even though EU1 was the simulation server. And you constantly complained about reckless driving and trolls. And when someone suggested that you migrate on the Sim Server, you would complain about the lack of players. Touch the ground a bit and get off your high horse.
  4. You keep repeating that the game is a simulation but last I checked it doesn't even remotely approaches a simulation environment. When they achieve that, I'll start driving at 90 km/h. Until then, I'll treat as to what it is. A good trucking game.
  5. As long as I feel safe in the speed I'm driving, I see no reason to drive at 90 km/h. The game simulates truck driving indeed but the physics allow high speed driving. When I see an endless straight I like to accelerate for as long as I can. If the company had this mindset, they would not allow high speeds in the first place. And I'm tired of hearing people tell me that this isnt the right game for me simply because I enjoy it in a different way than they do. In the end of the day, it's a free roam trucking video game.
  6. That's what i'm saying basically. Collisions are necessary and that's why nobody is playing in the arcade server. Feel free to explain that @TheCreepyTruckr or anyone arguing that those who like to speed should drive on the arcade server. Look at that, I agree with you here aswell. Removing the speed limit in the simulation server will be a disaster. That's why i'm suggesting to simply add collisions in the arcade server. This way players who enjoy the simulation will not be harmed and they can keep on driving safely in their server. I wasn't talking about the playerbase currently. I was talking in general because the playerbase is shrinking for the past year. This isn't something new and the quarantine period was a small glimpse of what the game could have been if the players didn't leave the game faster than the new players arrive. This isn't the first time i'm doing this conversation. You can navigate a few pages back and read my arguments. I've made my points and i'm tired of repeating myself. They don't seem to care of what the majority of the players in here want. So as soon as there is another prospect for multiplayer, i won't feel bad for jumping ship.
  7. There's no difference in removing collisions from the simulation server either. Why do you need collisions? You're a careful driver and there's no chance you'll crash with someone, right? This is a really naive argument and i've expressed my opinion about it in previous comments.
  8. They can always turn on the collisions on the arcade server and remove the reporting system. The point is to find a middle ground considering how many people desire a no-speed limit server. In the end, the simulation server will remain unharmed. But you see the reason they don't do it, is because the sim server will empty. And at that point even 'simulation' players will migrate on the arcade server like they did in the past when EU2 was still a thing. Because in the end of the day, all those in favor of the speed limit, enjoy full servers but somehow they fail to see how the speed limit rule is killing the playerbase
  9. I'm glad that there are people that can look at both perspectives. Like i've said before, the speed limit has done some good into the game, i don't deny that. But in my opinion it serves as an obstacle on the growth of the community. For me that's the worst effect it can have. In the past, I've watched small gaming communities shrink due to bad decisions and they've always ended up the same way. With a group of veterans playing the game until the service shuts down eventually. Honestly, i don't wanna see TruckersMP following the same path. I only wish the servers would offer more diversity in settings. In the end, a no-speed limit server with collisions enabled would attract more players and they could remove the reporting system from that server if monitoring is such a hard task for a server like that. Video-report could still work. I guess players would understand that and in the end, it would draw the attention of many people. The quarantine days gave us a brief look of what the servers would look-like with a growing community. Imagine if server space would grow even more.
  10. Physics allow it and it's extremely frustrating driving at a certain speed when you are in an endless straight with literally zero players around you. I agree that the speed limit did some good. It does matter because there are other variables that affect maximum speed aswell ( cargo weight, truck brand etc). 110 km/h is a speed that any truck regardless the weight or brand can reach. Without a speed limit, the maximum speeds can vary from 130 to 160 km/h thus making long-distance driving more enjoyable and adding immersion to highway-driving. The C-D Road is not an idiotic race truck, that's just an idiotic opinion that people have in here even though they avoid the aformentioned road. So i can't help but wonder how they have an opinion about something that they don't even know. Not really. You can always leave the mod. And a mod that doesn't grow is a mod with no future.
  11. Hello, I used to play on Truckersmp in offline mode on Steam because my brother would play other games so it worked for both of us. Lately whenever i try to join TMP with steam in offline, the game shuts down and steam exits. Is this a change done on your side or steam? If it's in your side, any chance you bring it back?
  12. Hi @imMetallic, Long time driver of the C-D road here. People flash their high beams on C-D road to to notify you for an accident down the road or an admin observing the area. It's another small detail that makes the C-D road more realistic and fun than the other areas of the map. In non-rush hour times where traffic is low even on the C-D road, people might flash their high beams to say hello.
  13. What you gave was a graphic of the maximum number of players all servers had at each particular day. Even if that number was for 1 second. Do you still not understand how useless that number is? Sigh... I was hoping the last example i gave you would make you understand why it's important knowing the average and not the maximum number the server had. But i did the math for you (Again for sim1 i'm not gonna calculate all the servers but feel free to do that yourself and present your findings). All the data is there. The average number of players every hour for the 3rd of May was 3080. The average number of players every hour for the 8th of May was 1723. Based on your graph and your words, the Sim1 server usage in the 8th of May was 3046. You still think that number is impartial? I specifically picked those 2 dates because one day had high server usage and the other day had low server usage. And they make a great example of how the graph you present can be totally misleading. All it takes for you is join ets2map.com 3-4 times a day at a specific time and note the number of players all servers have. Do that for a week or a month. Then do the math. That's what i did by noticing the trend. And If you wanna be more accurate, go to the statistics site and keep the number of players for every hour. Do that for a week or a month and then compare it with the graph you showed above and conclude whether what i told you is an interpretation or not. And what you've done differently so far? You didn't accept any of the reasons i provided even if they were proven with statistics or graphics (i even did the math for you). I'm hoping i gave you a clear example why the graph you present is not impartial. Whether you choose to see it as a twist is your problem. When that didn't work - like some others did in here - you switched to personal attacks. The numbers simply don't add up considering that the game got 3 million registered users a few months ago. This can only be interpreted as the output being bigger than the input. This means that the number of players leaving the game either because they're bored or banned is bigger than the new players joining the game. And yes i choose to blame the Road to Simulation and what it stands for because other than that all the other changes in the servers have been for the better. Promods should have attracted several people but it didn't. And regarding the speed limit, i honestly don't think that everyone else is wrong. They have their reasons for wanting a speed limit and i accept that. What i don't accept is everyone in favor of the speed limit claiming how reckless driving keeps ruining the servers and how everyone who wants to lift the speed limit rule is a reckless racer. I've been in the game for long time to know what the servers have been like before and after the 1st speed limit and the road to simulation. The TMP staff is pushing for change and don't care if their average user accepts this change. If you feel you represent the average player in ETS2 then you have nothing to worry about. I certainly don't consider myself an average user. I consider myself a cautious driver and yet here i am arguing against the speed limit. You claim that i choose to think that everyone who's arguing with me is wrong. Have you ever considered that maybe it's you who's denying to view the change in the game?
  14. Because it's game, the physics don't simulate real speeds and define unrealistic. There are videos in this thread from real life showing Scania trucks driving at 150 km/h. Did you also think that playing ETS2 would get you a C1 driving licence? But i'm not arguing to increase the speed limit, i'm arguing to remove it. Yes, this is a situation that more or less, all of us experience once in a while. All you can do is press f7 and move on and if possible video report the player. I never said that the speed limit didn't have an effect in reckless driving. I argued that it had more negatives than positives and that's why it should be removed. Because even though we've seen plenty of extra features in TMP servers, the playerbase is not growing. And given the fact that there are 3 million players registered in the mod, i can't help but wonder where have they gone?
  15. Who advocates that the game is not meant for high speed driving? And what is considered high speed driving? If SCS allows trucks to go at 130 km/h or more is because the physics allow it and thus there's no point limiting tthe player to a certain playstyle. Why should i be limited to 110 km/h in the highway especially when i have an endless straight ahead of me? It only makes the game boring. Certainly the speed limit did some good to the C-D road but it ruined the rest of the map. What's the point to do a long distance journey? Drive on my own locked in a certain speed without a chance of meeting another player? And i could argue the exact same thing for you. If your enjoyment is ruined by one accident perhaps you should consider playing singleplayer because unpredictable driving is the first thing that the multiplayer offers and it's what makes it a bit more fun and challenging than driving with AI.
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