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  1. Players treat the game as an arcade because in reality this is what the game feels right now. Settings are not hard-coded in the servers and players can choose max stability and max braking making their trucks able to drive at max speed with ease. Furthermore they don't care about damage because money is worthless in the game. Every profile has trillions of euros and the 100k you pay in the service seem like pocket change. Actually you have to go out of your way to make the game feel like simulation & not arcade. If the administration wants to have servers that actually resemble simulated environments, they should focus their efforts on solutions of these issues (Server-side economy which will make the currency of the game valuable, perhaps hard-coded truck settings with standard braking & stability etc). Until then everyone who's bothered by excessive speeding & reckless driving will keep being bothered by them.
  2. Well i know that's the reason. I was looking for a solution and anyway i found it. For anyone facing the same issue, i used the elemental C tyres + 16 gears differential. The tyres seem to offer more grip in rainy conditions and the 3rd gear unstucks the truck on icy spots
  3. Hello, I'm trying to cross the road to Kirkenes mine (With winter mod and heavy rain or snow storm) and my truck keeps spinning on ice in some specific points and not move at all. I could use some help understand why it's happening. Is it a configuration issue that i can avoid? I'm using Scania 730 and i've tried multiple axis but it keeps happening to the point where my truck is not moving at all and i can see the wheels spinning. I should note that this is happening even without cargo. Any help is appreciated Edit: same thing happened with DAF 2021 in the same spots
  4. Dedicated servers means that the player capacity will increase as soon as the service is stable. Your PC might not be able to host more than 8 players in a stable environment, but a high-end server can easily do so up to 64 players in a P2P architecture (And as we speak 128 player servers exist in beta environments in other games). And like you said, the main reason people play on TMP is the large convoys of 50+ trucks. In a few months that will be probably possible in a dedicated server with AI traffic. TMP should host their own dedicated servers once the service becomes stable. It's free advertising for the MMO Servers -that many ETS2 players are not aware because multiplayer comes with the game nowadays and you don't have to go out of your way to look for solutions-. Also, they could even host servers for patreons only. But if they don't bring something new to the game, i don't see how TMP can compete with convoy in its current state.
  5. Nice topic indeed as others have suggested. The best thing about TMP is the custom map updates, hands down. Going back to vanilla maps and travelling the reworked areas makes you realise how much better the TMP map updates are. As for the biggest issue right now, i'd say is the fact that TMP feels more like a free roam game rather than a simulation. There's no player economy, money is a useless currency and everyone abuses the fact that you can cheat your way and add millions of money into your account. As soon as that happens, all game achievements and punishments within the game like truck upgrades or repairs and traffic violations have minimal impact into your money balance. That in turn leads to reckless driving since the players have nothing to lose and as a result causes chaos within the servers. In my opinion, a server-side economy would solve problems that the speed limit as well as the punishment system didn't manage to solve all these years.
  6. Nah, i don't know how long you've been here, but back in 2016-2018 the situation was far worse and players on average were much more. That didn't discourage them from playing. People usually critisize the C-D road nowadays, but honestly the current situation on the C-D road is very good compared to what it was. The traffic is flowing and every now and then you get an incident. I remember from back then, there used to be an incident every 100m distance travelled. Usually during rush hour (late afternoon EU time), it could take you more than an hour to go from Duisburg to Calais. I'm quite vocal about the impact of the RTS but i also think that the map changes have been the best thing on TMP and the devs have done a great job on that area. Especially the Duisburg update is really good.
  7. Not sure how you came to that conclusion from everything we've discussed so far. The only thing that TMP can offer better than ETS2 (Single and Convoy Mode) as we speak is interaction with other players (Given the fact that TMP is an MMO compared to Convoy). That interaction exists in the form of collisions in ETS2 or basically any other driving game. So, the arcade server lacks the most basic feature the mod offers, so it's safe to say that practically nobody will play on that server. Even the Game Manager has said so in the past that the arcade server is there only to serve a very specific purpose and is meant as a playtest server. So i'm not taking into consideration the arcade server when i discuss the speed limit. The speed limit issue is brought up on a regular basis because it's a popular setting that people are after. And obviously when you drive on an empty map, having the speed limit trigger at 110 km/h makes the game twice as annoying. Which is also the reason why so many players travel the C-D road and avoid many other areas since the speed limit rarely triggers on that road. Here's the thing though. As we speak, you can fully simulate truck driving within the current servers and their settings. You can join with 3 other friends of yours and travel wherever you want at whatever speed you like in whatever possible way would give you a more realistic experience. Always limited by the mod's capabilities of course (So no traffic or mods), but still, you can. Well, i can't. I can't play the game in a more casual way because the game itself won't allow me. And, i'm not denying for a second that Convoy made a huge dent in TMP but the reason myself as well as many other individuals have moved to Convoy mode is the Road to Simulation and the server settings. Why would i play TMP with settings i don't enjoy? Although, I'd much rather play with hundreds of players than 8 in Convoy. I'd come back in a heartbeat if TMP would launch a more casual server. Also, realistically speaking, TMP would never get traffic (or mods) so if you're after simulation you're unlikely to get it in TMP. You're much more likely to find what you ask for in Convoy mode, or even more likely with Dedicated Game Servers when they become available in Convoy.
  8. Perhaps i should have pointed out that I was especially referring to the timeframe that each ban was given, which is something they finally changed in the rules some time ago.
  9. No, i actually said: "Now please stop tagging me, i'm not interested in having this discussion with you again". At this point, we're just repeating ourselves. So let's repeat myself once again. I never denied that but i only mentioned those who left because of the RTS. I know there are players who might have left for other reasons, but we can discuss them in another topic once they come up. I specifically mentioned those who left because of RTS. You jumped the gun and denied that RTS had any effect on that. I agree, and this once again reinforces my belief that, there are many players who left because of the RTS. And i agree here as well. TMP requires moderation and will always do. I simply consider the RTS the wrong way to solve the reckless driving problem. Server-side economy would mitigate the issue far better than RTS ever did without keeping away players, especially when TMP is an MMO mod and requires as many players as possible to function properly. You can only assume how Convoy would affect TMP, had things been different. So it's pointless to discuss based on assumptions. The fact remains that players unhappy with RTS left for good to Convoy mode. In the end of the day, You believe RTS is necessary. Contrary to what you think, I understand why RTS was implemented but it's my opinion that nowadays it has more disadvantages than advantages and TMP should work on implementing a more viable long-term solution for the mod. And i believe that solution should combine a server-side economy as well as a new server structure, that would include a no speed limit server with collisions included.
  10. That's where you're wrong. *Edit: I've told you before that diagram doesn't tell the entire story because it shows peak numbers, not average. The stats page though keeps track of the average players per year. Instead of looking at this diagram, all you have to do is go in the internet archives and take a look specifically in the average players per year of a snapshot from back then. 2016-2017: 2,456.42 Average players - (2017 snapshot) ( https://web.archive.org/web/20170315084210/https://stats.truckersmp.com/ ) 2017-2018: 3,658.18 Average players - (2018 snapshot) ( https://web.archive.org/web/20180830171200/https://stats.truckersmp.com/ ) 2018-2019: 3,700.69 Average players - (2019 snapshot) ( https://web.archive.org/web/20190510020355/https://stats.truckersmp.com/ ) The mod certainly grew within the period of 2016-2018. And remember that the initial speed limit of 150 km/h was implemented in 2018 on TMP with the RTS following the next year and bringing further change to the rules and the speed limit. Now, here's the thing. ETS2 had on average 15k players the years 2017-2019. Ever since 2020 it averages more than 20k players. The game grew, the mod didn't. My initial comment was addressing a statement that the RTS didn't have an impact in the playerbase, but instead it was more 'complex reasons'. The reality is that the server changes played their part in keeping a bunch of players away from the mod, because the re-structure only suited those who drove within the speed limits. Since TMP was the only multiplayer option for a couple of years before Convoy mode, anyone who wanted to enjoy the game with friends would still come to TMP. But obviously anyone who felt unhappy with these changes, jumped ship the moment Convoy mode released. This is a reality for several players that used to play the mod and left because of discontent due to the rules & server changes. Also, I've mentioned this before, when Infinite TruckersMP (Another ETS2 MMO mod) went public with their discord back in 2020, they had thousand membersfrom the very first week, most of them unhappy with TMP and eager to join another multiplayer option. The project went under eventually, but it was a red flag that TMP would bleed players the moment another multiplayer alternative (Offering the same things) come up. Anyway, the reason i specifically mentioned about you tagging me was because we had this exact same conversation the last time that issue came up. Every time, You only reinforce my belief that you don't understand how RTS affected the community, simply because you were not in those that got affected by it in a negative way. If you were not a niche-audience, TMP Servers wouldn't require moderation. Also, remember that plenty of kids play the game as well as casual players who don't care about driving on the legal speed limit especially when 99% of the map is empty.
  11. You've said that plenty of times and every time i've pointed out that you're highlighting the periods of the global quarantine. March - May 2020 full lockdown all over Europe and several countries across the world. October 2020 - May 2021 massive movement restrictions across the world. Every video game saw an increase in popularity & playerbase around that time. Based on the data of the other months, the population is roughly the same to the previous years. Which is what i was pointing out in my initial comment. The game saw no real growth ever since the RTS due to the harsh punishments as well as the Simulation oriented playstyle which is targetted for a more niche playerbase. Now please stop tagging me, i'm not interested in having this discussion with you again. Every time you seem to hold the exact same views which makes it pointless to have this conversation again and reinforces my belief about who's the one wearing blinkers.
  12. TMP have lost a lot of players and a major part of that reason is the speed limit as well as the harsh punishments. For a mod that grew out of control in 2017-2018, the population is too low 4 years later especially considering that ETS2 is a massive success the past few years and averages ~20k players every month (Based on Steam stats) when back in 2018, the number of ETS2 players was almost half and yet the main TMP server back then was peaking on a daily basis at ~4k players with a massive queue. The lack of interest in the mod shows nowadays in the player numbers and not attributing it to the RTS vision which basically split the community in two is choosing to wear blinkers.
  13. It depends honestly on the reasons you were playing TMP in the first place and the reasons that made you leave it behind. The game has lost a big chunk of its playerbase and the servers are not what they used to be. Large traffic lines are a rare sight nowadays so if that was the part you were enjoying the most, then you'll probably be disappointed. The C-D road is more or less the same, just with less traffic. Reckless driving has been reduced a bit since a lot of players left for Convoy Mode. In terms of updates, the game's map is being reworked so that's a positive and the new areas usually receive a lot of player attention which makes them quite interesting for some time to drive at. There's also a bus that you can try and drive but the feeling is nothing compared to driving a truck. Overall, i'd say that the game is not better than 3-4 years ago. The most important stuff that needed fixing in my opinion have not been fixed and like you mentioned ETS2 MP is really good. Unless there's a specific reason you like TMP over Convoy mode, it's not worth it.
  14. Can we please start getting Quality of Life improvements instead of more flavor features that would be a nice addition in a completed game, but right now it feels that they're taking the focus from more important issues. - Weather Sync which is the most important of all - Server-Side Economy (Another big feature that can probably solve reckless driving Yes, the bus is nice. But the base game is lacking, and the bus only adds a bit of flavor. Please focus on Quality of Life Improvements instead.
  15. Mainly because the game doesn't feel like Simulation. The problem with TMP is that it tries to enforce Simulation driving in the wrong way, by applying a speed limit for instance. But here's the thing. If i max braking intensity & trailer+truck stability, it doesn't matter how fast i go because every time i'll be able to react in time. You have to be extra reckless to crash with these settings. So the game basically allows the players to drive fast and at the same time not crash or lose control of their truck. So it's really not a Simulation just because the name of the Server implies so. To be honest though, i've driven with the opposite settings aswell and i admit that it is quite enjoyable because it feels that you actually have to be extra cautious to not lose control of your truck and if you speed a bit further that you should, you'll definitely crash. In that scenario, i drive slow because i don't want to crash, not because the game put a limit on me ("To make it feel like Simulation"). But if the Simulation server does not enforce these settings upon all players, i find it meaningless to always drive like that. Personally i think that, If TMP wants their Sim Server to actually be a Simulation they need to consider it. Otherwise the game feels more arcade than Simulation and nobody will ever stop driving at top speed no matter where he is. People overtake even in the Austrian mountains. If you reduce braking intensity + stability, these overtakes will always lead to crashes and eventually people would stop doing it. But until then, i don't expect driving culture to change when it's encouraged not to.
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