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  1. I'm fine with the speed limit inside towns being 60 km/h. I'm fine with the speed limit in Western Europe being as it is currently to ensure that the C-D road remains in a decent state. I'm not fine when i can't travel in any other area of the map because of the speed limit. Like i said the middle line for me would be to lift the speed limit from all DLC areas and keep it as is in Vanilla map
  2. You said it yourself. Fix command has solved this problem. Plus convoys are not allowed on the C-D road so i doubt they would come across a troll in another region that would be mad enough to harass a convoy. It's a certain ban, that's what it is. And even if he does, ramming is a thing of the past considering how physics work. You probably misunderstood me. Before the speed limit implementation i used to drive everywhere. After the speed limit, i only did jobs within the popular cities and mostly on the C-D road. Theoretically, you can always film yourself travelling from Germany (Duisburg) to Bergen or any other north city in Scandinavia and back. If you do it within 20 minutes then i can certainly admit that i'm wrong. Or you just simply write stuff for the sake of saying something. Yes the community is the entire playerbase, not only the hardcore fans of the game. I was a hardcore player to another game where changes have been made to please the casual players. I sucked it up. Now my point is that these changes affect me and several other players for the negative. They basically ruin my experience within the game. Because in the end of the day, you can drive with 90 km/h or 80 or w/e. But, i can't get on the highway and drive with 150 km/h on a server that has a decent playerbase because the game forbids that for me. Your experience within the game was never ruined from an implemented feature/rule that was forced upon you. Did it? I understand that raising the speed limit will create more chaos on the C-D road. That doesn't mean that i consider the speed limit a good measure to counter that. But you see if the admins would consider removing the speed limit from all DLC areas and leave it be in Western Europe , i doubt that any of you would be fine with that. I understand that you wanna feel the game like a simulation. What you don't seem to understand is that there are players in the game that as long as the game physics allow it, they would drive as fast as they can. And yes that could lead to accidents. But that's the whole idea of multiplayer, the Human Factor.
  3. Well that's my point. If the decision to reduce the speed limit is based on what happens on the C-D road, then it's a wrong decision. Because the map is vast and if you reduce the speed limit you'll further attract more players to that road like myself. I haven't been to any other area of the game ever since they implemented the 150 km/h speed limit. Why should i? I was being limited to drive at 150 km/h in the highway with 0 players around me. The only reason to travel anywhere else but the C-D road is with a convoy.
  4. I play multiplayer for the sole purpose of interacting with other players. We can both agree that this is the reason all these players enjoy this mod. Interaction can be found in convoys, during an overtake either in the highway or in a country road or in crossroads. When every truck in the highway is travelling at the same speed (With really few exceptions with the current speed limit), you take away the only enjoyment that the highway could give, overtaking. Thus that makes the highway pretty useless. Without the speed limit, trucks will travel in different speeds and thus there will be interaction. Secondly, i own the Scandinavia and going East DLC. But i haven't been to these areas ever since the first speed limit was implemented. I described the reason above. Especially during the week where i only get to play for an hour or two and i'm not going to waste them by travelling in a dead route with no players. Have you ever driven from Germany to Bergen or Stockholm and back. I have and even without the speed limit it used to be a big distance that required plenty of time and it gets pretty boring when you're travelling alone all the time. Sometimes i would even take a car to travel this far. I'm not a maniac who likes to run around recklessly. I'm just someone who enjoyed driving a truck faster than you allow. The 150 km/h was a tolerable limit, but this is just too much to handle. The only area that is still enjoyable is the C-D road because it's a country road with plenty of players to interact.
  5. I wanna believe you, i truly do but today i've played for 2 hours and chatted with random people while trucking. Most of them didn't see the rule change as a positive thing. And i doubt this forum represents the community. It certainly represents the most hardcore players.
  6. No, TMP is dying because you kids have been complaining for years in this forum about how bad the situation with the trolls and reckless drivers is. Most of the community didn't seem to mind and if a vote had been issued inside the servers you would have been the minority. Because guess what i'm fine if someone crashes on me even on purpose. I'll press a button and move on but clearly you will not.
  7. It's 18:27:27 UTC as i'm writing this post. It's supposed to be rush hour for the ETS2 servers. Yet there are 600 spots available in the Simulation #1 server. In different occasions at this hour the servers were full and had a queue of at least 100 players. If this is not a clear sign that the new server rules are bad, i don't know what is. The current speed limit is too bad. Please kindly remove it. I won't get into details cause i think this post speaks for myself.
  8. On the getting banned issue, there are plenty of admins watching the C-D road and banning the trolls. I only said that recording is a waste of your time and yes trolls will buy the game again and come back. Also I consider a simple overtake to be realistic whether that would end up in trucks crashing or not. That doesn't mean i'm going to report the person doing the overtake. I also enjoy the fact that i have to be on alert on the C-D road, pay attention to my mirrors, watching for incoming overtakes etc...I find these things enjoyable. Driving on an empty server in ghost towns is boring for me. The overtaking from grass is a troll behavior and it's sad that i have to explain this to you. And like i said C-D road is more realistic than the other places of the game. That doesn't make it an actual simulation of real-life, it just makes it more realistic than every other part of the map
  9. C-D road is way more realistic in it's current state than any other area of the game. There is actual traffic, accidents and overtakes. That's basically simulates real life much better than the boring ghost roads or towns. Sure there are the occasional trolls that will block roads, ram people on purpose or overtake huge traffic lines but eventually they get banned. Driving in an empty highway is not at all realistic and it's boring. Waiting in a traffic light when there are literally 0 people in the area is stupid. You can convince yourself that these things are realistic but unless the entire map somehow starts representing real-life traffic, the situation on the C-D road won't change.
  10. I've been overtaking on this road for more than a year, if you can read the traffic map properly you never crash. You either have time to overtake or you have time to brake and merge back. In rare occasions you can stop safely in the grass near you. I dare say that all overtaking crashes happen because people go for multiple overtakes or because they try to overtake other trucks while they don't have sufficient speed or (my personal favourite) because they are "not cautious" (they just don't give a s***) and don't check the map before overtaking. And like i said in my other post recording is useless. You simply waste your time. No matter how many reports you submit, buying the base game is too cheap and trolls will always come back
  11. I don't find simulation games boring. But driving on the same repeatitive highways is the reason most people drive in the C-D road so much. The map is vast and can't offer a real-life experience with actual traffic, narrow streets or dangerous roads. The only "action" can take place on the C-D road. I won't mind either taking damage from an overtaker or getting in an accident because the guy in front of me lost control and crashed. Those are the little things that make me come back to this game and keep playing it and that's the reason why i got bored of the singleplayer in the first two months. And i wouldn't bother recording these people and wasting my time in submitting reports. Especially if you think that anyone can buy the base game in a sale with 5 Euros so even if you ban them permanently they will keep coming back.
  12. Ever since the implemented the speed limit, cars are useless. They were nice in order to explore DLC places like Going East in Poland. I remember that i explored most places in the Scandinavia DLC using a car riding the greatest highways i've ever seen. Going at 200 km/h or more and not crashing once cause the highways are just built for these speeds up there. I miss my trips in the Scandinavia . Ever since the speed limit i haven't visited that place.
  13. You can keep cargo safe and drive at high speeds. Especially in this game where in most places there's no actual traffic, maybe the occasional truck, driving at highest speed is what keeps the game fun. You enjoy going 90 in a free highway. Well i consider it boring. Right now the game suffers from far more severe issues in case of realism than high speed. Case in point: Realism issues
  14. If you want to overtake (Especially in C-D area) keep these simple rules in mind: - Get a 6 speed gearbox . - Get the most powerful engine. - Get cargos 11 tons or lower. (Better not to overtake with heavier cargos cause they get unstable in high speeds and they make you slower) - Use 4x2 chassis. - (Optional) Drive manual for better rpm usage. (Helpful especially on uphill) - Best truck to overtake is Scania R730 because it has the best acceleration in-game. Always remember before overtaking: - Don't overtake if there is no free space in the side of the road (Of the wrong direction) (So you can go there in case of incoming traffic) - Check the map for incoming traffic - Check left mirror for people already overtaking How to overtake: - Reach the back of the truck you're about to overtake (unless he's lagging), make sure you have plenty of speed, enter the wrong direction and overtake in less than 10 seconds. If you exceed that time limit, it basically means you're not overtaking properly. Why 10 seconds (or less) ? - Considering the map is clear, in most cases an overtake in less than 10 seconds can be executed safely even if a truck is approaching in the middle of the overtake. Also keep in mind: - Not to overtake if you have similar speeds. (If you're 10 km/h faster don't overtake cause you'll exceed the 10 seconds window) - Even if you uphold these rules, you still might crash. I've been using these rules on the game the last year and i've been banned only once for reckless driving. I rarely cause accidents and driving is still fun even with the speed limit.
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