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  1. There's a speed limit on Sim 2, it's just 150 km/h instead of 110 km/h
  2. Take some time off and come back. I've done that more than once. You don't need to force it.
  3. The gas station addition is nice on the other side. The road is not that great though. They shouldn't have added the middle barriers.
  4. They can't add real-life trucks without a licence from the company. That's why even the cars are named Scout and not Skoda.
  5. The train is not a problem per se. The problem is the time it takes for the train to come again. They should probably increase that time, to give traffic a bigger flowing window.
  6. This sounds like a very extreme & specific use-case with a very small chance of happening and the punishment in the end of the day is just a kick from the server. Again, this can also be solved though if the game-system reports you can submit are limited for a specific amount of time (i.e 2-3 reports for every 10-15 minutes so players would think twice before submitting one). On the other hand, i've been a frequent traveller of the C-D road in the past 7 years and the main issue in large traffic jams are players blocking or overtaking and as a result they end up causing more traffic & more chaos. I can assure you that many issues can be auto-resolved by kicking players that pile up reports on their names. Furthermore, i can also imagine that if they get kicked enough, they might re-consider how they behave when they come across large traffic lines.
  7. I've got the same issue. Tried restarting my router but the issue persists.
  8. I think if the number of reports is high enough, it can't be abused by trolls. Think of 20 unique players or so. That should be high enough to stop trolls from abusing it and also help the situation in large traffic jams and only then.
  9. Just as the title suggests, please consider making it possible to auto-kick a player from the server if he receives an x number of reports by multiple players within a period of time (5 minutes or so). It will majorly improve the situation on the C-D road and traffic jams created by people blocking on purpose will short themselves out. It can also be used to kick players that overtake on large traffic jams and cause more traffic. Every time i report these players, i almost always get a notification that they're already reported but judging by the sheer number of reports being submitted, they usually get away with it. Please do implement it if it's possible.
  10. As long as rain is not synced, it's a useless feature. Having bad weather should mean that all drivers should at least be a little more cautious. Having people overtake you on turns at 110 when you can't even take the same turn at 90 km/h is a joke. I much rather play the game in arcade mode to fit in with the rest of the drivers rather than trying to play in a simulation style and just get discouraged by the overall driving attitude.
  11. No i was referring to the FreeRoam Server and while it might have been fun to try this server for one or two times, nobody would consider driving there consistently
  12. If that was the case with the car, they wouldn't have added two more cars since one could clearly serve the purpose you mentioned. Also, there wouldn't be another car only for patreons either. Whether it's highly unlikely to be added, i leave that on the TMP management. Last year i suggested a Casual Server to be added to the game. A few months later, they started inquiring about the speed limit and a month ago they gave us Sim 2 as a casual server. So please by all means, stick to Sim 1 and stop feeling the need to point out to anyone that likes a more casual playstyle to play a racing game.
  13. There has been such a server in the past and nobody wants to play on a no-moderation server. Driving over the speed limit is not the same as trolling and causing harm on purpose to other players which should be bannable action. A cautious player will never crash even when driving over the limit as long as he knows when he needs to slow down.
  14. I like car driving with TMP physics. The fact that i'm here making a suggestion means that i don't wanna play a racing game but rather stay on TMP. It must be shocking for you that someone enjoys a game in a different way than you do. Currently on Sim 2, i could in theory take a corner at 150 km/h. So, i don't really see a major difference than having no speed limit. TMP management have included car driving for a reason and Simulation 2 was introduced as a casual server. What's rather funny is that i'm certain that none of you is playing on Sim 2 anyway, but you're all obsessing about this Server settings like it will have a major impact on your gameplay somehow.
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